Our Infinity through God 4/5
1952 Second Seattle Closed Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 617B

I remember when I was a boy, Henry Ford’s wealth was getting on towards a billion dollars, and you would be surprised at the amount of newspaper articles in the world showing that inasmuch as Rockefeller or any had a billion, if now Ford got a billion, the rest of us would all be poverty stricken, because there couldn’t be two billions in the hands of two people, and all the rest of us have anything left over. Now it just so happened that the more billions Standard Oil got, the more billions that Ford got, the greater were the salaries in Detroit and wherever else these corporations operated, and the greater the dividends were, it seems the more prosperous they have become, and we have become.

No, truly, there is no such thing as limitation. This I do know. God is individual mind. God is the mind of the individual. God is your mind, and therefore, your mind is unlimited. Your mind is unlimited just as long as you realize that God is the nature, character, quality, and quantity of your mind.

This, too, I know. Life is eternal. There is no reason for old age nor is there reason for death by old age, except that you accept these—the beliefs of the world—but individually we may nullify those beliefs in the understanding that God is individual life. God is immortal and eternal life, and we have no other life, none to begin and none to end, so that in this manner, we understand that governed by ignorance of truth, we are under every belief that the world has created since the days of Adam, even the belief that we are fallen man.

It is a terrible thing, isn’t it, to be responsible for Adam and Eve’s sin? It is like the Hebrews who are still being persecuted, because some of the Hebrews crucified Jesus, and all of the Hebrews of today have to take the blame. We are not responsible for the sins of our ancestors. Even the Hebrews who first gave us the law that the sins of the fathers shall be visited on the children, onto the third and fourth generation, even they had the good sense two hundred years later to nullify that law and say, “No longer shall it be said in Israel that the parents have eaten sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge.” From now on, each one pays the penalty of their own sins. I believe often that, even the Christians have forgotten, for that law of inheritance was wiped out thousands of years, or many hundreds of years before even Jesus came on the scene. And so we still suffer from this belief of inherited disease and inherited sin.

Now, let us, in view of the Master’s teaching, accept our responsibility for our experience. Let us not blame the rest of the world for our shortcomings or for our lack of demonstration, because our lack of demonstration definitely lies within—first of all, our ignorance of the laws of God; secondly, to our unwillingness, after we have learned the laws, to bring them into operation through the conscious activity of our daily thought and study.

Now, we have our first principle and first basis that nothing external to me enters to defile or make a lie, whether it is the form of food, or whether it is in the form of germs, or whether it is in the form of other people’s thoughts. Nothing from without a man. Do you remember that? Nothing from without a man can enter that defileth or maketh a lie, whether it is a thought or a thing. Therefore, you must consciously accept your immunity this moment from anything and anybody external to yourself and realize that the issues of life flow out from you. You are not the victim of anything or anybody external to yourself. The issues flow out from the center of your being, and inasmuch as you have meat the world knows not, inasmuch as you have this wellspring of water, which is life eternal, inasmuch as you are yourself the bread, the wine, the water, the resurrection, inasmuch as you embody this within your own being, you now make your declaration that the kingdom of God within manifests Itself, expresses Itself into my universe as my daily experience of body, of health, of home, of security, of peace, of joy.

And then we take the second part of our unfoldment and begin with this realization, and this is going to take a little while to bring about the adjustment in your thoughts, because there are those people in your mind right now, in one way or another, influencing you or affecting your life, so that you cannot live it in the fullness of your own desires. There are people in your experience who are affecting the harmony, the activity, the joy of your life, and if not in a personal sense, probably in a political sense. You and I must take our stand in this wise. Whatever emanates from God in the consciousness of man, individually or collectively, is power.

Do you know that, in these next few moments, you are to receive a principle, which may, if you permit it, change the entire course of your life? Every one of you is sitting here accepting a belief in a power other than God, accepting the belief that someone’s hatred, animosity, indifference can be of concern to you, or that the evil in collective thought, politically, economically can affect your life. Probably you, in common with so many in our world, are fearing that the false economic theories of communism or the communistic state can operate to deprive you of your freedom, of your religious, political, or economic freedom. In other words, that there is a vast body of men in whom evil thoughts are operating, and you may be fearing that these, now or at some future time, may be destructive to you. And so, I’m going to repeat. Whatever emanates from God in the consciousness of man, individually or collectively, is power.

Now, you know that it is very seldom that I ask you to memorize a statement, but I do want you to have the essence of this one, and so if you like, memorize it. Whatever emanates from God in the consciousness of man, individually or collectively, is power. What is it that emanates from God and that operates in the consciousness of man but Love? Love, truth, completeness, perfection, wholeness, all of the Christ qualities.

Let us begin to admit, we can begin just here among ourselves as friends, and we can agree that right here there is nothing operating in my consciousness of envy, hate, jealousy, deceit towards you, and you can make the acknowledgment easily that there’s not a thing in your consciousness toward me, except that which emanates from God, that you have no feelings whatever towards me, except life, truth, love, harmony, wholeness, perfection, gratitude, joy, cooperation, sharing. I’m sure that every one of us in this room can agree that, at this very moment, there isn’t a single trace of envy, jealousy, malice, hate, greed, lust, animality in the whole room. And, that even if there were such thoughts present in this room, they are not power over you or over me. Only the believer can be affected by his belief. Only the believer can be affected by his belief.

This entire room of people is animated only by divine Consciousness. Every emotion and feeling toward each other is one of love, respect, sharing, goodwill. All right, you say, “Yes, I can understand that, because we are all fellow students, and we are all here on the same path.” Ah, yes, but let us take the next step and realize this. Since there is only one God and since there is only one power, God, the Infinite, that must be the controlling emotions in the hearts and soul of every individual on the face of the globe.

It isn’t a matter of personal will. You may think that it is a matter of personal will that we here love each other, but it isn’t. It is that we don’t even know each other, most of us. This love that has sprung up in us, through us, for each other is completely impersonal. It is of God. God has planted that seed in us for each other, but we can plant that same seed toward every individual on the face of the globe by acknowledging that whatever I feel toward anyone in this room did not come there by any will or act of mind. I found it already there when I came into the room. I did not consciously treat myself for love of the other people in this room. Whatever love and joy I feel toward each other here, God planted within me.

Now, remember this. God has planted that same thought, that same emotion, that same seed in the consciousness of every individual on earth. Now alongside of that and probably uppermost in the consciousness of the world, at least, are these other thoughts—domination, fear, doubt, hate, jealousy, envy, animality. We are those of whom the Master said this, “I thank thee, oh Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent and hast revealed them unto babes. Even so, Father, for so it seemed good in Thy sight.” And he turns then unto his disciples and said privately, privately, only to the disciples, “Blessed are the eyes that see the things that ye see, for I tell you that many prophets and kings have desired to see those things that ye see and have not seen them and to hear those things which ye hear and have not heard them.”