1962 London Special Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
496A – Mind Is a Transparency 3/4

Now when you see this, can you not almost see your mind out here as a beautiful, clear, empty transparency, just waiting for what you’re going to fill it with? And, obedient … it’ll take on all the evil that you want to give it, it’ll take on all the good that you want to give it. It’ll mix the two together for you if you like, then you’ll be a human being … a combination of good and evil.

You are only divine, when you have emptied yourself of the universal belief in two powers, or a personal selfhood that you’re trying to aggrandize—make it richer or make it wealthier or make it famous. When you get rid of that, and realize that the selfhood that you really are is God, it doesn’t need any glamorizing, it doesn’t need any public adulation; it doesn’t need any public fame. You’re already I and the Father are one, more than that you can’t be.

And any movie star’ll tell you, what a farce it is to get famous. Of course, you sell your birthright for a mess of pottage, when you let yourself become famous and have the world chase after you, because it’s got a crown in one hand and a cross in the other. Don’t think it’ll ever be satisfied until you mount that cross. Every champion has discovered that as soon as he’s champion they begin cheering the other fellow. Everyone wants the champion to get knocked out. It’s, it … oh, oh it’s the preacher, “all is vanity, all is vanity” saith the preacher. It really is, because you’ve got that which is beyond price, you’ve got your true identity as God-being, and more than that you can’t have. And you’re far better to have it secretly, silently, sacredly, than to make a public display of it.

And the same way, you have a mind, and it’s a beautiful instrument, a beautiful transparency, it’ll take anything you give it. Now you keep it filled with one power, so that every appearance out here of two powers, you’re holding up your mind and saying, “No, I accept God-Spirit, as the only power.”

Oh, the word law. We have legal law, we have material law, we have mental law. You stand up there and say, “No, I don’t accept them. God is law, and God is spirit—all law is spiritual.” As you do, you’ll be dying to your fears about other laws, and you’ll be reborn in the consciousness of one law.

Now, you will discover some time or other, that there are some people who are pretty weak, mentally, and, it isn’t difficult for you to dominate them, or take advantage of them, or get them in your control. Just remember this, “as ye sow so shall ye reap.” Don’t forget this: when you use a power for personal gain, for personal self, you’re selling your birthright. It’s the error of the Black Brotherhoods.

Now you know, it is one of the great blessings of metaphysics, and I name them all …  Christian Science, Unity, New Thought. It is one of the great blessings of metaphysics; there have been very, very few who have learned about mind, who have ever in these movements used it for a destructive or evil purpose. If you study the history of these movements, you’ll be surprised how little anyone has ever used the power of mind.

And you know the reason—because in every one of these movements, the word God comes in. If you ever separate the word God from mind science, you’re going to have psychology and psychiatry. And then you’re going to be in trouble because there’s no morals.

But in these movements, there are morals because we have God. God isn’t mind; God isn’t a power, I mean mind isn’t a power, but mind is a perfect transparency for you. And, you keep your mind imbued with spiritual truth, spiritual harmony, and you’ll soon find that, not only your mind is a blessing, but the mind of everyone within range of you becomes a blessing.

For this reason in The Infinite Way, we have books full of principles which I call the letter of truth. You have to learn these, you have to work with these, but above all, you have to practice them.

And now you’ll understand better why I say to you over and over again, “don’t think that by reading these books or hearing the tapes that you’re going into heaven.” These are only the steps, the stepping stones; these are only the tools that you use for getting into heaven. It’s what you take into your consciousness that gets you into heaven: it is the truth that you practice that gets you into heaven.

Take these truths, keep your mind filled with them, and let your old self die—that self that fears negative powers, that self that has selfhood apart from God; that self that does not acknowledge its divinity. Let that die, and let there be reborn as you, this individual who knows, I and my Father are one. All that the Father hath is mine; place whereon I stand is holy ground; here where I am, God is. And this is one. Besides this truth, there is no other power.

Then you’ll witness how the power of grace begins to work in your experience. Because, now you’re not working through the power of thought, you’re working through truth. Not thought … truth! Truth itself in your consciousness is doing the work, not your thought about truth. You can think about God from now till doomsday, that isn’t going to benefit you. It is when you bring God right to your consciousness and acknowledge, “I and God are one; this divine selfhood of my being is God”, you are practicing the presence of God. Now you’re experiencing God, you’re not thinking about God, you’re experiencing God.

You see why it is taught that there is only one mind. There is only one mind. There is one universal mind. But you watch what change takes place in your life, from the moment that you accept this one universal mind as a pure instrument, a reflector of what you hold in consciousness. Hold a lie in your mind, and you’ll get “two times two is five,” and a jail sentence too. Hold truth in your consciousness, and you watch the harmony that you bring forth in your experience.

But you see there is a “you,” and you are the important part of the demonstration. Your mind isn’t the important part; “you” are the important part … “choose ye this day.” See, your mind can’t choose, you choose, and then you hold in your mind the truth so that it becomes a reflector, a transparency for your experience.

That is why, when we are in meditation, this ear is open as if we expected to audibly hear. Now, we don’t keep the ear open for that purpose, it is only symbolic of the inner ear that is attuned to God. Well now you see, I’m not thinking anything, I’m not using thoughts; I’m keeping my mind a clear transparency to receive God’s thoughts. Do you remember scripture, “My thoughts are not your thoughts. My ways are not your ways.” Remember that? It isn’t your thought that adds a cubit to you; it isn’t your thought that makes a white hair black. But, be receptive to that which comes from the depth within you, “When He utters His voice, the earth melteth.”

So it is when you are in meditation, you will first work with certain statements of truth, this helps to settle your mind into a listening attitude; then, “Speak Lord, Thy servant heareth.” And now your mind is all set to receive whatever grace, whatever message, whatever impulse, whatever feeling God has for you. And then you’ll find, that you are receiving God’s thoughts, God’s words, God’s truth. Sometimes there’ll be messages, entirely different than any you have ever read.

I can remember as if it were yesterday, a day more than twenty-five years ago, when I sat in my office and in meditation heard the voice say, “Mind is not God!” If you don’t think that was a shock. Never have I come across that in any of the literature of the world, never. Well, being a metaphysical practitioner, you know right well it was shocking, because right there, mind was God. And I first told it to a few people who I thought would agree with me. You can imagine the amount of agreement I got. Dare to say that mind isn’t God!

But as I continued meditating, it followed it up … “Mind is an instrument.” I think tonight I, I have almost proven it to you. I don’t know how I could present it to you in any other way to show you, except, the greater proof will come, as you yourself work with it, and find out that you receive in your mind these truths, you hold these truths in your mind, you let your mind be the transparency, and then watch the reflection in your outer life of these truths.