1962 Hawaiian Village Open Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
444A – God Dominion – Not Man’s Domination 1/4

Good morning.

We have only a few more Sundays ahead of us for these particular lessons, and so I’m sure that you will enjoy the experience of shall we say doubling up on our work for these next few weeks and giving a greater degree of practice to the actual work that comes forth on Sunday morning. For this reason, I have made a couple of notes of subjects that should be covered by us.

To begin with, we have accepted in our work a God of omnipotence, that is, of all power. And while we would all gladly agree that that is the God we accept, the fact is that very few of us if any accept a God of omnipotence as a truth, as an actual fact. More especially is this true in these, in this last century, since so much has been revealed about the nature of mental powers—the power of thought.

We are going to go back to the God of omnipotence, all power, and declare that the human mind is not power, and that thought is not power. To come into a demonstrable awareness of this, it is necessary to come to a point of conviction; not accepting it because it is taught, not accepting it because it is written in a book…But putting this into practice, demonstrating it for yourself, and proving beyond all doubt, gaining an inner conviction that God alone is power, and that God does not give Its power to another; God is a jealous God, maintaining unto Itself all power.

Now in this human world which as you have learned, is cut off from God, is not under the law of God neither can be, is not under God’s grace; in this world anything and everything is power that we can accept. In other words, as a man thinketh so it is unto him or in accordance with your belief, so be it unto you. As humans, we can make a power of anything. We have seen aspirin advertised as a cure for almost everything that exists; and at one time we even had a toothpaste advertised as a cure for consumption, and I have no doubt they have testimonies too to the fact that it actually worked because it will, it will. If only you can develop an emotional faith in something or other, you can make it a god unto yourself; you can make it a law unto yourself; you can make it a power unto yourself.

So, we have a subject in scripture, called idolatry. Thou shalt not make unto thyself any graven images; thou shalt not make unto thyself anything and give it power; thou shalt not agree that anything that is manmade is power. So it is then that once we declare that the human mind or thought is power, you can readily see that we are taking a manmade creation, and making it a power. We might also say that you cannot take a God-made creation and make it a power. We are told that only God can make a tree, how horrible it would be then if God made trees for us to worship trees, and believe that they have some power over us. Probably God made the sunshine and the rain.. God made mountains and oceans; that is no reason for us to bow down to them and worship them and believe that they have some power over us. God made the stars and there are people who bow down and worship them, and believe that they actually have some influence on their lives, and then of course they can prove that it is so. Why? Because they have accepted that as a law unto themselves…and so it is.

Now… there is only one God, and therefore there can only be one source of power. There is only one God, and this one God is invisible; therefore there can only be an invisible source of power; there is only one God, one lawgiver, one law, and God is spirit, therefore the lawgiver is spirit, and certainly His law must be spiritual. When you then give power to a mental law or a physical law, you are in the act of idolatry; you are declaring or accepting that there is another power than the one…the power of God, the invisible and spiritual power.

You would be surprised, at the change that takes place in your life, once you have, shall we say, reasoned this through, or worked and practiced with it…until you have come to an actual conviction that God is spirit, that God is invisible, and that the law of God must be a spiritual law, and that this must be the all-power. You see, from the moment that you can even intellectually agree that this must be truth, from that moment on changes begin to appear, but much more so when through holding to this truth, maintaining this truth in your consciousness, abiding in it and letting it abide in you, you eventually come to that point of conviction that point that well, in which you say, “Ahh, before I was blind but now I see, before I may have intellectually agreed but now I spiritually know and discern God is spirit.” Therefore the government of this universe, the government of your individual life, the government of your collective life must be spiritual.

You can watch this work out even in your politics. Where, if you will not put your faith in the candidates whom you vote for, and if you will not put your faith in the parties they represent, even while fulfilling your human obligation of choosing the candidate you believe to be best fitted, and casting your vote according to your highest sense of right, even while doing this, if you will realize that the real government that is to come through these men is spiritual; the real government is upon his shoulder—the Christ. The real dominion of this world is the dominion of God, not the domination of men, but the dominion of God.

Actually, it would make no difference if we elected the wrong candidates, if there is such a thing as right ones or wrong ones. If in doing so, we at the same time realized, I’m not putting my hope faith or confidence in you, but in the divine government which will operate in you and through you. In other words, I accept God as the only power, I accept God as the only lawgiver, the only government, and that’s spiritual. Then I can trust God to exercise His judgment through the mind or consciousness of individual man. And that destroys the power of the human mind and human thought. It deprives an individual of the power to misapply his office.

It is only when we look to man whose breath is in his nostril and believe: you are my salvation, I’m looking to you to run this country or this state, or this city, or I am expecting the principles of your party to save us; only then are you subject to the domination of man. But if you can look behind this scene and acknowledge God, but acknowledge God as omnipotent, acknowledge God as law and lawgiver, acknowledge God as spirit and God’s law as spiritual, and the government on His shoulder, you will have men first governed by God, and then our government governed by men who are governed by God.

It would make no difference if they themselves were not religious, because religion is more or less associated with emotion. We accept religions and religious teachings more emotionally than otherwise. And for this reason are very often confused as to which religion is a true religion and which isn’t, or which religious teaching is true and which isn’t. All of which would be of no consequence at all, if we were understanding that it isn’t the religion that gives us God’s dominion. It is God operating in the consciousness of men that gives us our religion. And then, I say to you frankly, you can go into any church, synagogue, mosque, temple, and do your worshiping, and find that you are being God-governed. And it would make no difference whether you went in with shoes on or shoes off, or whether you went in with hat on or hat off. Why? Because you would be going to one God—one invisible, infinite, omnipotent, and omnipresent God. There must be just as much of God in your home as in a church, there must be just as much of God in a church as in a synagogue or a mosque or a temple, or in the hills or valleys.