1962 London Special Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
496A – Mind Is a Transparency 2/4

Now then, think of yourself sitting back here, and you have a mind. If you keep your mind imbued with truth, if you keep your mind imbued with motives of love, of sharing, of giving—not of getting, not of taking, not of dominating. If you keep your mind imbued with love, with truth, with life, with peace, with an unselfedness, you are reaping life eternal, immortality, eternality. If you imbue your mind with selfishness, greed, lust, animality, doubts, fears—you’re just laying up corruption for your own experience; because after all, you are the one deciding.

Now remember, this choice is not given to the man out there on the street, because there’s no one out there teaching him that he has this choice. No one out there … well to begin with, he himself isn’t ready to receive the teaching, or he’d be inside instead of outside.

Now, in the beginning of our spiritual life, usually when we’re on the metaphysical path, you are taught this in every one of the teachings, whether it’s Christian Science, Unity, or New Thought: that you are to keep your mind stayed on truth, imbued with truth, you are to hold to truth; as fast as possible drop the negative aspects of life, and hold always to the spiritual truth.

Now, it isn’t your mind that’s power, it’s “you” that’s the power. You are the one imbuing your mind and then your outer life is going to show forth what you fill your mind with.

The mind itself is like a pane of glass … a pane of glass is not a power, but it is a transparency that lets in the light. It isn’t a power that creates light; it doesn’t cause light; it doesn’t even give light. It’s just a transparency though which light shines. And so is your mind. Your mind is the transparency which expresses or reflects what you give to your mind.

Now, if you accept the metaphysical principles of keeping the mind stayed on God, on truth; if you hold to the positive side of life, and let the negative side gradually be weaned out of you, be taken from you from disuse, you will discover first of all, that you yourself govern your life, your mind, your body. But, you do more than this: you are preparing yourself. Because eventually the day comes, when you’ll discover, that you are not thinking any thoughts at all, you are receiving thoughts from way down deep within you. You aren’t creating thoughts, you aren’t manufacturing thoughts, you are receiving thoughts. And that is where the “I” comes in, the “I” that is God.

Now, you’ll understand when Paul says, I live yet not I, Christ liveth my life. He means that he is now receiving life and instructions, dominion and government from this transcendental, this invisible selfhood. The mind is still carrying out the instructions, only instead of Joel giving the mind the instructions, they are now coming through from the deeper Joel, the “I” that I really am. Then I can say, “I’m not really doing any right thinking.” As a matter of fact, I’m not doing any thinking—thoughts are appearing, thoughts are coming to me.

Just think if I were to claim that I sat down and thought up all these messages in The Infinite Way, what you would be thinking. You don’t really believe there’s a man on the face of the earth, smart enough to think up these things. You know better than that. They must come from a deeper source than any man, book taught or not book taught, they must come from a deeper source. And they do.

Now, one of the steps leading up to living by grace, rather than by taking thought, is this very act of keeping thought imbued with truth. As you know from every one of the writings, I make it clear that we never outgrow the letter of truth. We never outgrow the knowledge of truth: we always must have that as a rock and a foundation.

That is why, in spiritual healing…you know there are many wonderful spiritual healers, and they don’t know what heals or how, and when they stop healing, their work will not be carried on for they have no way of developing healers, they have no way of teaching others how to attain spirituality. They’ll merely come and they’ll go.

This cannot happen if you know the truth. That is why the church today is so interested in the messages that we have. They have some good spiritual healers, but they have no teachers because they have no teachings; they have no principles on which to develop the healing consciousness.

Now, here is what happens … if you are holding to one power. Let us just use this principle for a moment, “one power.” Now out here in the world they are saying that Russia is a power, and over here they are saying that flu is a power, and over here they are saying the weather is a power. But you are holding fast in your mind to this truth, “God is the only power.” “God is Spirit”, therefore Spirit is the only power. If Spirit is the only power, weather can’t be a power, flu can’t be a power, germs can’t be a power, bullets can’t be a power, evil men can’t be a power. Only Spirit is a power.

Now remember, you are holding to this intellectually. You are instructing your mind, as it were, and you are causing your mind to hold to this “one power.” Ah, but do you know what is happening? You are molding your consciousness anew, and one of these days you won’t have to hold to “one power”, automatically any other power that comes in front of your gaze, you will smile at. You’ll smile at it; because, to you it will not be a power, and you won’t even have to deny it by holding your mind to “one power!”

Now remember that it has to be a “you.” Your mind can’t choose to do this … you must choose. And you must hold your mind to the principle of one power, and every time the suggestion of another power is presented to you, you answer it, “no, no, I have accepted God as the only power.” And you hold it and hold it, and you are building your consciousness anew. You are dying to the belief in two powers, and you are being reborn into the consciousness of one power. All right.

Let us take another principle which we employ in The Infinite Way, and that is “one self.” God is infinite selfhood, God is my selfhood, God is your selfhood. There is only one self.

All right. Now you take that principle, but remember your mind can’t take it; it must be you that takes it. And you keep it in your mind, and then every time somebody talks about a bad selfhood, a dangerous selfhood, an insane selfhood, you come back with, “But there is only one selfhood, and I am that self.”

I am, God is… and you hold that in your mind against every appearance out here of a male self and a female self, and a poor self and a rich self, and a sick self and a dying self. And hold to “I and my Father are one” and that’s the only self. This constitutes my self and your self, and therefore there is but one self. Then you have a story like this newspaper article—a healing of insanity, or a healing of bad temper, or a healing of something else.

But remember, your mind couldn’t decide on any of this. You used your mind to hold this truth against the appearance, and as you did, you died to the belief of many selfhoods, and you are reborn into the consciousness of one selfhood.

So … supply. The whole of universal belief is that supply is out here, and we work for it, lie for it, cheat for it, if we can’t get it any other way, we pray to God for it. But the truth is, “I am supply! I am the meat and the wine and the water. I have meat the world knows not of.

Now you know if my mind knew this, well we just wouldn’t be here receiving instruction. The mind is ignorant of this, until we receive this instruction. Now we receive this instruction, and we hold it in the mind. We keep our mind imbued with this truth that “I am supply. I am the way. I am the meat the wine and the water. I have meat.”

Now, I know that tomorrow the temptation comes, “Well you haven’t enough for this, you haven’t …”, but I answer, “Wait a minute, wait a minute. I’m not judging by appearances, I am now judging by the truth.” And the truth is I have meat the world knows not of, and I have twelve baskets full left over. And I hold that; that becomes imbued so in my mind that I’m dying to the belief of lack, and I’m being reborn into the consciousness of omnipresent abundance.

Many people wonder why, they have a demonstration of supply, then maybe next year another demonstration of supply, and another one … why isn’t it permanent? The reason it isn’t permanent, you haven’t attained the consciousness of it; you’ve merely had a demonstration of it by some temporary right thought of your own or the benefit of somebody else’s consciousness, but you haven’t got the attained consciousness of supply.

The same way, you can go on being sick every year and have a healing, but it isn’t necessary. You can attain the consciousness of health. Takes a while, it takes a while because you have to die daily to the world’s belief in two powers, and you have to be reborn into this new consciousness of one power, and I am that one power. It isn’t a power that acts on me; it’s a power that acts through me: I am that power.