1959 Tuesdays at Halekou
Joel S. Goldsmith
255A – To Know Him Aright Is Demonstration 5/5

The first is “impersonalize good,” and the second is “impersonalize evil”.

Now, to impersonalize good means to see that good, any form, any way that it takes, any shape—good is an emanation of God. So that my expectancy is from God; not from man whose breath is in his nostril. Good may flow through me to you and through you to me, but it is not from me to you, and it is not from you to me. Be assured that in a true sense, I do not love you; and be assured that you do not love me; and please be assured that I know you don’t. Whatever it is that is flowing in your direction, through me is your God drawing it unto you, and I am but an instrument that is used for that purpose. And I’m not important because no matter what happened to me, as long as you are not looking to me, the next instrument will appear in your experience, as long as you need an instrument, whether it’s a man, a woman, or a book, or a teaching, or a teacher, it will appear…or a business, or an employer.

Never, never hesitate to see good leave your experience; it’s only making room for a greater good as long…Ah yes, remember you determine it; you determine it. As long as your expectancy is of God—“Thy grace is my sufficiency in all things,” and then you must be sure that you’re not thinking of man or woman. You must leave yourself in that spiritual state where you realize, “Thy grace is my sufficiency in all things,” because if you are ever called upon to be in Rickenbacker’s position there, or Moses in the desert there, or somebody in an airplane here, you’d be in a terrible, terrible spot if you were looking to man whose breath is in his nostrils, to be there as a help, because they may not be. And there may be no human help, but God can set a table in the wilderness, if you bring it about. You must bring it about by your continuous faith—Thy grace is my sufficiency in all things. Do you see that?

Of course in our human intercourse we love each other, and we are loving to each other and grateful and outpouring and sharing; but not by virtue of ourselves. Don’t lessen your benevolence; don’t lessen your sense of gratitude; don’t lessen your cooperativeness and your sharing; rather increase them, because you know the source is God, and you can afford anything. Nothing, nothing is beyond your means, if only you are realizing that the Source is God. The Source isn’t your investment; the Source isn’t the size of your salary; the Source isn’t your husband’s income; the Source is God. That’s impersonalizing good, and therefore when good comes to you through, others…Of course you are as thankful and grateful to them as you would be to Jesus Christ or to Moses or Elijah, but that doesn’t stop you from realizing, “Ah yes, that it was Thy grace that is my sufficiency.”

Alright, the next is “impersonalizing evil” and that of course, is likewise difficult, because you must break down the belief that you’re suffering because you violated a law; you must break down the belief that there’s a mental cause or a physical cause or a spiritual cause. There’s only one cause for our difficulties—To know God aright is life eternal. We haven’t known God aright; we haven’t experienced God—it’s in experiencing God that we find our freedom. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.

I think that that leads me to something for next Tuesday and that will be the word “consciousness,” because once you understand God as consciousness; and understand that consciousness is your true identity, you will then know why there can be geniuses.

Perhaps you saw the boy the other night on television, in a wheel chair, playing a violin. Such a rendition on the violin is only seldom heard, and a ten-year old boy in a wheel chair with polio. The Julliard School in New York is keeping him in the United States for instruction. How does a ten-year old boy, and one especially in a wheel chair, come forth with such brilliance when the next ten-year old boy is a…what? Juvenile delinquent! You’ll understand that when you understand consciousness, and you will understand why each one of us must evolve from where we are in consciousness now to where we hope to be, and why we are only here now because we have already evolved to the degree that the person outside, who doesn’t even know we are here this morning, can’t be here because their consciousness hasn’t evolved to the extent that would make it possible for them to understand what we are talking about. Do you see that?