1962 Manchester Closed Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
491B – The New Man 3/5

Ultimately it reveals itself as this infinite, infinite divine consciousness is the Father; the infinite divine being is the Father. And it is this of which we are constituted—you and me. For the Master says, “Call no man on earth your Father, for one is your Father, the one in heaven,” and heaven is within you. Therefore the Father within you, is your Father and my Father.

And eventually we will discover that its nature is consciousness. This infinite consciousness constitutes the nature of your being. And by it, you are the child of God, the offspring of this infinite consciousness. And you are now individual consciousness; you are still infinite, though infinity is pouring itself through you and me in individual ways.

Now remember, your Father and my Father, so there is only one divine consciousness which Fathers the whole universe, which is the substance and the essence of the entire universe.

Now it makes no difference whether you are white or black, it makes no difference whether you are Jew or Gentile, there is only one, one infinite divine consciousness or being, or Father, whatever name you like. Consciousness is the name that is most real to us in this work. And this consciousness constitutes your being and mine, regardless of who we may be, and in this is our equality.

Equality because, you and I can turn within, and draw on this infinity which constitutes us. We have equal access to the infinity which constitutes our being. Do not overlook that statement, “infinity which constitutes your being and mine.” Infinite divine consciousness, the Father, the “I Am”, constitutes your individual being, and you can turn within and draw forth from your Father and mine infinity. We can draw forth manna to meet our daily needs. We can draw forth wisdom for our business, art, profession, government. We can draw forth love, not a limited amount of human love. We can draw forth divine love, infinite love, to provide every form of good, throughout our experience unto eternity. Because, hear this well, I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.

Now, the Master has given us a name. The Master has given us the name: I will never leave thee nor forsake thee. I will be with thee to the end of the world. I was with you before Abraham was.” Now hear this, you must never forget this: I am come that you might have life and that you might have life more abundant. And now you have the name.

The Master has revealed to you what Moses revealed in his day; what the Hebrew great Masters knew, and now, which is for the first time being given to the world.

Moses veiled this name, so that the Hebrew people may not misunderstand it and start an “I Am” movement, and call themselves God. All of the other Hebrew prophets veiled it, so that the unprepared thought would not get rambunctious and go around proclaiming itself God, and try to rule everybody else.

But the Master, and it was for this reason that he gave his life. The Master gave his life knowing he was taking that risk, in order that it may be revealed to the world that God is in the midst of you and His name is “I.” So that you would never again look up to heaven for God… or look for God in holy mountains, or in holy temples, or in holy books. But that from now on you should realize: “the place whereon I stand is holy ground”, because “I Am” here; because “I” is in the midst of me, I am mighty. “I” the mighty one am in the midst of thee, and I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

Do you hunger? Take no thought for baker’s bread or butcher’s meat, for you have in the midst of you the “I” that I am, and “I” am your meat, and your bread, and your wine, and your water. And if you will look unto this “I” in the midst of you, “I will set a table before you in the wilderness. “I” will set a table before you in the wilderness.” Nobody else, no friends, no relatives, no bankers, “I” will set a table before you in the wilderness—if you will look unto the “I” that I am in the midst of you.

You see, in this revelation, you are set free. You are no longer dependent on man whose breath is in his nostril; you are no longer dependent on an ecclesiastical ministry; you are no longer dependent on holy men or holy books; you are no longer dependent on the governments of men. Once you have received this revelation, you are free. You are living and moving and having your being in God, and God in you.

Do you wonder that many men have been persecuted unto death, for revealing to the people that which will give them their eternal freedom, so that once knowing this they never again will be in bondage to any man or system of men. For there is no might and there is no power that can withstand the knowledge of God. Come unto Me and be saved. Come unto this “I” that is within you, and no shackles will ever be placed on your soul, on your mind, or on your body. But only, only as you learn, to know God aright. To know Him aright is not only life eternal, it is life joyous, and life free, and life abundant. I am come that you might have life and that you might have it more abundant. I in the midst of you.

Now just as we have had the many worlds, and the many gods, so you and I individually have been many people, but more especially, we are “two people.” And, one of these must die. This is Scripture, and this is Christian Scripture, but it is also Oriental Scripture — that there is one of us that must die, one of us that must be put off, and that is our mortal selfhood—that selfhood which is a sense of separation from God. You cannot lift it up and make it spiritual. This has been one of the mistakes of the ages, the belief that you can take the natural man, the human being, and make him fine and spiritual, and turn him into the Son of God. This you cannot do.

The creature, that which Paul called the natural man, must be put off. The man of earth must be put off — mortality must be taken from us and immortality revealed. And so it is that in order that we accomplish this death of mortality, this death of mortal man, so that we may be reborn of the Spirit, that we may be raised up into the stature of manhood in Christ Jesus, we must know how. This I have revealed to you this evening: recognize “I” at the center of your being, and realize Its name, Its nature, Its function in being there.