1962 London Special Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
496A – Mind Is a Transparency 4/4

So you will receive messages that have never been heard before, you will receive messages that haven’t been heard for centuries. Some of our students who were with me at the time, still have tapes in which I told them, that Jesus was a member of the Essenes, and that his teaching came from the Essenes, and at that time the Dead Sea Scrolls had not been discovered. Now we have the books published that that’s exactly where his teaching came from; that’s where he came from; that’s where he was ordained. That came to me inwardly. It wasn’t printed anywhere; you can’t read it anywhere except in books published since then.

We can know anything that has to do with the past, the present, or the future. That doesn’t mean that we should waste time trying to find out if we were a king 3000 years ago, or a queen at the court, or … but anything of the nature of truth, we can bring forth as well as anyone else. There is no one of us set apart to be truth teachers. To some extent, everyone can bring forth truth from within their own consciousness. Not all equally, because our background has something to do with it … how long we’ve been on the path, how many generations we’ve been on the path, what previous training we’ve had. But to some extent everyone who has been led to a truth teaching is already prepared to receive truth. But where will you receive it? “The kingdom of God is within you!”

It is only then as you learn not to take thought, but to be still, that you will receive these impartations from within. Some of them will be messages, some will only be impulses, some will only be feelings, but all will have some definite fruitage in your life.

One thing is certain, from the time when you begin to contact the source of your life, the source of your wisdom, which is infinite divine consciousness, your real divine selfhood or Christhood. From the moment you begin to contact that, It begins to feed you and clothe you and house you and instruct you, guide you, maintain you, protect you. It does that … I live yet not I. This inner self, this greater self—He that is within me that is greater than he that is in the world, the God self, the Christ self, the spiritual self, the divine self—this it is then that appears outwardly. And the beautiful part is that our mind plays such a tremendous function in it all. It is through the mind that we become aware of these truths. And the mind becomes a reflector, and our outer world takes on the nature of the truth that is being reflected.

Now, as long as I acknowledge an “I, myself,” as long as I acknowledge an invisible an incorporeal mind, and keep that mind filled with truth, if there is anything wrong with my brain, that will correct it; if there is anything wrong with my body, that will correct it. There is the modus operandi: I know the truth. I know the truth in and through my mind; and, that truth which I know in my mind becomes the very essence and substance of my body.

Now there is a reason for it: mind is the substance of the body. Mind is not something separate and apart from the body. Mind is the essence and substance of the body. Therefore, whatever I impart to my mind, the body shows forth. Now the most outstanding example that you’ll understand quickly is that if I fill my mind with pornography, my body will begin to feel lustful. Am I right? Of course I … you know that. If I fill my mind with filth, the body will be uncomfortable. Now you know that you can’t avoid that. Well you try the opposite, and fill the mind with spiritual truth, and see how harmonious the body becomes, how peaceful and how much at rest.

It really doesn’t make any difference whether you sleep or not. Sleep is not an activity of God; it is an activity of death. It is the next thing to unconsciousness. Therefore, sleep isn’t a necessity except as a universal belief. Rest is a necessity, but you can rest by filling your mind with spiritual truth. And as you do, your body comes to rest, comes to peace. It may bring on sleep, it may not, but we have witnessed in this work how little sleep you really need when the mind is imbued with spiritual truth. Because, whatever the nature of the substance you fill your mind with, that is what your body responds to.

Now that is the secret of a metaphysical treatment. If a practitioner declares the truth about God, man and body, and law and substance, you have a healing in your body: whether it’s a cold that’s removed or a fever that’s removed or a cancer that’s removed or insanity that’s removed. What does the removing? Somebody prayed. Yes, but what does it mean “somebody prayed?” Somebody filled their mind with truth. What is a treatment except knowing the truth? Therefore, a practitioner that fills their mind with spiritual truth is bringing healing to their own body, and to the bodies of those who turn to them for help.

That is why, mental healing can be a very successful thing, as well as spiritual healing. It can be; there have been some very wonderful mental healers. But, they kept their mind imbued with truth. They were men of moral integrity; they were men of spiritual integrity, but they worked exclusively with knowing the truth. And they did beautiful healing work.

That is all that is necessary for healing, really, is that the mind be filled with truth and kept filled with truth. Not for a fifteen minute treatment or twenty minute treatment. The days and the nights must be filled … praying without ceasing, knowing the truth without ceasing, until your life is just an automatic living of truth, and holding it up to every appearance out here.

Now, when you begin to look on all discords as not being things or conditions, as being merely appearances, that’s when your fine healing work begins. If you think you have a disease to overcome, or a condition to overcome, you will never be a really fine healer.

You have got to learn that whether it’s unemployment, or insanity, or cancer, or consumption, don’t treat those as conditions, treat them as appearances, or suggestions, and then let them hit up against your mind that is imbued with truth, and you’ll start to do healing work even before you are reborn. But your rebirth will come about more quickly, and the more you can hold to the truth, and let these appearances hit up against it without doing battle with them. Don’t you do battle with the appearances! You let the appearances hit up against your mind that is imbued with truth; the appearances will dissolve.

You go out and try to do something to them; you’ll get enmeshed in them, because you’re accepting them as real—whereas they are not real. If they were real, you couldn’t heal them. If God made them, you couldn’t unmake them. Be assured that what God hath made, no man’s going to put asunder.

And it is only because God never made sin; God never made disease; God never made lack. It is for this reason that you can feel completely free within yourself to give yourself a guarantee that these are going to disappear out of your life in proportion as you can maintain these spiritual principles in your consciousness; hold them in your mind, and let yourself be reborn of truth, of Spirit.

Well, you know we have had a class such as none we’ve ever had here in England or, I think, any place else on the globe. And, I feel very free in saying that I don’t think you’re going to get the utmost out of this class unless you hear it, two or three or four times. So I think that, the more you can make arrangements to hear these tapes somewhere or other, the better it is going to be for you.

Now, you’ve had the benefit of the class, and you’ve paid for the class, and now all you have to do is to live it over two, three, or four or five times so as to get the utmost from it; because, we have taken up principles here this trip in a way that is somewhat different.

Thank you for this trip.