1955 Kailua Study Group
Joel S. Goldsmith
113A – Understanding the Body 2/5

Well I am going to leave it with you to ponder this idea of your Self [capital S-e-l-f] as being God’s being, life, truth, love. And go from there to the next step, which is man. Now remember that you are not man. You are life eternal. You are consciousness; you are a state of consciousness. What state of consciousness? Well close your eyes for a moment. And now notice that if you are to know anything at all, you must know it through your consciousness and that there is not a you and consciousness, that that which is a state of awareness is you. Now, if you are aware of yourself as finite personality that is your state of consciousness. If you are aware of yourself as infinity, that is your state of consciousness.

All right, how can you go from the belief of being a finite being to that of being an infinite being? Again you close your eyes and you ask yourself this. “If I want the answer to something that is back in memory, where do I get it?” I go within my own being; I go down deep, and memory gives back to me that which I want to know. Ah, supposing I require today some knowledge—the knowledge of driving an automobile or driving an airplane or the knowledge of sewing or cooking—where do I go? I go down deep into myself and I draw forth that knowledge. Now supposing I want a knowledge of something here-to-fore unknown—let us say now there are no automobiles on the road, no airplanes in the sky, no radios, no television. But we decided that there should be these things and there can be these things. Now what do we do? We go way, way back into our consciousness and gradually something begins to unfold to put us on the track of some knowledge and we find more and more and more until ultimately comes forth the entire wisdom that appears as an automobile.

Do you remember in this little book is the illustration of Marconi? All of the great scientists were spending lifetimes wanting wireless telegraphy, but not going towards the invention of it because they first must find what will enable the message to break down the resistance in the air and get through. And Marconi comes along and he knows that there is no resistance. Where did he discover there was no resistance? There wasn’t such knowledge in books. Where did he discover that? Where did Moses discover that I Am? Where did the Master discover that My kingdom is not of this world? Deep down within themselves. You say but there was no such knowledge. No but you must exist; you must acknowledge that it existed in infinity. It existed in what we call the mind of God, the soul of God. Well, dig down into the mind of God. How do you get there? Go into your own mind because that’s the only mind there is, and that is God. And you there will find all of the knowledge that is in this world and all of the knowledge that has not yet evolved in this world. There are secrets to be learned about the sun, moon, and stars and planets that man has never encompassed. But when that knowledge comes forth, where do you think it is going to come forth from? From the consciousness of an individual. He’s going to find it deep down within himself, and bring it forth and write it in a book for us to read. Don’t you know that? Don’t you know that all knowledge has been found within the consciousness of an individual? Then the consciousness of an individual is infinity. And we call that God.

Truth is within ourselves, according to Browning; we must “open out a way for the Imprisoned Splendor to escape.” The truth is infinite. Well then ourselves must be infinite. Now can you imagine Infinite being sitting around trying to demonstrate supply, health, companionship, and home when Self is the source of these? So the secret of life then is right identification. Are you life or are you an effect of life? Are you the little oranges on the tree, or are you the life force that produces oranges on your tree? That right identification changes your life the very minute that you begin to embody it. The moment you begin to accept I Am life eternal; I don’t have to go out and get knowledge in a book. That won’t make me life eternal. I don’t have to go to man whose breath is in his nostril to learn something that will give me more life, youth, or vitality. No. If I must go, I must go only for one purpose and that is to learn that I already am that which I am seeking. That which I am seeking I am. All that God is, I am. Why? The I and the Father are one, and I am is that one. And when you say I am, you are declaring that. Now that doesn’t make your humanhood God. That makes your humanhood die so that only God is left.

Now then, the moment we realize that I am life eternal, that I am pure spirit, pure consciousness, we come to the next great thing: What about this body? And there we find the mystery that has not here-to-fore not been explained. Nowhere in any of the literature of the world has it been explained. It came to light in my consciousness during the class in Portland, Oregon. It just came flowing out by inspiration. I knew nothing about it until that minute when it poured out, and all of the passages of scripture that poured out with it, I wasn’t consciously aware even of knowing. And the tape recorder didn’t work. But one of our students had made notes. And those notes I took to Seattle and spent the night in prayer just as I did last night, and the next day the message came through. And we will have it in just a few minutes.

Now let us remember this: If I am at all, then I must be embodied, which means I must have a body. I cannot exist as just a cloud drifting in the air, and even if I were a cloud drifting in the air that would have form and body too. But I do have body. I am embodied. And my body, we learn in scripture, is the temple of the living God. Now, think a moment of conception, conception of a child, and follow it along for three or four months until it becomes a perfect human form—infant form. But it has no life; it is just a dangling piece of flesh in the mother’s body. Whatever of life it has is the life of the mother; not its own life. But somewhere along in that fifth month, the form itself becomes imbued with life. There is a certain minute when it’s a lifeless form and the next minute when it is a kicking, lively form. And it is in that second that it has life of its own. Now which is the child? That body or that life? It couldn’t be the body because that body was nothing but lifeless flesh. It wasn’t any more life than an appendix is life. It was just an appendage in the mother’s form. But in a certain instant, life came. Now life is that baby. Not the form, but life. But that baby had form before the physical form awakened to life because it had to have a form in order to transmit itself.

And so the life of the babe was invisible and its form was invisible, and then in a split second it took visible form and upon birth we could behold it. Even before birth the mother was aware of it as a living form, as a live body, as a live being, as a baby. But we only became aware of it after its birth then we beheld it as a living form. But as life, it existed before conception. Where, how? That is not given to us to know at this present moment, but we do know that somewhere, somehow, life existed and at a certain moment it became visible to our awareness. Then as we look at that infant form, we can say, “Aha, that isn’t your life because I remember when life wasn’t there. So this isn’t you. This is your form.” There is a you separate and apart from this form. And there is a you that has form invisible to my sight. Now we have right identification because we know now that this infant actually is life, or life constitutes this infant and this life had form that could transmit itself. And so we know now that that which we are viewing as body represents our view or our concept of that body. And mothers have been known to say that it was a beautiful baby too. There really are no beautiful babies when they are born, but the mother doesn’t know that because she is looking at it through different eyes than we are. She is seeing her concept of her baby, and we are just seeing our concept of baby—period.