1961 San Diego Special Class                                          Photo By Inez Soares
Joel S. Goldsmith
400A – The Essence of The Infinite Way Part One 2/4 , 

In the very instant that you accept, even intellectually, even before you have an inner realization or revelation, but from the moment you accept, even intellectually, that there cannot be an infinite God and some other power, from that moment on you are lessening the power of evil in your experience. Because it is this universal belief in two powers that appears to you as a desire for sin or a desire for false appetite or unemployment or infection or contagion. That is why in our work we do not treat effects. To treat an effect would make of us a form of materia medica. Whether on the material or mental level, it would still be materia medica if we treated it from the standpoint of the effect. We do not in our work ever concern ourselves with the effect. You may say, “It’s heart or liver or lungs or paralysis or insanity.” That is nothing to us, because we know where it originated, how it started, and how it can be stopped.

It started in a universal belief in two powers. This belief in two powers is so widespread that it is virtually hypnotic, and it appears, this universal belief in two powers, in infinite forms. And it appears to one as a continuous poverty, and to another one as continuous disease, one different one after another. To another one as unhappy human relationships. But behind every single bit of it is this belief in two powers. Now the very moment that you know this truth that God is spirit, and therefore the only power is spiritual power, and that which is universally accepted as material or mental power is non-power, you begin the eradication of sin, disease, death, lack, and limitation, or old age in your experience. Because there isn’t even an aging process in the world. Even the aging process is one of human belief, and you can begin to nullify that when you’re sixteen years of age, if you like or twenty or thirty or fifty or eighty. But at any moment that you begin to realize there cannot be an immortal life and an aging process, there cannot be the power of eternal life and the power of an aging process, you have begun to eliminate the aging process from your mind, the only place that it exists.

Now, in this same way, every one of us every day is confronted with a claim, a belief, an appearance, of law. It may be some law of matter, it may be some mental law, just like, infection and contagion is a law, the product of a law; epidemics are products of law. If you understand God to be the lawgiver, the only law there can be is a spiritual law, and your realization of this immediately begins to nullify what is called material and mental law. Your knowing this truth … Ah yes, let me interrupt myself to remind you that we do not know the truth about man in our work. We do not know the truth about you. We do not know the truth about a human being. Our prayer and treatment work is knowing the truth about Truth, knowing the truth about God. Therefore, if God is spirit, and if God is the lawgiver, then the only real law must be a spiritual law, and this of course, must be a law of life, continuity, immortality, eternality, a law of resurrection. As you know this truth and automatically realize then, this universal belief of two laws or three laws, material laws and mental laws, this is dissolved in your consciousness. A thousand may still fall at your left, and ten thousand at your right. It will not come nigh your dwelling place if you are knowing this truth.

And so it is then, as you go through the entire scope of our writings, you will find how, in every walk of life, in every phase of life, you are being confronted with “twoness” or duality, meaning a belief in two powers, two selves, two lives, two stratas of existence. And yet the truth is, Hear Oh Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. And that one is spirit. That one is infinite, that one is omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence, and beside this one, God, infinite good, there is none besides.

Now, this belief in two powers, as I have said, because of its universal nature is so powerful that it acts hypnotically, and Paul in summing up the nature of the one evil that confronts all of us, called it the carnal mind. And we sometimes use that term, the carnal mind. And by that term we mean this universal belief in two powers. We don’t mean that there is an actual mind called a carnal mind; there is no such thing. But just to shorten this universal belief in two powers, we call it the carnal mind. It can be called mortal mind; it means the same thing. It means a universal belief in a power which isn’t a power.

In other words, when you see mortal mind or carnal mind, not as an enemy, not as something to be overcome or destroyed, not as something you have to protect yourself from, but when you see carnal mind or mortal mind as a universal belief in two powers, and you don’t believe in two powers, you have already overcome the carnal mind and its effects, at least in the degree of your realization.

Q:  Since the healer must not think about the patient, why or how is the patient, and not somebody else, get benefited.”

A:  It is in this wise. When the Centurion brought his servant to the Master for healing, remember the servant was a far way off, and the Centurion, with spiritual vision, said that it wasn’t necessary for the Master to go to the servant, merely send his word. And the servant was healed in that self-same hour. When you ask a practitioner for help, you have brought yourself to that practitioner’s consciousness, and whatever takes place in that practitioner’s consciousness becomes the law unto your being and your body and your affairs. It is in effect as if you gave yourself over to the consciousness of the practitioner, and now his consciousness or hers, becomes the law unto your experience.

This is why in our work I have cautioned our students not to go into the work of the practice until they are absolutely certain that their consciousness has been made ready for the experience. Because when you invite someone into your consciousness, be sure that your consciousness is the light of truth, and then they are blessed. It has been discovered that you can enter the consciousness of the mind, and find that that mind can be used for you, for good or for evil. But you cannot enter the consciousness of one who is not using the mind in the spiritual practice, without benefiting. But then the individual acting as practitioner must have risen above personal sense to the degree that they want nothing of you, that there is nothing personal in their ministry, that they are not being influenced by any personal motives or reasons, but that they are living and moving and having their own being in this spiritual light.

And then, as you enter their consciousness, that light, which is their knowledge of one power, their knowledge of one presence, their awareness of spiritual reality, this becomes the law unto you, and you have brought it to yourself by reaching out to their consciousness, whereas the person sitting next to you, standing next to you, who has not reached out, is not in contact with it. And of course the illustration of that is your radio. If your radio is tuned in to a station, you get what is on that station, but if you have a radio sitting right next to it that is not tuned in to that station, it may be just as good a radio, but it will not receive the program. The tuning in is the secret. Therefore, you go to the practitioner, make yourself a part of that practitioner’s consciousness, and receive the light of wisdom, of spiritual truth, from that practitioner, and it becomes the law unto your affairs.

If you bring your child or your parent, your husband, your wife, your dog or cat or bird to the practitioner, that makes them at one with the practitioner’s consciousness, and therefore they benefit. The reason that children and animals and birds respond better than adults is—I’m speaking of an adult who has not themselves asked for help—the adult has, of course, the prerogative of tuning out, of keeping himself out of attunement, by refusing inwardly the benefits of spiritual help. And so it is that for the best results, there must be a yielding of oneself to the practitioner, to spiritual help.