Our Infinity through God 2/5

1952 Second Seattle Closed Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 617B

In the practical application of this, we have two major divisions. One is this. In your station that I gave you recently, you remember that the serpent and scorpion—that is, the enemy or belief—that we’ve handled was the fact that food had power, that is that food had power to nourish us for good or that food had power to make us evil, make us ill, or make us fat, or make us lean. In one way or another, the belief that we are doing this was the belief that food in and of itself had power. Now in reversing that, we came to the realization that the same consciousness, God consciousness, my individual consciousness, the same consciousness that animated the organs and functions of the body, the same consciousness, the same soul that was really the law, the cause, and the activity, and the substance of the organs and functions of the body, that same consciousness, that same soul was the substance and the nourishment of the food. It was the food value, the nourishment value in the food, that the food in and of itself had no quality or property, but that we gave to the food its qualities, its nourishment, and its substance.

If you can agree that your digestive organs, your eliminative organs could not in and of themselves do anything or be anything except lie there dead, that there is an animating influence making them function, and that that animating influence is your consciousness, your awareness, your soul. Once you realize that, then it is your consciousness that gives them the power to act, you can go to the next step and realize that it is the same consciousness that gives the food its value. In other words, it is your consciousness that is appearing outwardly as the harmony of your experience. Someday you will see that your business, your income, your marriage, your everything is nothing more or less than the out picturing of your consciousness. All that concerns you will be the activity of your own consciousness reflected back to you.

At the present time, however, there are places in which that cannot be made manifest. I mentioned your marriage. Of course, most marriages in the present state are the result of emotions of some kind or another, and we’re not quite ready to dispose of those and put our marriages on a scientific basis. So while we permit our emotions to control us, the marriage will not rightly show forth our present state of consciousness, anymore than the body that we have permitted our emotions to rule, or our appetites, or to govern us to such an extent that the body is the way it appears now and therefore does not show outwardly our spiritual state of consciousness, although in time it will.

The body, if submitted to this understanding that your body is not fed by the food you eat, but that the food you eat is fed by your consciousness, it will only be a matter of weeks or months before your body will begin to show the change. The same with your business. As long as you believe that your business is maintained or sustained by its capital structure or by its customers or the sales, of course it will continue to reflect that. The moment you begin to realize that your business is sustained by the consciousness that founded it, the consciousness that brought it into existence, the creative principle of it, which is your own consciousness, or it wouldn’t be your business, once you realize that, your business will take on a different complexion and will no longer be completely subject to outside influences.

Everything in our experience must be brought back to a government by our consciousness. Everything. Every detail of our lives and experience must be removed from under the law. Moses gave us the law that governs us in our humanhood—sanitary laws, laws of human good, laws of human conduct. Moses even told us how we should act towards our parents, toward our neighbors, all on the human scale, but it was Christ Jesus who planted the seed within us of spiritual right, spiritual righteousness, in which we are no longer good to our parents or to our neighbors, because it is the right thing to do, but in which you see that love has sprung up within us making any other code of conduct an impossibility. In other words, in which the good isn’t our good anymore but is the good of God within us, as we shall see later expressed to the world.

Now, I bring this to you. Take every detail of your life, your body, the food you eat, the business, the home, and consciously make this transition. Realize that these things, your body, your business, your health, your wealth are no longer under the law of human belief, no longer under circumstance or change, no longer under what one man can do to me, but that you have consciously reversed the picture so that all that concerns you is being fed from this infinite storehouse within your own being.

I have meat you know not. I am the bread. I am the wine. I am the water. In other words, right here within me is the infinite storehouse, and with it or through this infinite storehouse, I feed my body. I feed my business. I feed my pocketbook. I feed my relationship with everyone. I do not permit the world to say, “I love you,” or “I hate you,” or “I agree with you,” or “I disagree with you.” I understand fully that it is the love that’s the bread, the meat, the wine, the water. The love within me is the substance of my relationship with the world, and all those who cannot bring themselves into that somehow disappear from our experience.

Now then, since here is the meat, the substance of life, the bread, the staff of life, the water, which is life eternal, and you remember it, the water which springs into life eternal. That is all here. Since all this is embodied within me, it is this substance that flows out from me and feeds my daily experience. All of this flowing forth from my consciousness, and this is the stand that you must take. You must agree only for one reason, not because I have any personal interest in it. Only because you, yourself, have taken the name of Christ. Only because you, yourself, have taken the name of Christian. Only because you, yourself, have decided that the Christ life is your way of life—only for that reason. But you accept the principle given forth, the principle that says, “Here, right here, I have meat, so do not go out into the city and buy me meat. Right here, I have meat. You know nothing. Here is the water of life. I can give you water. You don’t have to give me water. I can give you water. I have right here the substance of life eternal right within me. Do not try to give it to me in the form of calories, or minerals, or vitamins. I already have it within me—the substance of life eternal.”

All good flows out from here and forms the fabric, the substance, the law, the cause of my daily experience. Consciously, consciously and daily, we must bring this to remembrance. Remember the difference between affirmations and knowing the truth. In affirmations, you just make statements, whether or not you understand them means nothing. Whether they have meaning, you just make statements and hope that something is going to happen. That isn’t truth or knowing the truth.

Knowing the truth is actually knowing a principle and bringing it to conscious remembrance, so that we will not make the affirmation, “I have meat,” and hope that that affirmation will do something, but we will rather know the truth that since God is my individual consciousness, it is really the substance of my life, and it embodies all good. It becomes the law unto my experience, and we will remind ourselves of that truth. We will not even do it in my words. We need not do it in the words of the Master. The main thing is to embody the substance of the truth of being and then put it into our own words.