ONCE IS ENOUGH   by Hilda Soon

God visits me again and says,

“Once is enough when you feel me within”

He takes me into his arms and holds me close

I feel his warmth glowing in my entire being

He moves my face to look at him

His bright eyes lift my gloom

Casting it aside forever

God speaks to me in a tender tone,

“You must hear this, my love”

My watch over you does not falter

My love for you does not wane

My care for you I cannot alter

You, I have never forsaken

Though sometimes you feel you are breaking

Please feel the joy I am creating within

It’s where I have always been

Take this wherever you go

Give it to whomever you know

My love for you so spacious

Your love for me becoming endless

As you have uncovered this truth

“Once is enough when you feel me within”