Our Infinity through God 3/5
1952 Second Seattle Closed Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 617B

Never, never, never use a formula. Never use the word of a teacher or of a Master. Merely understand the essence of their teaching and then put it into your own words, so as to make it live, and then you will find this, that in constantly knowing the truth, daily reminding yourselves that as against the appearance that out here are powers and forces necessary to my experience, I now realize that all of the bread, all the wine, all the water, and all the resurrection, and all the power of healing, of redemption, of regeneration is within me. The kingdom of God is within me, and gradually your attention is withdrawn from the outer world, and as it is, this thing does come up into a wellspring. It does flow forth. It gushes forth as life eternal.

Now, we pass from there to the second phase of the same principle. It isn’t good news, but this is even more difficult than the first, where honestly, there is nothing easy about the way of the cross. That was probably why the Master said that so few find it. So few are ready to pay the price, the price of application, the price of living with this truth, the price of making it a part of their very being, of their very body. It isn’t simple, that’s true. It isn’t easy. This is no shortcut to heaven. This is no way to influence your friends easily. If you want to influence them, it’s going to be the hard way, and here is the second part of that principle.

We are faced with an appearance that says that we are one person in a world of four billion people. We are just one out of four billion. And what can we do with or against four billion? It is a pretty hopeless thing. The truth is this that the only thing that is power, the only thing that really operates as power in the consciousness of the four billion is God, and therefore, it is cooperative, and therefore, we are one with each other and one with God. The world of appearance says that there are four billion people, each with a mind of their own, a will of their own, a desire of their own, and an ambition of their own, and that it’s pretty hopeless to battle against them, and it is. It is if you accept appearances and if you judge by appearances. Then you might as well give up the struggle right now, because between your relatives and your friends, you’re going to be overwhelmed, and you will not get far with this truth.

If you can once see that the major part of the Master’s teaching rests on one power, the First Commandment, just as we have here, “Rejoice not that the devils are subject unto you.” Don’t bother with that. Rejoice that your names are written in heaven. If you can once see that the principle of this infinite way of life is one power, then you will take the next step with me, and you will begin slowly and gently at first to realize here.

I will admit that so far as people are concerned that they have a world of their own, and a way of their own, and a domination of their own, and seem to be pretty stubborn about it, and most of those ways aren’t too good. But from the standpoint of this truth, I am going to take this stand that only the qualities and activities of God in their consciousness are power, that whatever else they may possess, and I’m not going to deny that there is a so-called mortal mind. I am not going to deny that there is self-will, and mad ambition, and lust, and greed, and animality, and hate. I’m not going to deny that. I am merely going to deny that those things constitute power, or that they are constituted of power, or that they have power to do anything or to be anything.

Now, there comes the test. From the moment of our stepping out of our door in the morning and sometimes before we leave home, we hit right up against self-will, selfishness, self-righteousness, domination, cruelty, and so forth, and so on.

All right. What difference does it make what anyone thinks about their mind or the power of their human will? What difference does it make what they think or what the world thinks about the power of evil in human thought? We are dealing with the most wonderful principle in the world, a principle that declares that only our awareness, our consciousness of truth can govern our lives, that we mold our own experience to our consciousness of truth.

Just think of that. We are dealing with individuality twice. Of course, in this age, we have lots of opposing theories, all the way from Marx to communism that says that the mass mind is the important one, not the individual. All things of life today, all theories of life reveal socialism, communism, New Deals. All of human experience is a contradiction of the value of the individual, and yet our teaching is based on the truth that only the individual is important, that the mass is of no importance at all. You wouldn’t miss it, and if it all disappeared, the whole world of mass consciousness, if it all disappeared and the masses of humanity with it, it wouldn’t be missed. Only the individual is important.

Those who do not like that particular approach to life will never find themselves at home in this teaching, because there is a complete exposition of individuality, and not only that, but in infinite individuality in which every individual on the face of the globe has the ability, if they will embrace it, to show forth the full measure of the Godhead bodily, the full measure of infinite individuality, not just that there can be only one Paderewski, not that there can be only one Hoffman, not that there can be only one Edison, no. This teaching of Christianity is a teaching that every man can be a master musician, a master engineer, a master physician, a master metaphysician. Every individual can be that, and every individual can be so busy about it and so prosperous about it that they will not draw anything away from their neighbor.

Our point at this moment is whatever you accept as an activity of your consciousness will be demonstrated by you, in spite of the thoughts, beliefs, and convictions of four billion of the world. The influence of the four billion will not come nigh your dwelling place. The convictions of the four billion, the dangers, and the thoughts, and the malpractice of the four billion will not come nigh your dwelling place, once you agree that your capacity is limited only to the capacity of God, since in and of yourself, you are nothing. But, as having your names written in heaven, that is, as children of God, all that the Father hath is yours. All the capacity, all of the qualities, all of the quantities is yours. There is no such thing as limitation.