1959 Tuesdays at Halekou
Joel S. Goldsmith
255B – Consciousness and A New God 1/5

Good Morning.

Last week, the first week of this series, we started drifting off into the subject of consciousness. And I would like you to see, first of all, why you, as well as all students have difficulty in making progress in your unfoldment—often for many, many years. Now I went through this experience myself and so I know that it is true. I was looking for a power. I was seeking something, and because of the religious teachings that have been on earth for thousands of years, we have thought of God as something separate and apart from ourselves, and we’ve gone out searching for It; and It isn’t there; and there isn’t any.

You only begin to make progress when you understand that consciousness is the basic word of all life—consciousness. In other words, there couldn’t be a tree or a leaf out here if there weren’t an invisible consciousness forcing itself into life, into expression as these forms.

Now, there is only one life out here, and yet there’s a hundred different species of trees and plants and flowers and grasses and greens, but only one life, and that one life is expressing Itself as these infinite forms. Now that life must have been here before the forms existed; therefore, the life must be pushing Itself into expression as these forms. When you begin to perceive this you will know that before there can be an infant, there must be a consciousness to express itself as an infant. When you meet a musician, a poet, a painter, a sculptor, a designer, an electrician, or an engineer of any sort, you must understand that there is a consciousness expressing itself as that individual and as that individual full of intelligence. It is the same intelligence that designs a bridge or successfully runs a bank. It is the same intelligence that can paint or write or sculpt or carve, but that one intelligence thrusts Itself out into life as these forms, as these expressions of Its own infinite talents.

Now when you perceive this and you realize that you are here, as consciousness expressing Itself in individual form and variety, then the weight drops off your shoulders, and you do not feel so much responsibility to perpetuate yourself; to even be concerned about what you shall eat, or what you shall drink, or wherewithal you shall be clothed, or, where the rent is coming from, because, the consciousness that existed before you had individual identity is Itself responsible for maintaining and sustaining Itself as you, and as your business, and as your art, and as your ability, as your integrity. The government is on His shoulders. The responsibility is not yours for living; the responsibility is only yours for living up to your present highest sense of right; and as your highest sense of right increases, to continue to live up to that degree of integrity.

You cannot be other than you are at this moment any more than a daisy can be an orchid; and a blade of grass can’t be a rose; and if they struggle to be something other than they are, if they could—they would destroy themselves.

And so it is we meet with students who are continuously berating themselves because they are not more spiritual, and they want to know how to become more spiritual. They can’t be! They can’t be. I suppose that one of the most profound of all statements was Gertrude Stein’s, “A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose;” and next to it would probably be Popeye the Sailor, “I am what I am” … and that’s the truth. If each one of us would relax, and realize “I am what I am,” and I cannot be other than “I am.” That which created Itself as this form, perpetuates it unto eternity. That doesn’t mean that you can grasp form and hold onto it. Oh no. Your infant is going to become a child; and your child is going to become adolescent; and the adolescent is going to become adult, and you can’t stop it. And many mothers would love to; and many mothers try to. They want to hold their children as children; they want to hold them in their own grasp; but they wreck them.

Now, just as you cannot keep your child at that size or that size, so you cannot perpetuate this form on earth. We all outgrow our bodies: our infant bodies; our childhood bodies; our adolescent bodies; and we continue outgrowing and outgrowing. Why? Well lets look again you do not see life out here, you see the forms which life assumes the life Itself is invisible; and the life pushes Itself into expression as beautiful flowers and leaves; but we all know that they drop off: the life doesn’t, just the leaf or the flower does … the life goes on forever and appears as new forms always.

Now if you want to understand yourself, don’t look in a mirror because you will be deceived. You are not that which is visible; you are life—consciousness. You are invisible; your own mother has never seen you, and never will. You are an invisible being appearing as a form, as an individual, as a person; but none of that—not even your personality is you. You are consciousness; this great infinite consciousness which is manifesting Itself as so many forms and varieties of beauty and harmony—you are this.

When we say that Jesus is a wayshower, we lose the right to say that unless we believe he showed the way. And he said, “I am the way, I am the life, I am the truth, I am the resurrection, I am life eternal” … eternal, immortal, infinite, they all mean the same thing—I am that. And the only thing that made Moses the great savior of the Hebrew race in his day and for many generations after, was the fact that he too came to the realization—I, am that I am. I am not a man. I am not a form. I am not a finite life that exists between the cradle and the grave. That I am, that which sent me into visible expression; I am that which sent this form into expression. I am that which appears on earth as an individual but I am that; and I am that I am which is considered God: and Jesus repeated that: “I am the way; I am the truth; I am life eternal.” “Thou seest me thou seest the Father that sent me, for I and the Father are one,” although the Father is greater than I. In other words, my invisible Selfhood, that “I” which I am, is greater than the form as which I appear, because this form is in a measure, disintegrating every single day, and in a measure, it is being reborn every day—skin falls off every day, and is renewed; nails fall off, hair, and it’s all renewed from head to foot. We are renewed day by day because part of this form goes.

Now, we don’t lessen just because parts of our body drop away, we are the same infinite individual being, and we gladly watch this slough off, and the new come into expression. So it is that we must rejoice with everything that disappears out of our lives, making room for the new. And the attempt to grasp some form whether it’s the form of a business, or the form of wealth, or the form health, or form of family, we must be willing to watch these disappear; as the newer and the greater forms appear in our experience.

Now again look out here and remember that out of sight is an infinitude of something, which we call consciousness; we call life; and that this infinity is expressing Itself as all of these forms. Now remember that I am that consciousness which is appearing out here as all these forms. I’m not one of the forms; I am the infinite consciousness, which is appearing as forms. The consciousness which I am, I already am, is infinite. I am not showing forth that infinity at this stage of my experience; I am showing forth only the degree of realized consciousness at this moment, which is a far greater degree than twenty years ago or thirty years ago or forty years ago.