1962 Hawaiian Village Open Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
444A – God Dominion – Not Man’s Domination 2/4

If God, no that’s not right, since God is omnipresence, there is no place you can go and avoid the presence of God. If you mount up to heaven you’ll find God, but if you make your bed in hell you will also find God, and if you walk through the valley of the shadow of death you will find God, because God is omnipresence… And then when you have found God, God will reveal to you: the place whereon thou standest is holy ground. And God doesn’t say that that has to be in Jerusalem, and God does not say that that has to be in any city or any certain edifice, but the place whereon thou standest is holy ground, if you will acknowledge that there is but one God, and that that God is invisible, omnipotent, omnipresent here where I am. Then you will find that all of this bias and bigotry and prejudice will be wiped out of religion, out of churches, out of the hearts and minds of men and women and children; because in the heart and soul of a God inspired individual, there can be no room for prejudice, bias, or bigotry, and only for one reason: the acknowledgment that there can only be one God.

Well if there are individuals who visualize God in one way and other individuals who visualize God in another way, or some who lay down rules for worshiping God in this way and others who worship God in that way, what difference does it make once you have perceived that it is the same God, and that it is the God that exists where I am.

Now, there is only one way to free ourselves of human domination, whether it is domination in our home, domination in our government, domination in our church life. There is only one way to free ourselves of domination, and that is to see that the human mind and its thought is not power; God-Spirit is the only power operating through spiritual law, operating in and through the consciousness of man. Once you begin to see this, you bring yourself under the dominion of God; you separate yourself from the domination of men. And you find also that many of those individuals who have been victims of domination, through being dominating very often change their characteristics, lose those characteristics of domination, and themselves come under the government of God.

The influence of one individual spiritually endowed, is limitless. The far-reaching effects of one Moses, of one Elijah, of one Jesus, one John, one Paul, is without limit; no limit to the spiritual influence of one person spiritually endowed: a Lao Tzu, a Buddha…Makes no difference who you mention, the moment you have a spiritually endowed individual, you have an individual whose influence is unlimited, not even limited to their own time or generation, but unlimited throughout all time, throughout all space in all countries.

So it is that one individual spiritually endowed, becomes a law unto their household, or unto their business, or unto their community, because they bring into that atmosphere, God government. No person is spiritually endowed, who is not under God’s government. Only those who have submitted themselves to the government, the jurisdiction, the realm of God: are spiritually endowed, and wherever they are, that influence is with them. And then in some measure, they are felt in their homes, their communities, and sometimes on wider scales depending on their own degree of spiritual endowment.

It is a most important point, to understand that idolatry does not only mean worshiping graven images; it means worshiping anything that has form or outline. And that can be a thing, or it can be a thought, because a thought also has form and outline, and a thought is man created.

When truth comes through the consciousness of an individual, it has power, not because it is now a thought, but because it had its source in the word. And the word itself is God, and God is the word, and that word becomes tangible as truth, the truth that is realized in consciousness. Therefore, watch from this moment on, and see to what you are paying homage, to what you are bowing down, and to what you are giving power. And correct yourself, and realize, “No, no I can acknowledge only one power, and that the power of Spirit—through spiritual law, which has its source within me.”

Remember we are not talking about a God afar off, we are talking about a God that is in the midst of you, nor are we talking about spiritual law that must come down to you from some place, but a spiritual law which is locked up within you, and which “you must open out a way for the imprisoned splendor to escape.”

The kingdom of God is within you; the kingdom of spiritual law is within you, and you open out a way for this to escape, and to take over your life by your acknowledgment and recognition of it. The kingdom of the spiritual universe is within me, the kingdom of spiritual life and spiritual law is within me; the kingdom of spiritual intelligence, wisdom, is within me, and my acknowledgment of this withinness then permits it to escape, and take over and govern my experience.

As long as we are worshiping the unknown god, it cannot function for us; as long as we are worshiping a god afar off, it cannot function for us. It is only when we recognize the fact that closer to me than breathing, closer to me than my own breathing is this spiritual kingdom, even within me and I am governed by the spiritual dominion of God, and certainly not by any domination of man, or his beliefs, or his theories, or his opinions.

We can overcome a great deal of the religious confusion that may come to our thought, by realizing this: we do not have to wonder about religion, or what religion is best for us, nor need we study the religions of the world to see which we like best. Because there is a better way and a shorter way, and that is to select a few of the men, of the inspired leaders, revelators, saviors, and those of course who have lived through centuries and proven that they received divine message, and see what they taught. We of the Western world can do no better, and even the Eastern world is coming to recognize this; we can do no better than turn to the Master Christ Jesus, and let us see some of the things that he has taught; and see if he hasn’t a religion or a religious teaching that could be made practical in our own experience.

When we do that, we come to a very strange conclusion, and that is that he has summed up his teaching, in two commandments. He has not only wiped out nine of the Ten Commandments of the Old Testament, but he has summed up his own teaching in one of those Ten Commandments, and added to it another commandment taken from another great spiritual Master of the Hebrew testament: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul. Now this is a very strange thing, because it is virtually an impossibility, to love the god that we have known with all our heart and with all our soul and with all our might.

The reason is that in most cases the god we have been taught is a very ancient Old Testament god, which has been carried over into the Christian church. It is a god who rewards, and a god who punishes, a god of damnation, a god of hell’s fires, a god that seems to have very little patience with mankind, always finding some good excuse for punishing them, even minor excuses will do for severe punishment. It’s a pretty difficult thing to love that god with all your heart and with all your soul and at the same time be fearing that in the next breath he may decide to bring you home with a cancer or consumption or an automobile wreck. It isn’t easy to love that god. And before you can love that god, no before you can love God, with all your heart and with all your soul,: you have to lose that god, and you have to turn again to the Master and see what he revealed of his God. And then you will find an entirely different God, than is taught in any church.