1962 Maui Special Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
485A – Human Relationships Through God Realization 2/4

It is like an experience of one of our young boys, college boys, who was one of the boys, one of the crowd, popular, friendly, who found this message of The Infinite Way and very quickly found that he was out of step with all of the boys and girls he knewso completely out of step he never did get back into step with them.  He was as isolated from them as if he were in a college ten thousand miles away, and yet on the same campus, in the same buildings, and in the same classrooms.  But because of this search and seeking of the household of God, he met others on this path, and in this case, Infinite Way students, and his life became united with the life of those on this patha few perhaps in his own age bracket, most of them older.  But nevertheless, of such oneness that he hasn’t missed the companionship of those not on the path.  But on the other hand he has gained so much from his spiritual companionships that have become tangible in pleasure as well as in spiritual profit on the human plane.

At any moment that any individual seeks to know God aright, seeks the kingdom of God within, seeks through meditation and study to become consciously one with God, they very soon thereafter find themselves one with others on the spiritual path.  And they find themselves not only united in study, but they find themselves united in social engagements, family pleasures, all activities of human life.

One day we are going to be able to prove that when an individual makes God contact, the first order of business on his or her agenda, that they will draw to themselves in marriage somebody interested in the spiritual life, somebody interested in the spiritual way of life, in the search for God, in attaining conscious union with God, and that bond will be the bond that will enable them to enjoy and be fruitful in every phase of their human marriage.  There are so many aspects of marriage, the companionship angle, the parent angle, the grandparent angle, the social angle, the community angle, the income angle.  But do you see for a moment that when there is this spiritual contact, that all of the other relationships fall into line with understandings, with pleasure, with companion, in interest.  Without this spiritual bond, even the best of marriage has nothing in it but human relationships, which are sometimes pleasant and sometimes unpleasant.

One day it will be acknowledged that the secret of life is in oneness with God; that the secret of success in life is in oneness with God.  So we will all declare as the Master did, “I of mine own self can do nothing.” I of mine own self can be nothing in your life except as a passing interest.  It is only in my relationship with the Father within that we can have a permanent bond at any level of human existenceat every level of human existence; on the friendship level, on the marital level, on the social level.  We can always be one, and in that oneness, the joy flows; the joy at every level.

Now we have had schoolteachers experiment with this in their classrooms, not through speech, not through teaching, merely through moments of meditation and then finding that a relationship existed between the students and the teacher that could not be for any other reason. Nor could it be so harmonious, nor so universal in the classroom.  In other words, meditating together, which means coming together in God consciousness, creates an invisible bond.  And all of a sudden our conduct toward each other changes.

You know it isn’t possible for two or more people to live together in God and lie to each other, or cheat, or defraud each otherit can’t be done.  A person would wreck their mind and body that tried to live so in contrariness to the way of God, or the will of God, if they every tried to bring their human will and their human desires and their human tricks into a spiritual life.  It isn’t only that it couldn’t be done in marriage; I can assure you from long experience it couldn’t be done in this room. It wouldn’t make any difference, which one of us attempted to deviate from spiritual integrity with each other, it would soon be uncovered and someone would just be removed from our midst.  It can’t stay covered up.  Nothing is hidden from God.

Someday this is also going to be the foundation of human conduct. Because at the present time there is only one reason that sin, so called, or dishonesty in human relations can go ononly one reason.  Humans do not expose their contact to the light of God.  They are cleaver enough to stay away from God.  If you do you can get away with anything. It is only if, in some unguarded moment, you bring yourself close to God, that you will find that you cannot deviate from spiritual integrity. The answer should be very clear to you in a moment.

Supposing you are a mathematician, and you have your two times two is four, and your three times three is nine, and your four times four is sixteen, and all of the rest of these things, do you realize that as long as you abide by the rules of mathematics, and keep to the figures that mathematics gives you, that you are going to have a very harmonious experience?   Do you not realize that the moment you put down two times two is five, that you have thrown your whole mathematical life out of order?   And that you can’t cover it up, and you can’t hide it?  You might for a few days and a few weeks until the auditor comes around, or the checkbook balance comes back from the bank, but your mathematical ignorance or dishonesty is going to be exposed the very moment that it is exposed to the light of mathematics.

It is so with us.  Anybody in this world can get away with dishonesty if they are just clever enough, or trickery, or false advertising, lies, deceitsanyone can get away with this if they are half way cleveras long as they stay away from God.  It won’t hurt them just to go to church; it won’t hurt them to just live an outside life of piety. It is only if they actually, actually, attempt through meditation, or sincere prayer to reach God, that their house of cards will collapse.

So it is with us.  We can go on forever and forever enjoying relationships such as you have witnessed here on Maui, and most of you have witnessed this past month on Oahu that many of you have witnessed in other cities of the world where Infinite Way students come together. We can have this forever.  But anyone who seeks to introduce into this relationship anything off of spiritual integritylove, justice, equity, cooperativeness, sharinganyone who tries to deviate from these, might just as well try to sneak a two times two is five into their arithmetic and hope to get away with it; they can’t. That is why this is the only hope there is in family life; this is the only hope there is in community life; this is the only hope there is in international life.  It is only in our oneness with God, that we are of the same household of God with Americans everywhere, with English everywhere, with Chinese, Japanese or Negroes anywhere.  We are all of the same household.  We have one common interest in our relationship with God, in our fellowship in the spirit; in our communion with God, which unites us in communion with each other.

Just notice the sacredness of our experience in meditation, and then afterwards try to realize the impossibility of human wrong entering that relationship. It is as if it were a protective influence, therefore it can be said that “nothing can enter that defileth or maketh a lie.” Nothing can enter the united consciousness of those who are united in God, united in the family of God, in the household of God, in the temple of God.

If we catch an idea in The Infinite Way that I and my Father are one, and that I am the temple of God; do you not see that sooner or later I am compelled to live up to that estimate of myself?  And so are you.  The moment that you can catch the slightest inner vision of the fact that you are the temple of God, you can’t violate yourself anymore; you can’t violate your integrity; you can’t violate your relationship with othersnot if you have had the realization that you are the temple of God.  And more especially   when the second step comes, and you realize that if you are the temple of God, I am the temple of God. You cannot violate yourself or me, because now you are dealing in consciousness with the temple of God.