1962 Hawaiian Village Open Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
444A – God Dominion – Not Man’s Domination 3/4

You will find a different God than you have ever dreamed of, and you will find a God whom you can love, whom you can’t help loving, and you’ll love this God with your entire devotion. You’ll find that it will not be difficult to be God intoxicated; it will not be difficult, to live and move and have your being in the God that Jesus Christ set forth for mankind, because this God is love. This God evidences love, not in punishing you or killing you, or ordering your execution. This God, shows Itself forth as love: by forgiving seventy-times-seven, by asking everyone even to pray for those of us who have been persecutors or in some other way devils on earth. In other words, this God proves to be a God of love, by the ministry it sent forth through Christ Jesus. I have come to do the will of my Father…now this is the Father that Jesus sets forth: heal the sick, forgive the sinners, raise the dead, not murder people, not call them home with disease and accidents, or punishments, or being stoned to death, or an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. No.

This God is love but this God evidences love through healing, through forgiving even unto seventy-times-seven; unto forgiving those who are evil in any and every form. The woman taken in adultery, the thief on the cross, the boy born blind, anybody, everybody…“Come unto Me.” This particular God says: “Come unto Me. Drop your burdens at My feet. Let me take upon my Self your burdens. Drop these burdens at My feet; for I am love; I am forgiveness; I am the bread and the meat and the wine and the water. I am the resurrection.”

Nowhere does Jesus reveal a God of punishment, he does say: “As ye sow so will it be unto you.” And his disciple even by remote control, Paul says that “If you sow to the flesh, you’ll reap corruption, if you sow to the Spirit you’ll reap life everlasting.” This isn’t God, this is you. You are determining whether you submit yourself to the domination of men, or to the dominion of God. You are the one who is deciding—are you putting your faith in material means, in material weapons, in material powers, are you putting your faith in princes, in man whose breath is in his nostril?; you will reap corruption in your life. But if you are placing your faith in the invisible, omnipotent, omnipresent Spirit of God that dwells within you, you are sowing to the Spirit, and you will reap life everlasting.

Just think of the God that the Master presents to you, “I am come that you might have life and that you might have life more abundantly.” Once you perceive that, you’ll see how easy it is to love the Lord thy God: to love God, to worship God, to adore God, to praise God. You will know then, the tremendous thing that this life is, your individual life; you will know then how important you are to God.

You know when you look out at this world, and you witness the starvation and the disease in India, in China, in other parts of the world, and some of the injustices in the Western World, you must say to yourself, God certainly doesn’t love His people very much, why should we love God? And you will find, once you acknowledge the God that Christ Jesus has introduced to this world, revealed to this world, the God that he revealed is within you. The moment you begin to accept that God, and rest and relax, take no thought what you shall eat, what you shall drink, wherewithal you shall be clothed. Who by taking thought, can make a white hair black, who by taking thought can even do the least of these things? Then who by taking thought can do the greater things?

Relax from taking thought, relax from anxiety, relax from fear, relax even from a guilt complex about the sins of the past, or even some of those of the present, but relinquish them to God. Here let me take this burden, I am in the midst of you—drop your burden of guilt at my feet. I could forgive the woman taken in adultery I could forgive the thief on the cross. I could forgive the boy born blind. I could forgive his adulterous parents…I can forgive you. I in the midst of you can forgive you, because I am here in the midst of you that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly. Only obey my commandments: Forgive those who persecute you, forgive those who wrong you; forgive them seventy-times-seven even as I forgive you. Remember the Lord’s Prayer: Forgive us our debts as we forgive those who oppress us.

Obey this: live the law of forgiveness as you want the law of forgiveness to operate for you; live the law of love as you want the law of love to operate for you. Recognize above all things: that I-God am in the midst of you, and that I am here that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly; I am here to feed the hungry … feed you when you are hungry; I am here to heal you if you are sick, forgive you if you are in sin; I am here to lead you into the kingdom of God—the kingdom of God on earth. Pause

In all of that God that the Master reveals to us, there is not to be found one single reason for distrusting God, fearing God—not even for a second. Love Him, for the message is: drop these burdens at My feet…drop them at your own feet, because the kingdom of God is within you. Let yesterday be yesterday. Let the past be the past, and remember: that in any moment that you turn to Me within you, at any moment that you turn to the Spirit of God that dwelleth in you—in that moment you are forgiven. And the fact that you may repeat some of these errors, or sins a few more times, is not of too much importance, because this God will forgive seventy-times-seven, until there is no longer left a capacity for sin within you, within me.

Learn from the New Testament, turn back to it again; make it some part of your daily reading. If necessary find a copy of the Red Letter Testament, and read those words of the Master over and over and over again, day-in and day-out, until you can spiritually discern the message that he is revealing to you: a God of love, a God of omnipresence, a God of spirit, and a God of omnipotence. Thus do you bring yourself out from under the domination of: not only the men living today, but their beliefs and theories that have been handed down to us for centuries, which are making our lives miserable, because we are accepting them and believing them.

There is no truth and never has been to a God of punishment; there is no truth and never has been to a God who ordained anyone’s death, either by punishment, by disease, or by accident. Death is the last enemy that shall be destroyed, only because it has been drilled into us, that death is inevitable. And it isn’t inevitable; life is inevitable, life eternal is inevitable. And you begin to destroy the power of death over men, the moment you recognize that death is not God ordained.

In the same way, you begin to break the spell of illness in your own experience—the moment you recognize that disease is not God ordained, disease does not have its source in God; therefore it is an illegitimate child; it has no legitimate father or mother. In other words, it has no real life or identity, disease has no life, no identity, and no law, because it is not ordained of God. The very moment you can feel within yourself some measure of feeling of rightness about that statement, in that moment disease begins to lessen in your experience, because your fear of it lessens. And disease is only maintained through fear. We fear it and thereby cling to it. And even diseases that would leave us, do not, because our own fear hugs them to us.

We hug about ourselves the tatters of our belief, the rags of our belief, and one of the most serious rag that we cling to: is the belief that disease in some way has its origin in God, and that God for some mysterious reason has afflicted us. God has not made us deaf, dumb, or blind; God has not touched our bodies to anything except the issue of divine life, truth, love, freedom, joy, vitality.