1959 Tuesdays at Halekou
Joel S. Goldsmith
255B – Consciousness and A New God 5/5

Now, there is a cosmic law, that “as ye sow so shall ye reap,” and so it is that as long as our human conduct does not conform to a spiritual standard, we will reap punishments. Not from God. God is too pure to behold iniquity. He doesn’t even know you’re sinning. That’s all taking place within the range of your human consciousness, and as long as you continue in it, there is a penalty for it, but a penalty which you can stop any moment you like by the realization of the New Testament God. By the realization that God is love; that God is life; that God has no pleasure in your dying; God has no pleasure in punishment; God has no pleasure in distress; God has no pleasure in lack or limitations.

Now, you see as you commence to know the nature of the one true God—not the God whom ye ignorantly worship, that’s what the Hebrews were doing and Paul told them so, “The God whom ye ignorantly worship—him, declare I aright to you.” And so it is the message of The Infinite Way, that Old Testament God that you have been taught, the Infinite Way comes to take away from you; to cause you to change your concept of God; to ask yourself, “Why was there a Jesus Christ? Why was one necessary? Only for one reason: if the Hebrew teaching had been so wonderful, what do we need Jesus Christ in a new religion for? Then why did we adopt the old religion into the new, and sit up there and preach from it as if it were a Christian doctrine? Yet we do hear ministers over and over and over again preaching from that Old Testament as if it were theirs, and yet they know right well, or should, that Jesus came to bring a new dispensation on earth; one that would wipe out the old, the Hebraic concept of God.

Now it isn’t easy to divest yourself of fears; teachings; beliefs; superstitions that you’ve been entertaining throughout your life; especially that you received from someone you consider authority. But I know that until we begin to understand the nature of God, we can make no spiritual progress. And when we begin to understand the nature of God, we will never fear God; nor will we fear punishment; nor will we fear our past sins. And even those that remain today, we will learn to bear with, in the realization that we are discarding them as fast as a new consciousness can be brought in us and then we’ll be free—free to receive God’s grace. And there of course is our secret word—grace.

God’s grace is your sufficiency. God’s grace is all that you will ever need; but God’s grace is something you have; it needs to be realized. And as you realize God’s grace you’ll find that the power and presence of that grace dispels these discords and inharmonies.

You cannot take heaven by storm, you can accept it by grace but you’ll never do that while you’re entertaining ancient beliefs about God. Until you are completely renewed as to your understanding of God; until you come to the realization that God is not something afar off that you can influence or pray to or ask to do something for you; but that God is closer to you than breathing: nearer than hands and feet, and it is God’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Then you’ll relax and let it come into expression. You relax and let God’s grace take over. You can’t make an effort to attain it—God is making the effort to reach us. We have to relax, let go, and more especially give up this old idea of God—there is no such God.

And, next week we’re going to talk about the actual healing principles of The Infinite Way, because, truth is one. The truth that has been revealed through all of the mystics from Krishna, Gautama, Jesus, John, Paul, Shankara, Nanak, all the way up to our present day. The truth is one, and the truth is the same but healing principles are not the same. No one knows the healing principles of Jesus Christ because they’re no-way defined; nowhere defined; and no place taught.

We do know that certain principles: the fact two sets of principles have been evolved in Christian Science, for healing work; we know that Unity uses a different set of principles; the mental sciences of New Thought use still different principles; and The Infinite Way is still different. Never believe that because truth is one—that all healing principles are alike, because it isn’t so.

The healing principles of The Infinite Way are based entirely on my own experience of thirty years, twenty-nine years. They have nothing to do with what anyone else may teach about the healing principles. Now we have a new book at the publisher called The Art of Spiritual Healing, and it states in it definitely that this must not be understood as mental healing; or Christian Science healing, or any other form of healing than that, which has evolved through my own experience. That’s what we will discuss next week.

And any questions please let us have them and, before we start we will have a meditation, and then … Oh yes, I am to tell you that this tape is reel one of Tuesdays at Halekou. We’re calling it Tuesdays at Halekou, and it’s reel one of Tuesdays at Halekou and, last week our subject was “To Know Him Aright is Demonstration,” and this week is “Consciousness and a New God.” All right.