1959 Tuesdays at Halekou
Joel S. Goldsmith
255A – To Know Him Aright Is Demonstration 2/5

Unfortunately Moses who had attained God realization, found it impossible to convey that idea to his followers; therefore the entire demonstration of the Hebrew people in his day evolved from his consciousness. They benefited by his consciousness and probably Aaron, Joshua—a few who surrounded him, who also had attained Light. In the same way, as the days of Isaiah, Elijah…Whatever benefit came to the Hebrew race, came because of the state of consciousness of those leaders, because the people themselves never attained God realization, and continued worshiping this Hebrew God.

Now, when the Master came, Christ Jesus, even though he was a Hebrew Rabbi, preaching and teaching in the Hebrew Synagogues, and exclusively to Hebrew people, even outside the Synagogue; nevertheless, you find that he did not accept the Hebrew God, nor the Hebrew way of life, nor the Hebrew law; but he had evolved into a new consciousness—a higher consciousness, and his teachings were absolutely contrary to the Hebrew teachings, and it is for this reason that you must understand that he was crucified—Because he did not teach Hebrew teachings; although he was wearing the robe of a Hebrew Rabbi, and preaching in Hebrew Synagogues. But he was not teaching a god of punishment or a god of reward. You will not find that in his teaching.

He taught that as ye sow so shall ye reap, but he did not say that God was giving you the “good” if you were good, or that God was punishing you if you were evil…As a matter of fact he made it very clear that it was your good deeds that resulted in good—and your evil deeds that resulted in evil. As ye sow, so shall ye reap, and the bread that you cast on the water will come back to you. That’s quite a different thing than saying, “If you don’t throw bread on the water, God will punish you with lack; and if you do, that God will reward you with abundance.”

Now Jesus did not teach asceticism. He said very frankly that it isn’t what goes into the mouth that defiles, but that which comes out of your consciousness. It’s your own state of consciousness that is visiting iniquities unto you; not the sins of your fathers, or your grandfathers or your great-grandfathers but your own iniquities. And this not necessarily, in the form of “sin” as it is usually known.

You can imagine the shock the Hebrew people in the church must have received when he said that “man was not made for the Sabbath; Sabbath was made for man.” In other words, what you do on Saturday isn’t being held against you by any God. You are supposed to live your life of good seven days a week; and if that prevents your getting to temple, that’s perfectly alright with God, as long as you are about your Father’s business; but, deserting your spiritual life for the sake of going to temple or church or observing holidays, will get you nowhere.

So you see that the whole of The Infinite Way really comes about when it is realized that the basis of all harmonious spiritual living is dependent upon your knowing God aright—“Whom to know aright is life eternal.” There’s the whole secret of harmonious living; there’s the whole secret of health or happy living; there is the whole secret of joyous living—“To know Him aright.”

Not to accept what you have been taught, which is definitely erroneous by its fruitage. If what has been taught about God for the last five-thousand years is true, the world is lost, because even after these thousands of years here the world trembles at what its fate may be when May comes around. Now you know that couldn’t be if the world knew God aright, for to know God aright is life eternal, and then that wouldn’t be dependent on bombs and it wouldn’t be dependent on the good will or evil will of people—whether our own people of foreign people. It is our ignorance of God alone that is responsible for all of the errors of this world.

Now, our demonstration has shown that as long as you accept the god, the Santa Claus god, who will come around on December twenty-fifth if you are good, but he’ll pass you by if you haven’t been good; as long as you are worshiping that type of god, you have no hope whatsoever. As long as you continue worshiping a god that can be prayed to, you are losing your demonstration and will continue to lose it. God cannot be influenced by what you want or what you desire. God is not going to give to you individually, to this nation collectively, or any other; the things that we think we want, or ought to have.

There is no God of that nature; there is no God that can withhold, and then because of prayer, give. That is what we would call a “super parent”. Now, parenthood which is based on that very type of erroneous love, makes people punish their children and reward their children; give and take, withhold, give, yield—that’s all human. That is not divine.

Just as the word punishment has no right ever to come into a spiritual teaching, in so far as our relationship with God is concerned. So eventually we will learn that the word punishment has no right to come into relationship with children. Discipline yes! training yes!, but not punishment. However, because of these erroneous religious teachings, children actually believe when they are being disciplined or trained, that they’re being punished, and they resent it, and they resist it, and you have a hard time with them. If they understood that there is no such thing as a parent really punishing a child…that every act of the parent to the child is one of loving, guidance, training, discipline, the child would respond; that is, if it began early enough in life to know that it need never fear a punishment from its parent…that it would receive training; it would receive discipline and correction; but that it must never be construed as punishment, for no parent could truthfully want to punish a child.

The moment you catch that concept, you begin to understand more nearly your relationship with God. It does not lie in God consciousness to give anyone anything, or to withhold from anyone anything, or to punish anyone for anything. The nature of God is love. The nature of God is also intelligence, wisdom. Can you imagine telling God what you need; can you imagine telling God that you need healing; or can you imagine asking God for healing if God is the Infinite Intelligence of this universe, and divine Love?

And do you not see then, that the first mistake that is made is going back to Pagan days, and asking something of God; expecting something of God; wanting something of God; believing that God has in Its power the ability to grant what you want. That must be fantastic in the light of the nature of God as intelligence and love.

Now, the very first principle that an Infinite Way student must learn is the nature of God. In some way or other, whether through their reading or hearing…no, I won’t say that that’s not true, you can’t learn it through your reading and your hearing, but through your reading of this message and hearing this message, you can be led to cogitate, ponder, meditate until from within your own being, you learn the nature of God. God reveals Himself to you, within you. You see, what is coming out to you in words, message is the truth about the Truth, but the Truth Itself reveals Itself to you from within you. These statements of truth you hear are merely meant to be taken into your consciousness, they are “seeds” if you will—seeds which are being planted in you, and then, depending on the nurturing that you give these seeds, the care, will be the spiritual crop that you will receive.