1962 London Special Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
496A – Mind Is a Transparency 1/4

Good evening.

“I am not in the body.” Now you’ve had all night to think about that, and some of you should really have a headache by now.

I am not in the body. This is going to be very essential for you to remember, more especially if you want to lose fear of your body, so that you don’t imagine that just because your body is paining you that you’re going to die. Since you’re not in the body, you don’t have to care much what happens to the body.

I learned that lesson too, through a practical experience many years ago. I noticed that as I drove in my automobile or walked on the street, that my eyes were always being attracted to mortuaries. Very strange thing, but no matter where I went it was the mortuary that hit me in the eye, and I thought that perhaps this was a little premonition.

Well, I don’t like those places, and I didn’t like the idea of dying either, and not so much for the transition part, I never did get over a dread of being buried. And, I was annoyed anyhow at this repetition of these mortuaries.

One day I went to my barber and I had a haircut and a manicure. That afternoon I was driving, and again my friends the mortuaries were there. And all of a sudden it struck me: Where is that hair that I had this morning, where are those fingernails that I had? They’re being burned up. Well now isn’t that nice, I can’t feel it, I’m not there. And you know it was very logical to me that that must be the truth about the whole body, that no matter what you did to it, I wouldn’t be there. Well this is really the truth, I am not in the body … so whatever you do to it, I won’t be there, it’ll be perfectly all right.

But at this particular moment, I would like you to bear this in mind for another reason. Probably you don’t know this, but I feel that half of all the world’s troubles today are due to the fact that they discovered psychology and psychiatry. I really feel that without those, this world would be halfway into heaven. They have so misled the world, because they never discovered the secret of mind. Here they are, two mind sciences you might say, and neither one of them know the first thing about the mind. They haven’t even suspected the truth about the mind, much more discovered it. And, if you would avoid much of the trouble that they are causing, you will have to know something about the mind.

Now, number one, let me tell you that the mind is not a power. Not only the mind isn’t a synonym for God, it isn’t an infinite power, it isn’t even a tiny little bit of a power. It isn’t any power at all. The mind is an instrument, and nothing more nor less than an instrument. It is absolutely unconditioned in its primal essence; it is neither good nor evil. It has no qualities of good or of evil. It is just an instrument given to me for my use—you, for your use.

Do you not say “my mind,” “his mind,” “her mind?” Well you couldn’t say “his God” or “her God” or “my God.” There is only one God. There is no such thing as my God, there is no such thing as your God.

Again, the mind isn’t you; otherwise you wouldn’t be saying “my mind,” “his mind,” “her mind.” But you can say my mind, your mind, his mind, her mind, because we have a mind. We don’t each have a mind of our own; there is only one, universal mind, and it is an instrument.

Now, because there is somebody called “I”, “Joel,” I can think good thoughts or I can think evil thoughts. I can think destructive thoughts, or I can think constructive thoughts, and my mind can’t do anything about it. My mind can’t stop me from thinking any kind of thoughts I want, because I am the boss. My mind has to let me use it for whatever purpose I want to use it, and if I want to use it for good, that’s what it’s going to be used for, and if I want to use it for evil, that is what it’s going to be used for.

Now, once you know this, you are in control of your own mind. You don’t have a mind running away with you. You don’t have a mind creating thoughts that you have to fear or hate. If you can say “I”, and then “my mind”, you’ve got yourself in the right position.

Supposing somebody stole a wallet and came before a judge and said, “I’m not responsible, I didn’t do it, my hands did it.” Well you know what would happen to him very quickly, because it’s nonsense: the hands cannot do what you do not direct them to do. You are in control of your hands; you are in control of your body. If you weren’t, just think what terrors would be let loose in the world if bodies could run around and do what they wanted. You govern your body, and you govern it through the mind. Because, it is the type of thinking that you do, that results in what takes place in the body.

Now, back in the ancient days of wisdom teaching, it was discovered that mind is an instrument that we can use. And it was discovered, that we can use it for good or we can use it for evil, depending on whether or not we are governed by selfishness, or self in some form.

In the White Brotherhoods, the mind was an instrument for good, and those in the White Brotherhoods were instructed in truth, and, their minds were imbued with truth, and they were a blessing to everyone. By their, by imbuing their minds with truth—they became a law of harmony unto those around them. And it was noticed, that if you maintained your thought on a high level of spiritual truth and harmony and peace and love, spiritual love, that everyone who came into your orbit felt that peace, felt blessing, felt healing.

Yes but, there were others who could not yet control their thoughts, and they discovered, that by using their mind in another way, they could have jurisdiction over people; they could control them; they could dominate them.

Out of this grew the Black Brotherhood. The Black Brotherhoods were really made up of those who had originally been in the White Brotherhood, but who couldn’t impersonalize themselves enough, to give up the desire to dominate, to get your money, to get your something or other. And, in these Black Brotherhoods, they used the mind for personal gain, personal satisfaction, personal power, personal domination. And you can see how that would be: here sits the individual back here, governing the mind and reaching out to the mind of others.

Well of course like everything else, there is a law that evildoers always neglect. They keep it well behind them for fear they may have to face it, and they don’t want to. And so by putting it behind them they can ignore it, pretend it doesn’t exist. This is the law that “as ye sow, so shall ye reap”, as ye do unto another, it shall be done unto you.

But, there are no evildoers even in this day who will agree that this is a law. How could they agree on it and keep on being evil? They know they’re predicting their own end. It’s much better to put it behind you and not look at it, and make believe it isn’t there. Then when the evil happens to you, say, “Well you know I just made a mistake, or it wouldn’t have happened.”

So it is that the White Brotherhoods flourish, under different names, and good continues to flourish. Whereas always, the Black Brotherhoods had their day and their ending, and under one name or another come to an end. Just as individuals who may not belong to an association of Black Brotherhoods, organizationally speaking, do by their action, make themselves part of Black Brotherhoods. They must inevitably end through the law of karma: “as ye sow, so shall ye reap.” And, if ye sow to the Spirit, you reap life everlasting; if you sow to the flesh, you reap corruption.