Freeing Ourselves from Universal Claims 2/6

Freeing Ourselves from Universal Claims 2/6
1958 London Advanced Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Tape 233A

And then, as you sit in that silence, waiting, the Spirit of God touches you and illumines you, inspires you, and for a brief, fleeting second, it is almost as if you could see or touch reality, sometimes smell it. Sometimes in this deep meditation of realization, the whole room is filled with the perfume of flowers, completely filled. There may not be a flower within a mile of you, but the entire room is bathed in a perfume of flowers, and this also is the Spirit of God. It may come as music. It may come in music that has no earthly tones. It makes no difference how it comes. It may come as a light, or it may come as a deep breath.

Whichever way it comes, if you have been clear that what you are seeking is not changing a human being from bad to good, or rich to poor, or poor to rich, or unemployed to employed, or sick to well, but what you are seeking to behold is not humanhood but divinity, then sooner or later, the experience will come to you. It’ll only be momentary, but in that momentary flash, your patient will be improved, benefited, healed, employed, enriched, whatever the situation may demand. Certainly, there are those instances where the fullness of the healing does not appear in that realization, regardless of how deep it may be, and you may be called upon to do it twice, three times, five times, ten, or a hundred, because the opacity may lie with your patient or student in that, before they can experience the harmony, there must be a change of consciousness, which is to be outwardly pictured as the harmony.

Always remember that we are not healers of the body. Remember, we do not change the body at all. Our work changes the consciousness of an individual, and the changed consciousness appears outwardly as harmony, health, supply, companionship, whatever the need may be.

Now, of course, you know that one of the great stumbling blocks is that most people have a definite idea of what it is they’re seeking when they ask for help, and, of course, that may not fit in at all with the spiritual picture. I have told you of my struggles to have five practitioners help me to increase my business, and with each practitioner, my business got worse until I didn’t have any, and that surely looked like lack of demonstration. But you see, it was my perfect demonstration, because only when I had no money left did I go into this work, and I suppose if my business had prospered, they still had been delayed or even prevented in this lifetime.

So it is that many people come to us for help, but they have a definite idea what it is that they want, and they have a definite idea of how harmony should appear in their experience and sometimes even when. But you see that really is not a part of our ministry. We are not aiming at having instantaneous healings. They’re wonderful when they take place, if they fulfill their spiritual mission, but that is not our object.

Our object is the changing of consciousness, the changing of an individual’s consciousness from a material sense of life to the spiritual awareness of life, from a material sense of religion to a spiritual sense of religion, from a material sense of supply to a spiritual sense of supply, and you see, we are the ones, when the right help is given us, we are the ones who should be responding in accordance with God’s will, and we fought this by having in our mind how the demonstration should come out, and when, and to what extent, and so forth, and so on.

It is like parents sometimes write me for help. Their son is going up to answer the draft and is afraid he may not make it. Will I help him pass and get into the draft, and another parent is desirous of having their son flunk the draft. Now you see, you can’t pray to God both ways, and that parent would write you a letter if that son got into the draft then soon got himself injured or killed. They would soon be writing you, “What did you do? I thought you were going to God for my son and look what happened to him.” Yes, but you asked that he get in, and he’s in. No, no, even if they wanted, we can’t do that. Our realization would not be of a man in or out. Our realization would be of Christ identity, of God fulfilling Itself as the life of this individual, and then we would have to be satisfied whatever direction that young man’s path would take.

Now, this can never be repeated to you too often because over and over that temptation will be I must save this person’s life. I must restore their sanity, so forth, and so on. Bring about peace in their household. Peace may be the worst thing to have in the household for their spiritual progress. And so it is, we do not outline. We do not desire, but neither do we judge, criticize, or condemn. We turn completely from the human scene with its good side or its bad side, and we pray for the revelation of Christ in our consciousness.

When I use the word Christ, you understand that I mean your spiritual identity, or God’s spiritual plan for you, or spiritual illumination. In our Christian mysticism, we use the word Christ to mean that which you in your true identity are, the Son of God, the child of God, the offspring of God. Actually, it would make no difference if we were to say it revealed Buddha, because it means exactly the same thing—enlightened one or Christ self, Christed one.

So it isn’t always, it makes no difference what our terminology may be. When we turn within, let us realize that we are turning within to behold the spiritual reality where humanhood is confronting us, and then when we have that second of spiritual realization, which to us is interpreted to mean we have beheld the very Christ of God, the very spiritual reality of being. This then touches the consciousness of the patient or student and begins to transform it. You see all experience is being transformed by the renewal of the mind, being renewed by the transforming of the mind. In other words, changing our nature from the man of earth to the man who has his being in Christ.

Now, there are two of us. There is the man of earth, which we are as human beings. There is a man who has his being in Christ, which is our true identity, and the goal of life is to die daily to that man of earth, which we are as human beings, so that we may be consciously reborn as the spiritual being, which is our true identity.

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