1962 Hawaiian Village Open Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
444A – God Dominion – Not Man’s Domination 4/4

The moment you recognize that sin and disease and death are not God ordained, do not have their source in God, you have begun to lessen these in your own experience, and eventually in the experience of everyone who comes within range of your consciousness.

Then there is another point I wish to bring to you today, and that has to do with your own identity. This must be practiced by you until it becomes an absolute conviction, because you have inwardly discerned it. Visualize this moment in your mind a tree… And let me say to you now that you are not looking at the tree at all; you are looking only at the form of the tree, the shape of the tree, the outer shell of the tree. That which you are looking at is not the tree. The tree itself is the life that is flowing through that tree, and which is causing the limbs to grow, and the fruit to appear, the buds and the blossoms. The form isn’t the tree; the tree is the life. Even the seed, if you can visualize a seed in your hand, the seed of an apple tree or the seed of a coconut tree, please remember that you are not seeing the tree, or even that which is going to bring the tree. That seed is nothing until the life force begins to work in it and through it, and it is that life force which is the real identity and substance of the tree. And as long as that life force works through it that seed will become a tree, and eventually bear fruit, blossoms, flowers, whatever its nature may be.

You are not the form that you see in the mirror that is your body; that is not you that is your body. There is a you other than that body; there is a you that possesses your mind and your body. The moment you begin to perceive this, the nature of your entire life changes, because now you can begin to see why God gave us dominion, and how we can exercise it.

So I will ask you now, to close your eyes and voice the word I within yourself, silently, gently, secretly, sacredly: I…I. And now, say to your mind and body: God has given me spiritual dominion over all that exists; and more especially, I have dominion over my mind and over my body. My mind must not be permitted to think any thoughts that it wishes; it must not be permitted to think any thoughts that are inflicted on it, by man whose breath is in his nostril. My mind must be subject to God. Through my God-given dominion I say to you, mind: Peace be still, receive your wisdom from God… receive God’s peace and God’s grace; peace be unto thee my mind, God’s peace be unto thee, my mind; God’s grace enrich you, my mind; God’s life and God’s love be with you, my mind; God governs you; man cannot dominate you; my mind is under the jurisdiction of God, my mind is subject, remember it is my mind I’m talking about my mind is subject to the laws of God.

And because of the dominion that God has given me over my mind, I can say to my mind: Peace be still, God’s grace, God’s love, God’s wisdom be with you. Receive your life from God, your wisdom from God, your eternality and your immortality and your sanity from God. The grace of God is your sufficiency. God’s dominion through me reaches my mind.

And then to your body, just think now, it has been established within you and I’m sure that most of you can now feel it…that this body isn’t you but that this body is yours. This body is yours and God has given you dominion over this body.

This body which is mine—peace be unto you; the peace that passeth understanding; the spiritual peace of God be unto you. God has given me dominion over this body and therefore I give unto you God’s peace, God’s health, God’s grace, God’s strength, God’s youth, God’s immortality. God’s grace is thy sufficiency.

God in the midst of me is the bread and the meat and the wine and the water. And so I can say unto my body you shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God; to my mind and to my body, you shall not live by bread alone…of course I will feed you, and I will see to it that I give you the best food. To my mind, I will give the best intellectual and cultural food that I can; to my body I will give the cleanest and purest foods that I can. But remember, you are not to live by intellect or culture or bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

God’s grace is the substance of my mind and of my body. And this is my mind and this is my body, and it is God-governed; because I now bring it under God’s government, and I remove it from the domination of man, and the domination of man’s beliefs and theories. I remove my mind and body, from the masses, and from the domination of the masses and their ignorant beliefs, and I place my mind and my body under God’s government, under God’s dominion, under God’s grace. To my mind and to my body I give God-given dominion, strength, peace, joy, power, spiritual power, spiritual joy, spiritual freedom. To my mind and to my body I give God’s freedom, the God-given freedom of the Spirit.

My mind shall no longer be an outlet for the mass mind or mass world, the carnal mind, the mortal mind; for my mind is God-governed, God-fed, God-directed by virtue of the power that God has given unto me. My body shall no longer be under the laws of matter, or the laws that men lay down, for I place my body under the dominion of God. And each day, I repeat the remembrance of this truth, even if only for a second, to remind myself that my mind and my body are under God’s government—spiritual government, spiritual law, not mental or material but spiritual.

God’s grace, spiritual presence and spiritual power is my sufficiency of soul, mind, and body.

The Father says to me: “Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine.” And therefore, My peace, that is, God’s peace, the Christ peace: My peace give I unto thee my mind and my body.

I let the Master within me say to my mind and my body, My peace give I unto thee, mind and body. Not the peace that the world giveth, but My peace, spiritual peace, spiritual life, spiritual law.

And from now on my remembrance shall be: not the domination of man, but the dominion of God. It is so important for a while that each day we remember, “I am no longer dominated by man, but my dominion is of God, operating through spiritual life and spiritual law, within my consciousness. Every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God is the law unto my mind and unto my body.

This is the kind of a God that Christ Jesus has revealed to us. And this is the only kind of a God that you honestly and sincerely can learn to love, with all your heart and with all your soul. And be assured you will be clinging to this God, not only throughout this lifetime but throughout all lifetimes to come, because there will be many, because there shall never be an end, to the life of God, which is your life.

Thank you.