Our Infinity through God 5/5
1952 Second Seattle Closed Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 617B

Remember, we, as students of The Infinite Way, belong to a very, very small minority of those who have received this impartation—evil isn’t power. The evil thoughts of men are not power. They have no control over us, yet they have control over each other. That is why you see the political scene the way it is, the international scene the way it is. The evil thoughts of these people are controlling each other, because most guys have belief in evil. One is just worried which has more power in evil than the other, and so they give to themselves the power of evil, and they demonstrate it, and they give to each other the power of evil, and they demonstrate it.


To you I say, the power of evil, of all of the false thinking on earth, is no power over you or over me in proportion as we understand this simple thing that was given today. Love is the only power. Truth is the only power. Life is the only power. There is no power in hate. There is no power in animosity. There is no power in rebellion. There is no power in resentment, lust, greed, jealousy, none, none, none. Only to those who have not the mind of a child and cannot accept the great Christian truth that God is love, and the only power on earth is love. Love is the only power, and so if God has implanted in the consciousness of every individual on earth—love—the love in the consciousness of every individual is power unto us. The hate, animosity, jealousy that has been implanted there is not power, except to those who give it power.

That is the point I want you to see. You must not fear human thought. You must not fear hate, jealousy, animosity, greed, lust, animality. You must understand that only that which God has implanted in the consciousness of man is power. All else is mirage, nothingness.

In Pennsylvania, we still have a group of people called “hexers,” and you can go to them if you want somebody killed or put out of the way, and they will put a hex on. And do you know something, if a person has been brought up in that area, they will die from the hex that has been put on them, because they have grown up in the conviction that a hex or a hexer is a power of evil.

In Hawaii, where they used to have good kahunas and evil kahunas, when you went to be healed of something, you went to the good kahuna, and the good kahuna, or priest, prays, and you get well. Ah, but if you have an enemy, and you want to get rid of your enemy, you find a way to get a hair of his head or a bit of fingernail, and you take it to the bad kahuna, and the bad kahuna prays, we call that malpractice, and your enemy dies very quickly too. You see the reason for it? Those ancient Hawaiians had been brought up in the belief that the bad kahuna had the power of death, and the moment they heard that you had gone to the bad kahuna about them, they started trembling. Very quickly they died. Why? Because they have accepted the belief that there is a power in somebody else’s thought, more especially that there is evil power.

In The Infinite Way, if you refer back to some of the other writings, you will find that even good thoughts aren’t power. Real power is truth, and God’s thoughts are not your thoughts, but when God’s thoughts reach you, when God’s truth reaches your consciousness that is power.

Once you accept the belief that there is power, evil power, even in the dust on the floor, there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t get ill from the dust on the floor or the pollen in the flower, if you’re going to give it that power or if you can accept a world belief of that nature. But, if you’ll accept the teaching of the Master that not even Pilate with all his temporal power, not even Pilate had the power to crucify or to set free, that all power was in the hand of God, if you will accept that, if you will begin with this moment to make your conscious realization and make it daily, daily, until this is a part of your very being that every individual on the face of the earth is empowered with love from on high and that the love in their consciousness is the power, and the power of good unto you, and unto me, and unto themselves, but that the evil in human thought, whether it takes the form of greed, jealousy, lust, and ambition, what not, isn’t power.

Learn not to fear evil and not to hate it. Rather, take Jesus’ attitude, “Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.” They are playing around with marbles and thinking that they’re bombs. They are playing around with human thoughts, thinking that human thoughts have power, and they’re not power at all. They’re not power for good, and they’re not power for evil. All power comes from God, and God’s thoughts are not your thoughts, and so it isn’t your thoughts that have power. It is God’s thoughts coming to you that have power. So, it isn’t the thought of the four billion. It isn’t whether their thoughts run toward communism or whether their thoughts run toward another world war. That thought is not power, as far as you are concerned.

Do not make the mistake, however, of believing that because this is the truth that this truth will set the people of the world free, that this will stop the next war or save humanity from annihilating itself. It may; it may not. In times past, all those who accept the evil beliefs of the world, when the time of change came went out with it. Only the remnants of those who had their faith and understanding in good remained to start the new dispensation. It may be, and some like myself believe this, that the power of spiritual good in human consciousness is today so great that there is every hope and every possibility that the inevitable will not come to pass. That is, that this civilization will not be wiped out as has been prophesized and has seemed so likely from the headlines of the newspapers.

To me, there are many other religious leaders, even mystics in the world, who believe that the wiping out of this generation is inevitable on a mass scale throughout the United States, Europe, and South America. Personally, I have an inner conviction that the last 75 years has sewn such tremendous seeds of spiritual wisdom in the hearts of what we might call the masses, and so many like you and myself, just ordinary people in life that ordinarily or that formally would never have had access to spiritual truth, that there is so many of us now with this grain of truth in one power that I have a conviction that in some miraculous way civilization itself will be saved and that the transition into the spiritual era will not come as it has in past generations, by the wiping out of civilization, but by the regeneration of civilization.