Freeing Ourselves from Universal Claims 4/6
1958 London Advanced Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 233A

When you’ve worked enough with the sins of mankind, you will find how true it is that there isn’t really a sinner in all the world. I have never yet met a person who could rightly be termed a sinner, from the standpoint of really and truly wanting to sin. Every single one I have ever met, every single one of any degree has revealed sooner or later that whatever this is that’s happening through them, they don’t want any part of, but they don’t know how to be free of it. And you would say the same thing about the ills that you suffer or the poverty that you suffer. You would say, “Certainly, I don’t want any part of this. This is no part of me. This is no part of my will or desire.” Well then, where does it come from, if you aren’t doing it? And then you have to shrug your shoulder and say, “I don’t know.”

Now, I’m telling you. It’s coming out of that same area of consciousness that may be likened to that activity of the subliminal perception. It is something being whispered into your unconscious or subconscious. You, knowing nothing about it, respond to it. And that is the discovery that I made that started all of this work way far back in the early 1930s. I saw that there is no personal evil. I saw that evil is never personal, and that it can be separated from any individual once they themselves have realized that the time has come.

Now, the next step makes the healing work very easy. You see this step makes it possible for you never to hold your patient or student in any form of condemnation, criticism, or judgment. That enables you to free everyone who comes to you instantly. The moment you know why this isn’t your fault, this isn’t your doing, you are not responsible for this, and right there and then, you’ve lifted such a load. You don’t have to voice it. You only have to think it, and you have lifted such a load from your patient or student that their shoulders go back quickly. They don’t know why, but they feel a sense of freedom, and it is because you have lifted the burden of guilt and responsibility from their shoulders by realizing this isn’t you. This isn’t a part of you. This is the carnal mind.

Now, you take the second step. Since God is, and since God is infinity, immortality, and eternality, since God is omnipotence, the carnal mind isn’t power, and it hasn’t the power to express itself through us once we have realized God as the only power. It can only operate in the consciousness of a person who has two powers. Whether or not they have these two powers consciously or unconsciously, until they consciously renounce the power of evil and recognize it as non-power, it will operate in them. But the very moment that you come along and realize carnal mind with its sum total of evil, sin, disease, death, lack, limitation, age, anything you want is a non-power, is only an illusory belief in mind, in the universal mind, not in your mind or my mind, the universal mind, and it, therefore, is not a power. It exists like two times two is five exists. You see, two times two is five is a tremendous power in the mind of the person who believes it, because he’s always going to give out five for four, and, in the end, he’ll be broke. But once it is recognized that two times two is five is not an entity, or an identity, or a substance, or a law, it’s a nothingness. You’re free. Your patient is free.

Now, at this stage of your spiritual unfoldment, if the carnal mind or somebody operating subliminal perception were to tell you to do this, that, or the other thing, do you know that you wouldn’t do it. You already know enough of the one Mind, so that you would not respond to that suggestion, and even at this point, on many, many, many things, this universal, carnal mind cannot find outlet through you. You are already at the point where you cannot be tempted to fall for many, many things that this world is falling for. In other words, you can’t even be tempted to fear. You can’t be tempted to fear a war. You can’t be tempted to fear the bombs. You can’t be tempted to fear the next bit of infection or contagion that you read about in the newspaper or the next epidemic. In other words, the carnal mind has already lost a great deal of its power over you. If you were awakened in the morning and found yourself completely without funds, I doubt that you could be frightened because somewhere the thought would come:  “Makes no difference. God’s manna falls every day. God’s grace is my sufficiency.” And there’d be no fear. But just think what would happen to the person not knowing this who believed that lack was an actual condition. So it is.

I am sure that most of you are already at the stage where you very seldom, if ever, have a cold, or grip, or flu, or some of these ailments that are common to people through bad weather, and I’ve already perceived, since my trips to London, that we do not have the proportion of rheumatism that is reported in the healing circles of England. When you speak to these healers, Evangelical healers and so forth, you find out that 80% of all their patients and all the people who come to them are just crippled with rheumatism. Well, I haven’t noticed any eighty percent in any of our metaphysical meetings, or classes, or lectures. In other words, you are that degree free of the mesmeric suggestion that weather or climate has to produce these terrible rheumatic claims. Do you follow that?