Photograph by Inez Soares.

1955 Kailua Study Group
Joel S. Goldsmith
113A – Understanding the Body 1/5

Good morning. That hasn’t been said enthusiastically by me this morning because I was too eager to get started. I wasn’t interested in good morning.

Only once in a great while does a thing like this happen—that I have been up virtually all night with the subject that we are going to take up today. It’s well rehearsed in my thought, well worked out, and it could be that this may be the most important lesson you have ever heard in the message of The Infinite Way. I know that it will be if you understand it, if you grasp it. If you don’t grasp it, make some provision for studying it afterward, because there is no subject more important.

I might say to you that there is no literature outside of The Infinite Way in all the world I have ever discovered that covers this subject. It is one of the deep mysteries of philosophical and spiritual literature, and the reason is that trying to understand it with the intellect makes it an absolute impossibility to arrive at a satisfactory understanding because the subject deals with contradictions. Not only contradictions but contradictions in scripture as you will see. And nobody that has tried to figure it out with the mind, with reason, with the intellect has been able to come to any satisfactory conclusion.

Now before we come to that, we will lead up to it by going back to the book, The Infinite Way. As I watch the work unfold in this message, it seems strange to me at times, or I make very little comment about it, that so little actual study is given to the book, The Infinite Way. It is read, and it makes its impression, and students go back to it occasionally and read some more, but I doubt that there are many who know that practically every paragraph in this entire book is a metaphysical and spiritual text upon which a whole book could be written. That this book, as small as it is, contains everything that we know up to date on the subject of spiritual unfoldment, spiritual living, and spiritual healing. Not a word can be added to this book, or perhaps I should say not a word has been ever been added to this book. There isn’t a single word in all the writings that isn’t originally in this one book. The only thing is that sometimes it is in this book in one sentence, and then appears later as a ten thousand or twenty-five thousand word book. But it’s the same sentence; it’s the same statement; it’s the same truth, which could have been found in its pure essence and each one work out for themselves instead of having to read another book about it.

Now, you will remember as I call it to your attention that The Infinite Way writings declare that the secret of life lies in right identification. That is the knowing our true identity, the knowing who I am or what I am. All of the error in the world, all of the sin, disease, death, lack, and limitation in the world is based only on one ignorance and that is ignorance of our identity—not knowing who I am or what I am.

Now of course in this book, The Infinite Way, the subject is treated quickly, briefly, and with just a statement here and there because it becomes necessary for an individual, for a student, to follow that through to its ultimate conclusion—not for somebody to put it into words for them because then they’d be living on words instead of inner individual unfoldment. Also, as this book came through, it came through in such a manner so as not to shock the world into just disregarding it. And so you must naturally expect that ideas are softened here, which when you examine them you say, “Do you really mean that that’s what it means?” And I do. I mean exactly that.

Now here is a chapter “Metaphysical Healing.” “Healings are always in proportion to our understanding of the truth about God, man, idea, body.” Well of course, there is just one sentence. But as far as I am concerned, I don’t know how you could spend less than a year on that one sentence. I don’t know how you could possibly not write that sentence out, put it up on the mirror, carry a copy in the purse, and then, regardless of what you are reading for the next year, see what it has to say about God, man, idea, body.

You see, if we knew the truth about God and man, the truth about idea and body would quickly reveal themselves, because no one who hears these words will ever find their freedom until they know that they are not man. As long as the belief exists, consciously or unconsciously or sub-consciously within you, that you are man, you will be seeking a God and there isn’t any to be found. The search for the Holy Grail has been a search for God. Always it has been fruitless; always it has been a failure until the individual came home broke in health, broke in mind, broke in body, broke in purse, and there discovered it hanging right up on their own tree or buried in their own garden—in other words, within their own being.

Now in the chapter “Supply” in this book, I gave the secret, but evidently too few of our students have connected up that secret with the whole of being. In the illustration of the orange tree, I showed that the oranges do not constitute supply. I don’t care how many oranges there are and I don’t care how few oranges there are. That has nothing to do with supply. An orange or any other fruit on a tree, is the product of a life-force at work. So the supply is the life-force and the oranges but the fruitage or result or product of the supply. You could have a year without oranges, but that wouldn’t mean you were without supply. You could give away your oranges, you could throw them away, and you wouldn’t be without supply because the life-force is at work instantly reproducing, so at most you would have a temporary absence of the result of supply, or product of supply, or fruit of supply.

Now coming back to our identity: Who am I? What am I? And you will find that you are not that which can be supplied; you are supply. You are the law of life operating. I am the life; I am life eternal; I am the life, the way, the truth; I am the bread, the wine, the meat. Do you not see that everyone including our own students have been trying to demonstrate meat, wine, water, house, health, when I am these? I am the life of my body. I cannot get life; I cannot get health; I cannot get supply; I cannot get youth; I cannot get vitality. I am the way, the truth, the life.

Now as man, we would have something to get, and we would have something to get it from. We would be eternally seeking a God somewhere to get something for us, to give something. But all of the way back to Moses it was realized I Am that very I Am. I Am It, and because of Moses’ realization of I Am, or Moses’ realization that I Am, he was enabled to bring forth a cloud by day, a pillar of fire by night, manna from the sky; water from the rock, safety and security for his people, all by the realization…. What set Moses apart from his people? They were seeking something from I Am and he was knowing that I Am that I Am. What set Jesus apart from his multitude? They were seeking to be fed, and he knew he could feed them. They were seeking to be healed, but he knew that I Am life eternal, and that that was their relationship to God, that was their true identity.

Well there is one tiny sentence in this book that says you must know that you are cause, not effect. I don’t see how anyone could spend less than three years on that one sentence. I don’t know how they possibly can because there isn’t a single discord within range of your thought that isn’t based on the belief that you are an effect and that there is a cause somewhere that can do something about it. The mystery of life is in the words I Am. Now, there is only one answer to the question, “What is God?” And that answer is I Am. Why is this true? Because if you say, “God is life,” you are still leaving yourself out of the picture. God is life, and here am I back here, looking up and declaring something out here. Oh, but you say, “God is love. God is love.” Where am I? Left out of that picture because up here is God and over here is love, and here am I looking up there like Oliver Twist asking for a little more.

Well I am going to leave it with you to ponder this idea of your Self [capital S-e-l-f] as being God’s being, life, truth, love. And go from there to the next step, which is man. Now remember that you are not man. You are life eternal. You are consciousness; you are a state of consciousness. What state of consciousness? Well close your eyes for a moment. And now notice that if you are to know anything at all, you must know it through your consciousness and that there is not a you and consciousness, that that which is a state of awareness is you. Now, if you are aware of yourself as finite personality that is your state of consciousness. If you are aware of yourself as infinity, that is your state of consciousness.