1961 Maui Work
Joel S. Goldsmith
392A – I Speaks Unto Me 4/4

I glory not in outer prosperity, or outer health, I glory in the essence which fills me—this divine Presence that fills me—because I can spend what I have outside today and be renewed. I can give, I can share, all that the Father giveth me, and yet retain within myself the Presence, the substance, the staff of life, which in its season appears outwardly as still another message, still another dollar, still another trip, still another something or other, still another healing. Always within me is the essence, the substance, the fiber, and the fabric of that which is to appear externally.

But my conscious recognition of this truth is that which makes it available to me and to you—my conscious recognition of the presence of the spirit of God within me. Acknowledge Him in all thy ways. Acknowledge this divine Presence within me; acknowledge this divine Presence within you, within friend and within foe. Acknowledge It.

Acknowledge It as the source of your wisdom, as the source of your immortality, as the source of your human relationships, as the very fabric of your outer fruitage. The substance, the essence, the cause, the law—all of this stems from the I that I am, the I that is within me, the I that announces Itself and says to me, “Be not afraid, it is I.”

This is what it says: “Where two or more are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst.” Now, watch this, where two or more are gathered together in my name … where two or more are gathered in the recognition of this I as Omnipresence. When we meet together—not for a good time, that has its place too, but when we meet together—and we are in the conscious remembrance that I am in the midst of me, meaning I am in the midst of you, meaning that I am in the midst of each other, then we are two or more gathered in Thy name. The name I, the name that I am.

Then you can see it would make no difference if we were present in a class, or present at a supper, or present at a breakfast, or a picnic. Nevertheless, if we were consciously aware that the presence of I in me is the presence of I in you—we would be two or more gathered together in that name. We could do anything we wanted, as long as we continue to abide in that realization.

Well, you can see the miracle and the magic of it. I cannot be envious of the I that I am, even if the I that I am is you. I cannot steal or want to steal, from myself—when I recognize that my self is you. Do you see that?

We do not take from each other, we share with each other. Why? Because it is the Self sharing with the Self, two or more gathered in one name I … I in the midst of you.

There could be no warring with each other, at any level: fighting, discord, and inharmony, if there were the constant recognition of I. Be not afraid it is I … it is I there, it is I there, it is I there. And it is the same I here, and we are one. (Pause)

That we may be one. (Pause)

Once a day, in your meditations you will remember of course, to consciously release God, in the sense of releasing God from any responsibility for the evils of the world—whether they’re the evils that have come nigh your dwelling place or anyone else’s, or the evil of this world. Remember to release God in the sense of realizing, consciously that no evil has its source in God, and, nothing that does not emanate from God has power.

But in that same meditation, also release all mankind from the penalty of their sins. Father forgive them, they know not what they do. They may be the sins of friends or sins of foes; they may be the sins of our nation or the sins of other nations. But always remember, that there must be a release, it must be a conscious activity within you, a release: Father forgive them, they know not what they do …. forgive them as I would be forgiven; forgive them as I would be forgiven … Father forgive them, they know not what they do. And whatever error still lurks in me, Father forgive me, for I do not do it consciously or willfully.

In this way then, in releasing God from the responsibility of the world we take all power out of the erroneous or evil nature of the world, because the major power that it has comes from a universal belief that God is the cause of it, that God is the cause of this world’s discords and woes, because of some special reason of His own.

Therefore, when we release God from that, it is as if we were releasing the power of evil itself into nothingness. In the same way, as we release every individual, we are fulfilling the Lord’s Prayer: Forgive us our debts as we forgive … in proportion as we forgive those who trespass against us.

Therefore, there must be a conscious release every day: Father, forgive them. I don’t care now whether we’re talking of Americans or Russians; I don’t care whether we’re talking of American government or a Russian government; I don’t care whether we’re talking of Chinese or Spanish or whatnot … Father forgive them, they know not what they do. And then you will find the release that you bring about within yourself.

It is said that what we loose, is loosed with us, and what we bind, is bound with us. And so it is, that as we release God from responsibility within ourselves we find that we have released ourselves from these ills. And as we release sinners from the responsibility for their sins, the sinner that we ourselves are is released from our sins of omission and commission, because in our human experience, it is impossible not to sin.

We are sinning every day, in our bearing false witness against somebody or other. And we do, whether it’s friend or foe—we bear false witness every day. And, in many other ways we fall far short of that mark which is Christhood. But we are not forgiven our sins, except as we forgive those who sin against us or this world. And above all, be not afraid … be not afraid for it is I.

All of this leads us naturally up to a specific point. And that is this: whenever a problem arises in our experience or the experience of others who turn to us for help, do not to try to search in your mind for a solution to the problem, because you are looking for a human solution, or a human work-me-out of the problem. Instantly turn away from the problem in the realization of this: this I that is within me is Spirit, and it is this Spirit that is really the solution to all problems.

Therefore, wait in your meditation until you have the feeling of this Presence, and then release the problem to It. And let it go, and don’t dwell on the problem—and see in what way the Spirit within you will solve the problem.

It will go out, and do whatever work is necessary in the next county or the next man or the next group of men or the next woman. It will go out and do that work for you—which you could not outline, which you could never conceive of, which you could never believe.

You couldn’t do it, and you could never give any advice that would bring it about. All you can do is turn from it in the realization that I within me is the solution of the problem. And then wait in your meditation, until you do feel It, and when you do—loose it and let it go. And let the problem go, don’t let the problem come back into your mind, keep it out—for you have released it unto the I that I am, the I that is within me.

And then, a day, two, three days later, you’ll watch how It has solved the problem out there—in a way you could never have understood or accomplished.

Thank you.