1959 Tuesdays at Halekou
Joel S. Goldsmith
255B – Consciousness and A New God 2/5

In other words, consciousness evolves, and one of the purposes of human life is to give our individual consciousness the opportunity to evolve. It evolves through us; it evolves as us; or, I evolve as I open myself to the infinity behind me. In other words, I am demonstrating as much of infinite consciousness as I can at this moment comprehend, and if I continue in the practice of meditation, which is a turning within to the center of our being, the source.

Always remember the kingdom of God is within you, not within your body but within you. You are not body; you are consciousness; therefore the kingdom of God is within your consciousness, and as you, as Joel, turn within, to this infinite consciousness to let it flow—tomorrow, Joel will show forth more of the infinity which he is, always has been, and next year a greater degree and a greater degree.

Start from the realization that you are not form; you are consciousness; you are that which is called “I.” In a measure you already know that only you say, “I, Joel or I, Bill or I, Mary.” But realize that you mean “I consciousness”, that is what you are, “I.“ I am, and what I am is infinite divine consciousness. Then as Joel, Bill, Mary, turn within to let that infinity express Itself in greater and greater degrees. Don’t ever believe that you can arrive there … you will only arrive at the fullness of manhood or the fullness of the stature of manhood in Christ Jesus at the transition. Oh, but long before then there’ll have to be a crucifixion.

Now I know that it isn’t usually taught that before there can be an ascension there must be a crucifixion. It has become popular to accept the theological belief that Jesus was crucified for you, and therefore, you can have the ascension without the crucifixion. Don’t you ever believe it. He was the wayshower, and he showed the way that we have got to go; and the way that we have got to go is through every footstep … every footstep that he showed us. Temptations. Not only temptations when we are lowly mortals, he had temptations after he was a Master. The three temptations in the wilderness took place after he was a Master; the temptation of Gethsemane took place when he was a fully ascended Master; and Golgotha when he was already a Savior, therefore even he had not attained the infinity of his infinite being until after the crucifixion and the resurrection, and then finally the ascension that lifts him completely above material sense or finite form.

We will only attain this in the degree that first of all we realize, I am “I”. I am “I”. I am consciousness. I am the consciousness which brought forth Joel into expression, and each individual being—the trees and all that is. Now, this means that instead of asking yourself, “Why isn’t God around when these accidents happen?” “Why isn’t God around when these tragedies take place?” “Why isn’t God around in these international affairs?” Stop all of that nonsensical reasoning or thinking because such questions are only based on old theological concepts of God, and there is no such God

God is the very nature of your own being, and therefore, God is to be realized. Now when God is realized, there is an absence of those tragedies. These evils will not come nigh thy dwelling place. Who is this thy? He that lives in the secret place of the most High. The very … oh let us say in the degree, it’s all proportionate in the degree of your realization of your God nature. In that degree do the discords and inharmonies of life disappear from you. But it is in the degree of your realization. Oh yes, it is true, and we come to this in a moment. It is true that certain of your problems can be met by the higher consciousness that your practitioner or teacher has attained. In other words, you really are borrowing the light from the lamp of your practitioner or your teacher for the meeting of your immediate needs. This is legitimate. This Jesus gave to us as part of his ministry: healing the sick, reforming the sinner, feeding the hungry. That’s legitimate, but it doesn’t make your demonstration.

If your practitioner or your teacher could raise you from a deathbed or even raise you from death itself, it wouldn’t make your demonstration. You would be living on the fruitage of the practitioner or teacher’s demonstration. Now, you have to go and do likewise. Now you still have to attain God realization or, as the Master said, “Worse things will come upon you. You get rid of one error to make room for seven to come in. Go and sin no more lest a worse thing happen to you.” In other words when your practitioner or your teacher releases you from some phase of discord, you not only are not released from seeking God realization, but doubly so is your obligation so that these same errors and more, do not come upon you.

You see God is not something separate and apart from your being. God is your very being. God is your very soul, the very life of your being; and God must be realized, then in proportion to that realization, you find why you can go to Jesus and expect an instantaneous healing. You can go to the disciples and it may be necessary for them to give two treatments; and you may go to another practitioner, and find that it’s necessary to have six treatments; and then some other practitioner and they’ll need sixty. It is even known in our experience that you’ll go to one two three or ten practitioners and not have your need met, but the eleventh one will meet it; showing that there are no incurable situations; it is a question of reaching that individual who has sufficiently attained.

So it is in your individual life. Harmony is in proportion to the degree of spiritual realization that you attain. That is why, if you think of a God out here as something you wish to attain, you will fail. If you will realize that God is the very fiber and fabric of your being, and that God must be realized where you are when your own consciousness unfolds and discloses itself as spiritual consciousness or God consciousness. It’s your own, it’s Jesus’ own consciousness that is God consciousness. It is the disciple’s own consciousness that is God consciousness. It is the apostle’s own consciousness that is God consciousness; It is the consciousness of everybody … back to Mrs. Eddy, Mrs. Fillmore, all of these people who have healed; who have reformed; who have redeemed; who brought forth supply. All of these were individuals who brought forth their God consciousness. They weren’t pets of God … they weren’t favored of God, they were individuals who struggled within themselves for the attainment of God realization, but the God that they have to realize is closer to them than breathing and nearer than hands and feet. God is not a God afar off, He’s closer than breathing closer to you than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.” And God must be realized where you are … then, The place whereon thou standest is holy ground. Why? Because I and the Father are both here. There’s no two-ness; there’s not me and God. There is me with a certain degree of realization of God.

Now, where you are, I Am is. And therefore you have to take occasion to sit in quietness. It makes no difference whether you’ll have to go to your bathroom, or whether you’ll have to leave your home and go to a park. It makes no difference if you have to learn to get up at two o’clock in the morning so as to have a quiet household, or four in the morning or five. If you are serious those things will have to be done. It isn’t a question of whether it’s difficult or not of course it’s difficult, it’s just a question of what degree of devotion do you have to attaining God realization?