Freeing Ourselves from Universal Claims 3/6
1958 London Advanced Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 233A

Now, I’m going to explain to you how this all happens, how humanhood is perpetuated in us, how it is overcome, and spiritual identity is realized and demonstrated. And this is something that you will not give to your patients or your students. This is something that you will live with until you have actually demonstrated it in a great measure, a great measure, because otherwise, giving out what you haven’t got will not benefit the other fellow and may deprive you. Do not give out spiritual truth that you yourself have not attained some measure of realization.

Last year, more than this year, you read about this new discovery of subliminal perception, which was a form of advertising in which a message was flashed on a moving picture or television screen so quickly that the viewer never saw it and never heard it. You never became conscious that it was taking place either by sight or by hearing, and yet, all of a sudden, you felt the urge to do what they told you to do. In one of their experiments, they told you in the midst of a moving picture, in a theater, to get up and go downstairs and buy Coca Cola and popcorn, and in that few minutes, their sales increased 57% over their normal sales of popcorn and Coca Cola. In another experiment on television, in your home, the message was flashed go to the telephone, and you got right up in the midst of this interesting picture, and you went to the telephone, and when you got there wondered what you were doing, and then remembered that you didn’t want to telephone anybody, and so you went back to your seat, not knowing that you had been acted upon. Your mind had been played upon. You had been used by the mentality of other people, and you had been made to obey their instructions.

Now, England was offered the first opportunity to buy this and passed it up and decided that it wouldn’t be interested, and it was bought in New York and experimented with, and it has now been dropped. So for all intents and purposes, it may amount to nothing further in the world’s history, but it’s going to serve an important point, since with that, I’m going to illustrate why we are human beings, why we are kept human beings, why we sin, why we have false appetites, why we are poor, why we are ever sick, and why we eventually die. It is because of this very thing—subliminal perception.

As you go back to The Infinite Way, in the early books, you will see that it is written there that you are not responsible for any error that is touching your life, not even responsible for sins, for lack, for hate, envy, jealousy. You’re not responsible for a bit of that. All of that is a universal activity, the activity of that which Paul called the “carnal mind.” Now he summed it all up in that term, the carnal mind. Centuries later, Mrs. Eddy coined the term “mortal mind.” If you like, you can use some of those terms or terms that we have in The Infinite Way, like universal belief or universal hypnotism, universal mesmerism, anything you like, because what is happening is that all of these sins, diseases, death, lack, limitation, old age, all of this is a part of the vast universal ignorance, or call it the universal mind, not the divine Mind, the universal mind of man, the carnal mind or the mortal mind. And it is pumping its thoughts, its beliefs, and theories into you and into me, and so it is that let us say that a baby is born and before it can even think, it’s placed in a draft, and the next thing it has a cold. Now it wasn’t its wrong thinking that gave it a cold, and you can’t blame it on its nurse or its parents, because they weren’t thinking a cold for the child, but the universal belief that getting in a draft gives a cold immediately operated in what they now call the subconscious mind of the baby, and the baby responded to it.

In the same way, every carnal thought, whether of a material, mental, moral, or financial nature, every material thought, every thought of false ambition, greed, lust, animality, hate, injustice, unkindness, not one single bit of that is yours or mine. It is all part of the vast, mental illusion, if you want to call it that, and, yet, every human being is subject to it, and each one falls for some particular phase of it at whatever happens to be their weakest point.

Now, all of this is brought about unconsciously on our part and probably unconsciously on anyone else’s part, for there isn’t such a person as a devil doing this to us in a personalized sense and neither is there anybody in the world wicked enough to be capable of doing it to humanity. It is an aggregation. You might call it the sum total of everything that has happened since the days of Adam of a selfish or personal nature that forms everything that has come up out of the original belief in two powers—good and evil. All of this sum total of evil is now floating right here in this room. Some of it has been brought in by nothing personal or other than what we will call carnal mind. Some of it is in this room by virtue of radios or televisions that may be nearby that are carrying it. We’re not aware of it, because it’s not plugged in. But it’s here. It’s going through this room.

And so it is that we are responding to the medical beliefs. We are responding even to the theological beliefs. If you know how many people are sick because of their fear of hell and damnation, or fear of punishment, or fears of God that have been pumped into them in childhood, you would know that all manner of theories and beliefs are just lurking around in the air, and we, knowing nothing about this, the world knowing nothing about this, wakes up one day and finds itself with a cold, wakes up the next day and finds itself with indigestion, and the next day desiring a diamond that it can’t afford and have to finally steal it, so forth, and so on.