1962 Manchester Closed Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
491B – The New Man 5/5

Do you see now how you must put off that old man who believes that he was born on a certain day, and has within a few years, just a certain range of years to live. And, that, that individual must change and alter, and weaken as the years go by. Do you not see how you must put off that man and realize, “Why no, I am life eternal. I am immortal. I am the offspring of the spiritual Most High—infinite spiritual divine being; and the life that is God is the life that is man, for these are one, and my life is eternal, immortal, unaging, undying, unchanging.”

In this way you are dying to that old man—that old man who has infirmity. And you are being reborn of the man you really are, the woman you really are, the being you really are: immortal being, divine being, spiritual being. And with this, comes the first faint, faint glimpse, of why you were born; why you are on earth; why God sent us forth into expression. The moment you stop thinking of your mother and father as your parent; think of them only as instruments through which you came to earth, but go behind them and say: “Who sent me, what sent me and why?”

Even acknowledging my parents as the instrument through which God sent me to earth, I know it was God that sent me to earth, they were but the instrument, they were caretakers for me. They were given the responsibility of my mind and body and soul to care for until I was out of those two years in Egypt and strong enough to stand on my own feet.

I know that, and I know that about you. Only I know that you too must awaken to the realization that it was God who sent you forth to earth; God who sent you forth into being, and for God’s purpose, for a spiritual purpose, for a divine purpose. And begin to find out now what that purpose is.

Actually, Scripture tells us clearly, “that we were sent here to show forth God’s glory.” Just as, the heavens declare the glory of God and the earth showeth forth his handiwork, so do we the greatest creation of God, glorify God by being alive. Not in our humanhood, heaven knows we are nothing that God can be proud of in our humanhood. But there is an “I” of me; there is a being; there is a spiritual identity which has for its purpose: “showing forth God’s glory.” Not testifying to my greatness, to my wisdom, to my love, to my benevolence, but testifying only to God expressing through me; God revealing Himself on earth through me that we may be brothers and sisters, that we may enjoy life and bring forth some spiritual function on earth, just as there is a spiritual function in heaven.


As you now know we are going to have these experiences of meditation through the week. So that we may come to the end of the week more confident in our ability to be still, and to hear the still small voice. Because, it is in hearing the still small voice that we receive our instruction from within.


What I have said to you, you understand is sacred. It is so sacred that you must not tell it to another. You must live with it; you must let it live with you, until one day, you will make a contact within, and everything that I have said to you will be confirmed within you. And then when you have it on divine authority, then you can begin your ministry. You can teach it to your children or brothers or sisters or fathers or mothers, whoever you may find to be receptive. And ultimately, it may be your destiny to be carried out into the public world.

But never attempt to teach this, until you receive it on the divine authority within yourself. Because, you may really only be passing on some gossip, or hearsay, or repeating the words of another, and this does not constitute a teacher. A teacher is one who has been ordained. The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, and I am ordained. You know when that Spirit of God is upon you, because It tells you.

And at first you may say, “No, no, no” as Moses did, I am slow of speech. “No, no, no, I do not have this ability.” Then will come the promise, “Open your mouth and I will put the words in your mouth,” then you will know that you are ordained, and that you can take your place among those who have been entrusted with imparting this word.

But impart it in the same sacred way in which I have imparted it to you, and in the same secret way. Don’t go out into the byways of the world, the highways and the byways, shouting it out from the corner of Hyde Park, in order that you may be mocked and spat upon. Be sure when you impart this, that those to whom you impart it are seeking it, are giving some evidence to you, that they want whatever secret God has revealed.