Freeing Ourselves from Universal Claims 6/6
1958 London Advanced Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 233A

Now, recognizing the fact that a human being is only a human being because the carnal mind is pumping itself into them, and through them, and being accepted as a power, you know how to die daily to your humanhood. That is by being very sure in the morning and certainly again at night before sleeping to realize that the so-called theories, opinions, beliefs—the whole of the carnal mind—is not a power. It has no avenue of expression, no law to sustain it or maintain it, and I am one with God. I and my Father are one, and the qualities of God constitute my qualities, and I am an instrument and an avenue through which and as which God appears on earth, and the intelligence of God, and the love of God, and the wisdom of God, and the grace of God. All of this finds expression in me, through me, as me, through of all of this world, for I and the Father are one, and now I’m dying to my humanhood, because subliminal perception is not whispering into my unconscious and making me respond to it. Do you follow that?

The mystery of life is really not a mystery. The mystery of life—harmonious—is the understanding of one’s true nature, one’s true identity, and relating oneself constantly and consciously to one’s Source, and then realizing that aside from this, nothing is power; nothing is law; nothing is cause; and nothing can have effect; and that is the death of the man of earth.

Whenever you come to a practitioner and experience a healing, it is because they have nullified for you the carnal mind and its activity by knowing its non-power. Some practitioners may know that that’s what happens, and many do not know that that’s what happens, but that is what happens. When you have need of a practitioner, it is only because this carnal mind has found expression in you and through you, and the remedy lies in nullifying it, and nullifying it can only be brought about through the realization of its impersonal nature, and then second, of its non-power.

Impersonalize every form of error. Whenever you see it, hear it, taste it, touch it, or smell it, whether it concerns you, your patients, your students, or the strangers down the street, nullify it. Impersonalize every phase of error. No matter what form it assumes, don’t blame it on Mr. Khrushchev, because before him, it was blamed on Mr. Hitler, and before him, it was blamed on the Kaiser. Before him, it was blamed on the czar of Russia. And we, of course, like to blame it on Mr. Roosevelt.

But, remember this. It isn’t really personal at all. It isn’t, because as fast as you, well, hasn’t it been proven of old that assassinating kings and queens and emperors never stop the evil? It never does. It can’t, because the evil isn’t personal, and as fast as you get rid of one person, the evil comes right up to attack the next person. Always, evil is impersonal, and we can help all of the dictators of the world by this realization, by loving them as we love ourselves, by realizing that they are no more the centers of evil than we are, even when we have performed it, for we ourselves know that we didn’t want to do it. So did they.

There isn’t in one of these people in influential positions today who wouldn’t, if he knew how, come into agreement with every nation on the face of the globe, and I’m sure that more than all others, these men who are the heads of Russia today wish much harder than we do that they could find a way to bring about harmony. They can’t do it, because they’d have to sacrifice the principles of communism, and then they wouldn’t exist anymore, because they could never be kept in power under a democracy. You can’t imagine the people of Russia voting for those who have been the heads in recent years, and so self-preservation alone keeps them going the way they are going. But, in their heart of hearts, they know that, at this stage of life, there’s nothing ahead of this world but being wiped out by bombs or finding a solution, and you can bet they want to find a solution, and we can help by not personalizing the error, by not believing that evil is man made, man created, or man perpetuated, but by realizing that all of this carnality is the impersonal, universal mind of man—personalized sense of mind of man.

And then, take the second step and realize, ah yes, but since God is omnipotent, it isn’t power. It isn’t presence, substance, or law, and it has no law, and a way may be opened, the minds may be clear enough for some divine idea of oneness or unity to break through, and someone may come up with a workable idea, but don’t ever believe that anyone will come up with a workable idea while we are sitting in condemnation. We know, because that’s what the rest of the world is doing too, and there’s no one with God to be the majority, but in proportion as we can, just as we release each other.

It makes no difference if I discover some human weakness in you, or if you discover some human weakness in me. Don’t be influenced by it. I won’t be, and you mustn’t be. You have to take the position of an advanced spiritual student, which is one who recognizes the impersonal nature of evil, regardless of whether it pops up in high places or not, and hold with it, and don’t let anybody change you from your understanding of the great fact that all evil is not only impersonal but isn’t power and has no avenue of operation, no vehicle of operation, no law of maintenance or sustenance.

Now, as you practice this in your daily experience, you will find that less and less you are responding to what Jesus called “this world.” Remember he said, “I have overcome this world.” He must have overcome the temptations of this world, not by overcoming one temptation after another. He did that in the wilderness when he overcame the three but by recognizing that you are of your Father the devil. In other words, impersonalizing it, and then realizing that thou hast no power. There is no power save that which cometh of God.

Now, this is the secret of burying the man of earth and resurrecting from the tomb the man who has his being in Christ. And in all my years of work, I have known no other way. I have told it only a few times, because without the background that you have, there is no basis of you understanding it. The first tiny measure of this to come into print will be in the October letter, and carry that with you until it wears out. Then get another copy until it appears in book form, because I have watched and witnessed what this does to an individual’s life when they are no longer being influenced against their own will and wish to be stupid, to be mean, to be stingy, to be unloving or unforgiving. I have witnessed what it does when we are no longer responding to mortal mind, carnal mind, human belief, and then when you realize that, just as a plant draws its sustenance from the root, so do we now as that man who has his being in Christ derive our sustenance from our root, and our root is God.

Until tomorrow night.