The Recordings

A section from the January 1958 Letter – “Spiritual Unfoldment Through the Study of the Infinite Way”

The Infinite Way Letters 1955-1959 appear in “The Heart of Mysticism”

Joel S. Goldsmith

Soon after the message of The Infinite Way reached the public through the writings, the call came for personal instruction, and that in turn led to the use of tape recordings.  Through some electronic process, these recordings catch not only the words of the message, but also actually the consciousness of the speaker.  They convey to the hearer much more than the words themselves; they actually convey the spirit of the message.  The writings and recordings are the means of preserving for us the wisdom that has been given to us.  Through the tape recorder, it is possible to hear the same message over and over again until the points, which are important to individual unfoldment, have registered in consciousness.  The purpose of the letter of truth, whether presented in the writings or in the tape recordings, is not to develop the mind, but is really to serve in such a way that the mind becomes quiet and the Soul takes over.  The hearing of the Word helps to build up in your consciousness an awareness of one Presence and one Power.  Being thus reminded of God as the reality of being, once, twice, or three times a day or week, will eventually awaken you to the realization of God and the experience of greater harmony.

There are several hundreds of places in various parts of the world where this message is being heard by tape recordings in groups of from two, three, or five, up to groups of fifty, sixty, or seventy at a time.  Classes that have been given in Australia can heard in Seattle, Chicago, or London, and classes in Seattle, Chicago, or London can be heard in Australia.  Wherever a class takes place, Infinite Way students all over the world have the opportunity of going through that same class.  Instead of a group of 100, 200, or 500 people hearing the message, it can be heard, through the tape recordings, by thousands of Infinite Way students and their families, guests, or friends.  Classes held all over the world during the last five years are available to students on tape.  Attendance at group meetings during which these tape recordings are played will be helpful in providing the spiritual atmosphere, which lifts consciousness and makes it receptive to the Word of truth.  “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”1

There is a spiritual bond uniting us.  Throughout the twenty-four hours of every day, Infinite Way students are meeting somewhere in meditation, in prayer, and in contemplation.  They are meeting to listen to the message as it is presented through the recordings, and they will be in specific prayer and meditation for those of us who are united with them.  These recordings serve as a bond between us, holding us in the one spiritual consciousness of the truth.  Never are we apart from the spiritual activity of prayer; never are we without the benefit of the prayers of somebody, somewhere—of their communion and meditation in our behalf, as well as in the behalf of the entire world.  That is the purpose of this work.