1959 Tuesdays at Halekou
Joel S. Goldsmith
255B – Consciousness and A New God 3/5

Now it isn’t something far off and there’s no God going to come to you. It is you who have to bring yourself to God. Once you realize this, you will realize why the secret of real spiritual truth lies with an individual. Why it is that there had to be a Gautama Buddha in order for the people of India to receive whatever degree of enlightenment they received. Why it is that it didn’t happen until there was a Gautama, and why it didn’t even happen with Gautama until he attained God realization and was illumined. So you will know that it’s fruitless to think about a God … the Hebrew people were worshiping God more than all of their contemporaries. For hundreds and hundreds of years before Moses came along—it availed nothing until Moses attained God realization, and then he became the light that freed generations of Hebrews.

And so it was again that the Hebrews were in as bad a fix when Jesus came along as they had ever been before. Probably a little worse, because now, not only did they have the enmity of Rome, but their own church leaders were betrayers of them. The very highest of the Hebrew hierarchy were actually betrayers of the Hebrew people … politically, economically, they sold themselves, and let the Hebrew people suffer. And it was only when an individual, Jesus…he becomes the light; he attains God realization and he is The way, the truth, and the life, and then the hundreds who, or thousands who are led to him, and who can receive him and accept him, to them does he give their spiritual freedom by giving them the word, the way—how to attain this God realization. And some of them did.

Then as you know, spiritual healing passes from the world after a few hundred years. We have seventeen hundred years of religious darkness—spiritual darkness. From three-hundred A.D., until we come to the middle of the nineteenth century, the world is living in spiritual darkness when the churches are teaching “heaven and hell and damnation and punishment; and you’re not worthy to touch the hem of the robe, and you are punished from everything from eating meat on Friday to dancing.”

It took an Ingersoll to have the courage to get up and, tell the world there is no such God … you’re praying to a mental image. You’re praying to a nonexistent being, an imaginary figure, a myth. There is no such God. And there is no such thing as a heaven and there is no such thing as a hell, except what you’re making for yourself on earth.

So the light began to break. Ralph Waldo Emerson received the first translations of oriental scripture and he gave them to the world in his Essays. And actually as far as the world was concerned, those Essays enough would be a religion. They’d be a wonderful religion for anybody, because they reveal this very thing of self-reliance—The kingdom within you, the attainment of the Over-Soul, which is within you.

And then came Mrs. Eddy, and became such a light as to restore to this world that had been without it for seventeen hundred years—restore spiritual healing. Reveal the fact that God isn’t a person, a born person or a dying person, an immaculately conceived person or a crucified person. God isn’t any or these things. God is the life of the universe, the mind, the intelligence, the substance, the soul, of this universe and of you, and introduced a new era into the world; an era so wonderful that it was our joy last year in England to be there when The Church of England released it’s five year findings on the subject of spiritual healing, and said that: “While we cannot accept the theology of Christian Science, Christian Science has awakened us to our responsibilities in this age.”

One woman did that … the developed consciousness of one woman has awakened the whole church to its responsibilities in this age, and now we find every protestant church opening itself to spiritual healing. One woman’s consciousness did this, and not some kind of a miracle woman; just a housewife, just a mother, just a, an ordinary human being, such as we are, but with a developed consciousness. Developed through the study of scripture; through meditation, through pondering the word of truth; through listening to others and reading until that light touched her consciousness, and since then, we’ve had many, because she showed us the way. She showed it to Mrs. Fillmore; Mrs. Fillmore had her first healing through Christian Science textbook, and the woman who became the teacher of teachers, was the editor of the Christian Science publications: Emma Curtis-Hopkins.

And so you see that one consciousness, or the consciousness of one woman realized, has opened this thing in this generation as Jesus opened it in his, as Moses opened it in his. So it is with us.

In some measure we must attain enlightened consciousness. When our consciousness is enlightened, we are that God being; that God consciousness, as they were, in the degree of our realization. We will not all be Moses or Jesus Christ or Gautama Buddha or John. We will not all give to the world the greatness that Mrs. Eddy gave; but each one of us can in some way fulfill ourselves, and there is no reason why, there shouldn’t be greater than these on earth. Even Jesus said, “There will be greater than I.” There can be, but that’s our responsibility. It is our responsibility to realize that I exist as consciousness. That consciousness is infinite, although at this moment I am not bringing it through in it’s infinity, but I am bringing it through to whatever extent is possible.

Now, I do not berate myself. I do not judge or condemn myself, or criticize myself, because I’m not something greater than I am. I accept the fact that I am whatever I am at this particular moment, and then I continue my studies, my reading, my meditations, so that tomorrow I can be further along the path than I am today. But I can’t waste time on wanting to be more spiritual, even though I know my mistakes, even though I know my own errors, I cannot waste time in regrets. I must give my time to scripture. I must give my time to my spiritual writings. I must give my time to meditations, so that at least I can be a little bit further advanced next year than I am this year. There’s no use of looking back. Though your sins were scarlet you’ll be white as snow—the minute you attain God realization.

And so even if there are some sins still with us, let’s not get too condemnatory of ourselves. Once we’ve recognized them and known them, lets work then for spiritual enlightenment and let those sins fall away from us … errors, whatever they may be.

Now the secret of all lies in the word consciousness. Please look out at this world every single day, every hour of the day if you can, and realize that but for consciousness there would be nothing here as form, something sent this into form; it wasn’t a seed, because you see there had to be something to create a seed. Nothing visible can be given credit for what’s here, because everything that’s visible had to first have an invisible “something” to send it into form. Every seed that ever was, once was not as a seed. And consciousness, life sent Itself into expression as the seed, and all that came forth from the seed. Therefore, always keep your attention on the invisible, regardless of how beautiful a thing may seem to be or how wonderful or how abundant, look behind it, and realize that it couldn’t exist.