I Speaks Unto Me 2/4

1961 Maui Work
Joel S. Goldsmith
392A – I Speaks Unto Me 2/4

I am to be found within you; I am to be found within thy consciousness, within thy awareness. I am to be found in quietness, in stillness, in confidence. In quietness and in confidence shalt thou realize, that I in the midst of thee am mighty. In quietness and confidence thou shalt realize: Be not afraid … They have only the arm of flesh, carnal weapons … I in the midst of thee am mighty, and I will never leave thee nor forsake thee—only, be not afraid, be not afraid.

Yes, it goes a step further; it goes a step further. And it reveals that I also, the I that is speaking to me—is the I of that army that is marching against me. The I that is my abiding place, my dwelling place, is the I of your beingyou my friends or you my foes. And I dwell in you, and I dwell in them. As I dwell in thee, so do I dwell in them; so do I dwell in all.

And so, in meeting friend and in meeting foe, you are meeting Me. Recognize Me in the midst of you, and then recognize Me in the midst of your friends, and recognize Me in the midst of your foes. Recognize that there is but one divine Selfhood, one Father of us all.

And you will soon see, that the only enemies you ever had consisted of your own belief, in a selfhood separate and apart from Me. Even if you recognized Me as your selfhood, you still thought of others as having some other selfhood than Me.

But I am the selfhood of you, I am your staff of life, I am your wisdom, I am your bread and your meat and your wine and your water—but I am this to all men. I am this in the midst of your friends and your loved ones, and I am this, in the midst of your foes. Recognize Me in the midst of all.

Then you will find that I am in all, and I greet you through all. I greet you through those you thought were your friends, and I greet you through those you thought were your enemies. For you can never be greeted by any other than I … for I am infinite, I am infinite Omnipresence, I am omnipotent Omnipresence. I am the Presence that stands within you, before you, beside you, behind you … I am that Presence. Therefore be not afraid it is I, it is I.

There is no God in a whirlwind. Therefore recognize there is no power. The only power there is is in I, the I that I am—which is the life of your being, the life of your friends’ being, the life of your enemies’ being. I am the life of all being.

When this Presence announces Itself to you, in an inner assurance of Its presence, remember always that this means not only Its presence in you, but Its presence—its infinite Omnipresence. It is not announcing that God is present in me, separate and apart from you. When It announces Its presence, It is announcing Its presence universally. When the Father speaks, and says, “Be not afraid it is I,” God is announcing, that this I is present in me, present in you, present in him, present in her, present in it.

In other words, you could not channel God; you could not finitize God to be in one person or in one place. When you recognize the presence of God, you are recognizing the universal presence of God.

When, before you enter your automobile, you are given from within the assurance, “I am with you, and I go with you,” remember that this does not mean you separate and apart from everyone on the road. It means you are to recognize My presence, the divine presence as being Omnipresence, all-presence, everywhere-presence.

Then, if you mount up to heaven, you’ll find that Presence. If you make your bed in hell, in any particular moment, you will realize that Presence. If you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you will meet that Presence.

And so it is, that in this moment, when the Spirit is announcing Itself and Its presence, It is not saying to me “Joel, I am present in you,” It is saying “I am present.” Think only how terrible it would be if God could announce, “I am present with you Joel,” and then leave out everybody else in this room, or walking on the street outside. There is no such thing.

When God announces Its presence, It is announcing Its Omnipresence. And, the moment you open your consciousness to realize that truth, you will see that God is here and God is there and God is everywhere. But it is you who must give recognition to the omnipresence of I-God when God announces Its presence.

Do not think that that means, that God is present here in this Masonic Temple, in a being called Joel. No. When the Father assures me, I am present with thee, I go with thee wherever thou goest, I will never leave thee nor forsake thee, I know that God is announcing the presence of God, equally, everywhere, universally. Omnipresencethe Presence in you, the Presence in those near and those far; because there are none near or far.

All this universe and all of its people are embraced in my consciousness. My consciousness is infinite, and I embrace in my consciousness the Jews and the Gentiles, the Occidentals and the Orientals, the Africans and the Asians of all types and places and kinds. I embrace in my consciousness the Americans and the Canadians and the Russians, and the French and the Hindus. I embrace in my consciousness, this entire universe—because my consciousness is infinite. And I know that, just by the fact that I can close my eyes and instantaneously have within me the peoples of all races, and of all ages—past, present, and future—my consciousness is large enough to embody all of these.

And therefore, if the presence of God is with me in my consciousness, then the presence of God is with everyone and everything in my consciousness. And nothing exists outside of my consciousness, for my consciousness is infinite. Why is it infinite? Because God and I are one, and all that the Father hath is mine. Therefore, all of the God-consciousness is individually my consciousness.

And all there is in this universe that constitutes a world, and the worlds beyond worlds, and the worlds of outer space—if they weren’t embodied in our consciousness, we couldn’t attain them. But because they are embodied in our consciousness, we will eventually attain them, just as we are attaining the secrets of outer space.

Why are we attaining the secrets of outer space? They are not in outer space, they are embodied in our consciousness—and we are discovering them there. They are being revealed to us there. And every person who’s working with problems of outer space, remember every one of them is working with something that’s within range of his own consciousness, or he could not be aware of it. Therefore, outer space is in our consciousness. And therefore, be assured—God also is there.

There may be no church in outer space, I wouldn’t know—but God is in outer space. God is in outer space; there is no place where life is not, no place where the Spirit is not. Why? Because all that exists exists in consciousness—and that consciousness is mine, that consciousness is yours.

And the Master said it in these words: I am in God and you are in me, and I am in you, and we are one, I in God and God in me, you in me and me in you, and all of us in God. And God means consciousness. We are all embodied in the divine consciousness, which is God. Therefore, the Omnipresence of God in consciousness—my consciousness, your consciousness, and our awakening to this truth, brings it into conscious experience.

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