1962 Maui Special Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
485A – Human Relationships Through God Realization 4/4

If you ever really get curious about statements like that from the Master’s lips and say, “I’d love to know that kingdom he is talking about or that peace that he is talking about. I would love to know what that means, ‘I have meat the world knows not of.’ ”  Then you are on the way because then you will never rest until you discover that kingdom, that peace.  And then you find the miracle that almost from the moment that you set out to discover what my kingdom is and my peace is, and that meatthat hidden meat, that hidden mannaalmost from the moment that you set out to find that, your relationship to God and man changes because love enters in.  But it isn’t your love or mine; it is the love of God has entered in. You have opened a crack in your consciousness to let in the love of God.  Just to have an interestenough of an interest to studywhat is that “My kingdom,” what is that “My peace” what is that “hidden meat” he has got?

Dwelling on that here opens a crack in your consciousness, and that tiny little crack lets the love of God enter. And that love of God is the love for God and for man that very soon develops.  The love, which you have witnessed among us; the love, which you will witness if you travel with us around the world and see it in all parts of the world.  That is not man’s love for each other!  It can’t be.  That is God’s love in us for each other; God’s love in us.  God loves you through me; God loves me through you.  If I say, “I love you,” I can look back on the years when that was ridiculous and then I say, “Well, that can’t be.”  If I say, “You love me,” I think of our different interest in life and different backgrounds, and I say, “That can’t be.”  But all of a sudden when I realize that my interest in Godmy love of God is really what you are loving.  And then when I look out here and say, “Certainly, that’s why I love you.” Not for you. No! For the common bond that exists between us in that the love of God has entered your soul; the love of God has entered your consciousness.  And then we do that which is natural; we love our neighbor as our selves.  Because you see there isn’t any God separate from our neighbor to love.  And the only way you can evidence your love for God is in your love for your neighbor.

There is no God hanging around up in space; not in the space in this room or above the room, and not in the space above the ground, or the space above the sky.  The only God there is is incarnated in your soul and the soul of every individual.  That is why the Master said, “In as much as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto God. Ye have done it unto me the Christ.”

And so you will discover the only way to love God is for us to love each other.  But not just each other in this room.  Ah no!  That you see would be such a restrictive sense of love that it wouldn’t be love; it would be selfishness.  If this love that we feel for each other is a true love, it makes us also want to help the Cuban refugee or the Chinese refugee or the Hungarian refugee or the people of any nation that are in distress; the people of any color, or creed, or climate that are in distress.  If this love that has entered our heart doesn’t give us that interest in all of the unfortunates of the world, be assured that it isn’t the love of God and we have deceived ourselves.

No, we only love each other because we have opened ourselves to God and we have discovered the God in me and the God in you and have found it to be the same God, the same life, the same love, the same interest.  But even though these other people may not yet know their identity, we do.  We do; we know that one of these days the Cubans, and the Russians, and the Chinese, all are going to awaken to their true identity just as we know that the residents of Washington, D.C. or London are some day going to awaken to their spiritual identity; they can’t go on forever either in ignorance of their true identity just because their material needs are being met.  Someday their material abundance will not satisfy all their needs and then they will hunger after God and find Him.  Because it really makes no difference if their sins are scarlet, they will be white as snow in the very instant that they open their consciousness to receive God.

We can have peace on earth, we can have peace between our nations and races, we can have peace in our communities, we can have peace in our homes, but it will only come on a permanent and beautiful basis when it comes because of some measure of realization of our relationship to God. We ourselves must attain first that realization; if I attain a measure of realization of my oneness with God, I draw to me and around me and with me those who have some measure of the love of God in them.  As you attain any degree at all of realization that God constitutes your being, that God has incarnated Himself as your very being, that you are the temple of God and God dwells in you, with the first bit of realization of that you start to draw unto yourself out of the world those who are traveling in the same direction; those who are heading for the household of Godthe temple not made with hands.

So you see we are bound together with an invisible bondthat is our conscious union with God.  And we draw to ourselves out of the world all those with any measure of love of God by our realized oneness. Seek ye the kingdom of God. Seek ye the meaning of My kingdom, My peace.  Seek through meditation to discover what the Master meant, I have meat the world knows not of…Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that is received from God.”

Thank you