Joel had many global connections. Someone send us proof of these connections. Joel wrote for the Ramana Maharishi community  articles where he was teaching the Infinite Way. We will be publishing these in the next couple of weeks. The quarterly, the ashram of Ramana still publishes, is called “The Mountain Path”.

Today the first from this sequal:

April 1964…The Infinite Way of Life… page 90
More to come soon:
July 1964… The Need for Remembrance
October 1964… Jnana Marga in Christianity
January 1965… Access to Infinity
July 1965… Starting the Contemplative Life
October 1965… The Contemplative Way of Life


Here is the introduction the publisher Arthur Osborn wrote to introduce Joel S. Goldsmith:



Joel Goldsmith of Honolulu, Hawaii, is widely known as one of the leading masters of spiritual healing in the world today. His book ‘ The Art of Healing’ is a beautiful exposition of this art as a canalization of Divine Power, with the healer eliminating his own personality. Apart from this, he has a wide influence in many countries, through his books and his personal influence and as the leader of the ‘Infinite Way’ groups.
As this article, written specially for ‘The Mountain Path’ will show, the way he advocates is fundamentally the same as that of the Maharshi, since it consists in seeking Reality in oneself, not in any books or scriptures or other places or things.

Check out this unique article that Joel wrote specially for “the Mountain Path” check out page 90 for Joel S. Goldsmith.

pdf-49px1964-ii-april  THE INFINITE WAY OF LIFE