1962 Manchester Closed Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
491B – The New Man 2/5

No person is God; no man is God; no image is God. God is invisible. God is not only invisible, but indivisible. God is not only invisible and indivisible, but God is infinite. And when you take this word “infinite” into your thought, you will immediately know that you cannot know God, and that no image or thought of God can be correct because you cannot bring infinity into your limited intellect or mind. You with your mind cannot embrace God. Therefore, no concept of God you have ever entertained is God. No belief you have ever had about God is God. No concept of God, no belief about God, no theory about God, no image of God, none of these can be correct because God is Spirit, God is infinite; therefore, anything that you believe to be God cannot be God. Once you release your concepts, you will have the one God that eventually will be understood.

In and out of Christianity, in and out of every religion, one God will be acknowledged—the God that cannot be named; the God that cannot be visualized; the God that cannot be embraced in thought; the God of whom you can only say: “I Am” is His name, His name is “I Am.” And if you try to define that and think what it means, then also you will lose your God. For no one, no one can ever embrace in their thought, the meaning of “I Am.”

It is sad that there have been those taking the name of “I Am” and personalizing it, and making it a human being, or believing that a human being is “I Am,” or that “I Am” is a human being. Ah no. “I Am” is infinite; “I Am” is beyond the range of any human thought to embrace or to encompass. “I Am” is the invisible, the infinite, and it can only be acknowledged. We can say, “God Is.” When we go beyond this, we are drawing mental pictures in our thought—we are finitizing God.

Even if you were to say, “God is love,” you are making a great mistake and you are finitizing God, because God is much more than love. God is also wisdom. God is also spirit, and God is also life. God is also truth. But after we’ve said all of that, we have a very finite idea of what God is, because God is beyond all of this.

Therefore, the safest stand for us to take in understanding God aright is to acknowledge “God is.” There is enough testimony about us, so that we can become convinced that “God is.” And, regardless of external testimony, there is that feeling that each one has within themselves, that something “is.” That behind this world of suns, moons, and stars, something “is.” Behind this world of nature, vegetables, fruits, animals, fish, birds, pearls, diamonds, coal, behind this world of effect something “is” — and something of the intelligence, something of the nature of love, but something. And that something—God “is.”

If we say God is “I Am,” we begin to perceive why the mystical poet could say “God is closer to me than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.” Or, we can begin to understand why the Master could say, the Kingdom of God is neither lo here nor lo there, the Kingdom of God is within you.

Let us study that for a moment: the Kingdom of God is within you. You know of course that, just as our Russian friend reported that he could not find God up in outer space, so you undoubtedly know that no surgeon has found God encased in any part of your body. And so when the Master says, the Kingdom of God is within you, we cannot once discard any belief that we carry a God locked up inside of our physical form. Now what else is there to us but our physical form? What is it that is our storehouse?

Now here begins the foundational part of our particular work in The Infinite Way. Our work really had its beginning when the unfoldment or revelation was given to me that meditation is the only way of attaining spiritual wisdom. That all spiritual wisdom must come to us not from some source outside of ourselves, but from within. This I think is in keeping with the Master’s revelation that the Kingdom of God is within you, and therefore, if you would know about God, go to the Kingdom that is within you.

Now, this is the way it unfolded to me that, whatever this me is or wherever this within me is, it is definitely within and not without. Therefore, if I close my eyes to the without, I am tabernacling with myself or communing with myself—within.

Now here I am, in the only place where the Master said I would find the Kingdom of God — within me. My attention is turned within me. It is not directed into my body; it is just directed within. We might think that we are turning into our mind. Actually we are turning within with our mind to a deeper source than the mind—the mind is the instrument that we are using.

Close your eyes, turn within and you will notice that you are now using your mind — it is your mind that is turning within, your mind is the instrument that you are using.

You see, there is a “you” directing your mind. You might state it this way: “I am turning within; I am thinking within; I am going within.” You notice there is an “I” called “you.” “I,” “I-Joel,” “I-Joel,” and you may use your own name. “I-Joel” am going within; I am turning within; I am seeking the Kingdom of God that is within me; I am seeking Truth. Ah! I am seeking Truth; I am seeking spiritual wisdom.

Oh now, now I hear this. I remember this rather. You remember it too: the Kingdom of God is within you; man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” Now I’m turning within, to receive the word of God—that is closer to me than breathing; that is within me. I’m turning within — my mind is my instrument through which I turn within. I cannot of course at this moment know what I’m turning to or, where I’m turning to, except that it is within me. But eventually through revelation it will be revealed that I am turning to the infinite divine consciousness which constitutes my real being. This is the revelation that ultimately comes, that the Kingdom of God is actually the divine consciousness, the God consciousness, sometimes called the Christ consciousness, in the Orient it is called the Buddha consciousness, or the Buddha mind, or “Buddhi” — and it all means the same thing. It means the infinite invisible divine consciousness, which constitutes my being: my being and your being. This, this clarifies for you what the Master said: “My Father and your Father, the Father within me, the Father within you, my Father, your Father.”