1959 New York Closed Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
289A – The Infinite Way Principles of God – The Fabric of Being – 2/4
Impersonalization & Nothingization

Now, I’m sure that everyone in this classroom has either been the means of healing, or has received healing by metaphysical or spiritual means; and therefore you will understand when I say to you, that for that healing, you had to go to a metaphysician or spiritual healer, you couldn’t have gone down to the gas station on the corner. Why? Why? Wasn’t God at the gas station on the corner, or in the drugstore, the stationary store? Certainly, certainly God was there. There wasn’t anyone there knowing the truth. Oh you may sometimes in one of those places find one or two. I was speaking of those where they aren’t. Yes God is, and God is here where we are, but first of all, remember: if you could, at this minute select for yourself the practitioner you would like to have to meet your problems, you’d all be in agreement and say, “I will take Jesus Christ,” and I don’t blame you. But now tell me why, why Jesus Christ? And the answer is, because so far as we know, he was the most realized man, the most God realized individual; and therefore wherever he was, even close enough to touch the hem of his robe, there was bound to be healing.

From my unfoldment I would say that if I had to choose a second, I think I’d go to Gautama the Buddha. I think he was a well realized individual, probably the closest to the Master of all I know in recorded history, and I think that we’d get fine healing there; but, here too, is a God realized individual. So it is in our modern day, those practitioners who are doing the best work, consistently over the years, are those who are the most God realized.

There are those…I’m sure every one of you knows some, who live and move and have their being in God, with God, under God’s grace, and it is to those that you would first go for healing. I’m sure you know others who are not quite that deep in God because of human obligations, family obligations, obligations of one nature or another that does not permit them to give themselves wholly and completely into the atmosphere of God. But if you couldn’t have those first practitioners, you would go to them next, and so on down the line.

And so the point is this: there is only sin, disease, death, lack, and limitation on earth because there isn’t God realization, and where there is God realization, there is less of sin, disease, death, lack, and limitation. And it will not be too long before the entire barrier is removed from human consciousness, which separates mankind from the Garden of Eden before the fall.

In this Garden of Eden, actual or symbolic, we have before us a life of harmony into which no discords enter—nothing that defileth or maketh a lie. Then into this beautiful Eden, there comes a belief in two powers, symbolically expressed as “eating of the fruit of the knowledge, good and evil.” Actually in just plain ordinary everyday business English: “a belief in good and evil or two powers.”

Now, the “Eden-ic” consciousness is your consciousness and mine before we accept two powers. With a belief in two powers, we are outside the Garden of Eden, earning our living by the sweat of our brow, living in pain, discord, and inharmony. Produced by what? The belief in two powers.

Then, the return to the Father’s house—the return to the Garden of Eden is a process of eliminating from thought that intruding universal belief in two powers. In proportion as this is accomplished, we have God realized men and women; because with that barrier removed—the belief in two powers, the realization can take place. No one on the face of the earth can attain God realization, and at the same time have a belief in two powers; at least not to the extent of mankind as a whole. It lessens; it lessens. True we don’t know anyone on the face of the earth who has completely demonstrated the total elimination of the belief of good and evil; but we’re not interested at the moment in the subject of rising from sight, but rather remaining in the world but not of it.

Now, to say to you that this is a revelation: that the belief in two powers is the barrier separating us from our God-given harmony is nice, good; but it isn’t going to solve your problem. Your problem is solved, the immediate problem, if you find the practitioner who has worked with that principle until they have attained a measure of that consciousness which no longer fears, hates, or loves evil. And in proportion to their attainment of this, your problem is met; but that doesn’t solve your life problem. Your life problem is solved when you, as an individual, begin to work with this problem; so that, let us say, you are faced with a specific problem…well we’ll just take this simple one of this month’s weather, claims of colds or grippe; and let us begin with it. And as this claim of power, evil power, destructive power, sickening power, comes to our attention, let us inwardly, silently always, realize the non power of anything that does not emanate from God. In other words, “Thou couldest have no power unless it came from God.”

Remember that in your first year of piano lessons you’re not expected to give any concerts in this hall; and so in your first months of working with this principle of non power, you’re not expected to overcome all of the problems of your life or those of your family or friends; you’re expected only to begin, to make a start. Because it is not your intellectual agreement with this principle that does the work, but the attaining of the actual consciousness of this truth; and that comes with practice.

Or we may take the subject of supply which at times is distressing to us at some period or other on our journey; and if that is confronting us or someone close to us, we can realize that: there are no forces and no powers, of mind or matter that can possibly interfere with God’s law. God’s law is abundance.

I found that out one time, while going through a temporary period of limitation. I was driving through the country in the spring of the year when the peach blossoms and the apple blossoms were in bloom, and all of a sudden I became aware of them, and was tempted to count them. And of course, you can imagine what hits the eye when you look out and see mile after mile, after mile, of these apple blossoms, pear blossoms, peach blossoms, billions of them, hundreds of billions of them, and then you think to yourself, “What possible difference could it make to God whether they are blossoms or actual pieces of fruit or dollar bills?” There must be just as many billions and tens of billions of everything, as there is of blossoms. And then you become aware of the fact that limitation exists up here, not out there. Count the blades of grass in a lawn. There’s no limitation out here. You can count the fish in the sea or the birds in the air, or the cattle on a thousand hills, or the gold in the earth or the diamonds or the rubies, pearls in the sea and there is no limitation, the limitation is up here.

And so as we work with this and we begin to ask, “What power is there in heaven or on earth, or beneath the earth that can interfere with the activity of God?” And then we’ll discover, there can’t possibly be a power apart from God, if Omnipotence is truth. And as we work with that, gradually that principle becomes a living principle to us, and eventually we bear witness to it—that the only place that limitation ever existed was in the human mind. So we go from one phase of life to another with our principles, and gradually develop a whole new consciousness.