1961 San Diego Special Class                                          Photo By Inez Soares
Joel S. Goldsmith
400A – The Essence of The Infinite Way Part One 3/4 , 

Q:  Why is the healer responsible for the healing?

A:  And be assured, nobody but the healer is responsible, the answer is that the degree of spiritual illumination of the individual determines the degree of the healing power. Or, let me make that plainer: In the degree that an individual has inwardly realized God as one, in the degree that an individual has realized Spirit as the only power, the only presence, the only substance, the only activity: in that degree is the healer the law unto the case. God doesn’t heal us. If God healed us, we’d all be healed instantaneously, for God is no respecter of persons. It is the truth that heals us, but there is no truth floating around in the air. Truth is made manifest through and as individual consciousness. In other words, if we can believe scripture, it would only have been necessary to go to the Master for one treatment, and we would have been instantaneously healed. If we had gone to the disciples, we would have had some instantaneous healings, but probably others would have taken two or three treatments, and probably others more than that.

And so it is that in the degree in which an individual comes to the realization of God as being infinite omnipresence, omnipotence, omniscience, of God as being the only law, the only life, the only substance, and in the degree that this same individual realizes that all appearances of discord of any name or nature is but the carnal mind, the arm of flesh, or belief in two powers or nothingness, in that degree do the healings take place.

Now in our work we handle every claim, disease, sin, false appearance, that is brought to us, not as a person but as the presentation of the carnal mind in one form or another, and then recognize that since the carnal mind is not ordained of God, it is not power, has no power, is not a law, has no law, and therefore must fall by virtue of its own nothingness.

By impersonalizing evil in that way, we have found that most of the claims yield quickly and thoroughly, because we have not touched a person, we have not tried to change a person or psychologize a person, we have known the truth, which is that all evil is a belief in two powers. All evil is this carnal mind operating hypnotically, to make us believe in a million different kinds of sin and disease and death and lack and limitation. And therefore, whether the claim is brought to us by a Jones or a Smith or a Brown is of no importance. Whether the claim that is brought to us is cancer or consumption or polio or unemployment or unhappy home relationships, is of no importance. What is of importance is this: We know that God constitutes individual being, your being and mine. And we know that any discord claiming presence is but the operation of this belief in two powers, this carnal mind, which having no God-ordination, no God-authority, no God-foundation, is no thing and no person and no condition and no presence and no law. And this nullifies the belief in two powers, and thereby nullifies any specific appearing of that universal belief.

Q:  Allegorical parts in the Old Testament have been referred to by teachers and then later commented upon as though they were physical facts. With God all things are possible. Would like to know your concept regarding the miracles of Jesus, such as feeding the multitudes, walking on the water, and changing the water into wine. Were these physical facts?

A:  They could well have been. They could have been. It was possible then and it is possible now to perform many of these things, but they are not necessary. They’re not necessary for us to do now; they weren’t necessary then, except perhaps as an exhibition to the ignorant. When spiritual illumination takes place in an individual, it brings with it a knowledge of the operation of physical and mental laws. And such an individual then can make use of these physical and mental laws to bring about any of the phenomena described in the Bible. In the Orient there are people who utilize these powers of the mind for these purposes, and even to this day are able to walk on flaming coals, are able to produce forms of matter out of the air, but none of this is what you would call a spiritual thing; it is mental. In the first place, it was accomplished by men of spiritual illumination to whom these secrets of matter and mind had been revealed. Later, the practice of developing one’s mental powers came about, so that many perform these things now through the power of the mind, who have no spiritual background whatsoever.

The performing of any of these is not necessarily an evidence of spiritual development. And yet, those who attain inner illumination through the knowledge gained of the operation of material and mental laws can accomplish them. This is the same thing with such feats as leaving the body, traveling invisibly to other parts of the world. All of this can be done. Anyone who has attained spiritual illumination can do it if they so desire. But there are thousands of people who can do it who have no single trace of spirituality, because they have learned how to control mental or physical phenomena mentally. So the answer is, all of those things could well have been, but it does not necessarily mean that they did take place as physical phenomena.

Q:  About supply; things and money, please explain, “Your heavenly Father knoweth what things ye have need of, even before you ask them.”

A:  This does not literally mean that God knows that we have need of an automobile. If God knew that, I am sure our ancestors would have had automobiles, because their need for them was as great as ours. I’m sure that God knows nothing about our need for wireless telegraphy, because if he did, there is no reason why we shouldn’t have had wireless telegraphy centuries ago. The meaning of your heavenly Father knoweth what things ye have need of before you ask them is this: If you will translate that word “Father” into “the divine consciousness of me … my inner consciousness,” you will understand then, that as the Father, that is the universal, divine, spiritual consciousness, becomes individualized as my individual consciousness; It is the substance of all form. It is the substance of all form.

Therefore, the substance of all necessary to my life from the cradle to the grave is embodied within my consciousness. And in the realization of this, “opening out a way for the imprisoned splendor to escape,” this spirit or spiritual consciousness flows into my outer experience, and because of our conditioning it appears as the form needed at the moment. It is I, Joel, who condition this flowing substance. In other words, if I am standing at the Red Sea and my need is to get across, my very own divine, spiritual consciousness is the substance of all that is necessary to get me across. But it is I who am knowing “This sea must open,” or “I must get on the other side,” and this consciousness flows as that particular form. It is I, perhaps, who know it is meal time, and therefore this substance appears outwardly as cakes baked on the stones, or the ravens bringing food, or the poor widow sharing.

It is not that God knows my need for food or an automobile; it is that God is my consciousness, and my consciousness is the substance of all form. And had I needed transportation in the last century, it would have come forth probably as a horse, or a horse and carriage or a horse and sleigh. But in this century it doesn’t come forth that way, it comes forth as an automobile or a seat on an airplane. The consciousness is the same; the form it assumes is the conditioning which I bring to the divine substance.