1959 Tuesdays at Halekou
Joel S. Goldsmith
255B – Consciousness and A New God 4/5

Once it was so clear to us in a class, the room was filled with flowers and all of a sudden that dawned on me, “Do you know that these couldn’t be here if there weren’t an invisible love. Love had to first be; and love is invisible. You can’t see it. Love is invisible, that there had to be love before there could be flowers on this place. Never forget that. And it brought that out with our antiques, those of you who have been around antiques. Do you not know the love and devotion and consecration there had to be before one of these could come into visible expression. Who would sit down to work on these art pieces? Or even in this modern day the artist who creates them and makes them never gets the price for them, its the dealers and future generations, not the creators of them. And who would sit down to devote themselves to these, except those of consecration, devotion, love.

And so it is, how would all of this appear here if there wasn’t love to bring it forth into expression. Therefore, the issues of life are in consciousness … invisible, and as you see that, this consciousness will then come forth in greater measure in your experience. Ah yes but, “I am that infinite consciousness,” and then by sitting down and meditating, I bring forth a greater degree of that consciousness.

Now when it comes … well of course, living that way with the invisible produces a miracle change in your life/ For instance, you may experiment with this: I just wrote this for an Across the Desk for one of our coming letters, but you can experiment with it and see for yourself. Those of you who do not say grace at meal time   don’t say grace in the accepted sense of the word of gracing it, but try to train yourself consciously, not to eat or drink a bite at anytime, without pausing for a second, to realize that “Whatever it is you’re going to eat or drink, came out of the invisible,” God is its source. Consciousness is its source. God even appearing as your consciousness is its source. But always realize, with every meal and in between if you have any, turn your thought to God as the invisible source, and then watch in a few days or weeks how many different things begin to take place in your life that never happened before.

So, with every … I was going to say, gift that you receive, but, it goes further than gift: salary; allowance; interest on investment; dividends; with everything that comes into your experience before you pocketed it—dwell for a second, on the invisible nature of its source. In other words, salary doesn’t come from a firm; dividends don’t come from corporations; everything has its foundation in the consciousness which I am, that infinite divine consciousness which sent me into expression, brings these into expression in my life, or they wouldn’t be here, for nothing that isn’t a part of my consciousness can appear to me. Everything that appears to me has to first be in my consciousness, or I wouldn’t be aware of it.

You can prove this as you walk down any business thoroughfare, walk down any street of stores, and at the end of the street, take stock of what you saw on that street. And then go back and see how many things you didn’t see that weren’t a part of your consciousness at all. But the things which were … one person walks down the street and they see every jewelry store they pass, and almost nothing else; another one sees almost every gown shop, and almost nothing else; and so on and so on.

Everything that appears in your life, first must be in your consciousness. Therefore when you recognize that, the very table that is set before you is a product of consciousness. The dividends that come in—product of consciousness. Whatever it is, any form or every form is a product of consciousness. You begin to change the whole nature of your life because now, instead of living the material life in and of things, you are living the spiritual life in and of Cause and then things just come as “added things”. By that time you no longer hate them, fear them, or love them, you just enjoy them as they come and go, but you no longer have attachment.

There is no way to break attachment, undo attachment, except through dwelling constantly in the fact that there is an invisible cause or source of all that does appear. And what is that invisible but consciousness; and whose consciousness but yours; since it is your consciousness that is drawing to you your experiences. And when you realize God as the substance and fabric of your consciousness, you then begin to draw only good. If you continue to abide in the psychological or psychiatrical approach to life, you must forever be drawing to yourself “good and evil” for the whole approach of psychology is good and evil. And while you’re in it, you must draw to yourself good and evil. Once you recognize that the fabric of your being is consciousness and God consciousness, divine consciousness, spiritual consciousness, infinite consciousness, then you draw forth out of that consciousness which you now are. Otherwise you’re going to draw out of human consciousness, which is a combination of good and evil.

Now it is in the same way that our students must begin to perceive the nature of the errors that are binding them, and many of these errors are theological. They stem from the fact that you were taught, not Christianity in your religious teachings; you were taught Judaism. Your church put a cross outside and drew you inside to teach you Judaism. The only part of Christianity was in the cross outside and you’re suffering from it.

You believe in the Hebrew God who punishes and rewards. You believe in the Hebrew God who brings children back to Himself by killing them. You believe in the Hebrew God of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth … man robs you; put him in jail. He kills somebody; kill him. All of this is the Hebraic teaching of three thousand years ago. And that has been taught to you under the guise of Christianity. It doesn’t appear in the Gospels at all. In the Gospels you are taught: Love your enemies, not execute them, not imprisonment. Forgive them, love them—seventy times seven. But you are still suffering from the acceptance of a Hebrew God: punishment and reward; an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. You still believe in the God, who for some inscrutable reason, permits you or your children or your parents to die. He’s called you home, or them. The New Testament says, “God hath no pleasure in your dying, turn ye and live.” The New Testament says, “I have come to raise you from the dead,” not to kill you … not for any reason.

It is the Old Testament that is more responsible for the errors that are on earth today than almost anything else, because it has given people a guilt complex. Each one is afraid of some insignificant sin of omission or commission that they’ve committed and they’re carrying it around with them and punishing themselves eternally, and they can’t let go of it. It wouldn’t be true if we had been taught the New Testament—we’d just forgive, forgive, forgive seventy times seven forgive. Though your sins were scarlet, you’re white as snow even though you’re being crucified for theft. I’ll take you with me to paradise tonight. There is no God of vengeance. That was the Hebrew God that Jesus came to exterminate. In other words, not a God, a false concept of God, that’s what he came to change. He didn’t come to destroy the prophets, merely to change your concept of what they were teaching.