Human Relationships 1/4

1962 Maui Special Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
485A – Human Relationships Through God Realization

Good evening.

For myself and for all of the Infinite Way students who have come to Maui from near and far, I am sure that I am right in saying that this is and has been an unforgettable experience.  I know that as we travel the mainland, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand, that we are going to live over these days and these evenings many, many times, and it is so easy to see the reason for this.  We have lived in these few days our spiritual relationship on the human level, and we have actually witnessed the livingness of spiritual living on the human level.  We have lived not only in the hours of spiritual instruction, we have lived in social relationships, friendship relationships, we have lived together at breakfast and at lunch and at dinner and in-between, we have traveled together, we have driven together.  We have really experienced a great deal of human relationships in these few days, and witnessed what human relationships can be when there is a spiritual foundation for it.

We only have to look at the world to know how horrible human relationships can be, and how horrible human relationships are.  And sometimes you wonder if that is the only way human beings can live togetherin constant warfare of one nature or another. But experiences such as we have had in Honolulu and here, experiences which some of you also have lived with us in cities on the mainland, in Canada, in England, Australia, New Zealand, must prove to you that human relationships can be happy, can be joyous, can be without strife, can be without envy, can be without sensuality, can be without greed.  Human relationships can be as loving and as peaceful as we in our work have witnessed these relationships in so many countries around  the globe.

It is all the more remarkable when you take cognizance of the make-up of these Infinite Way groups and discover that humanly we have very little or nothing in common.  Our groups are made up of such different social strataeconomic strata, artistic strata, educational strata so many different levels of human consciousness that you wonder what have we in common that unites us.  What have we?  People of different countries, of different races, different colors. It is remarkable! It is remarkable to witness the harmony that exists.

I speak of this not as a testimony to the fact that we have had a good time here on Maui, and that we have had a good time in Honolulu, and we have had many good times in many parts of the world.  We have not only had our spiritual sessions, the seriousness of which can be testified to by the lessons and tapes that have come forth from it; not only that we have enjoyed friendships and good times.  But I mention it because ultimately this is the way human life is going to be lived on earth.  Ultimately the entire world, when it learns the principle that is involved, this is the way the nations and the peoples of the world are going to live together.

Now, always attempts have been made by people of goodwill to bring about peace on earth and goodwill among men. None of these efforts have ever been successful for any length of time. And I want you to witness why. They are all based on trying to unite us humanly when we haven’t enough interests with each other humanly to remain united.  There is no way to bring together people of great abundance, and medium abundance, and lack of abundance, people from the Ph.D.’s down to the grammar school graduate.  There is no way to bring them together in a joyous, permanent human relationship because there is not a sufficient bond of interestof any permanent interest to bring them together or to keep them together.  And yet I have witnessed over these seventeen years how our groups remain united over the years, and over the countries, and over the boundaries.  But the reason is that we are living according to a principle not yet practiced by the world, and not yet taught by the world.

Actually the church world should be teaching this, and someday it will.  When it does, it will have established, not only peace on earth, but something that the church longs for and does not know how to attain, and that is permanent family relationships; the doing away with divorce, broken homes.  There is a way to do that, but not a way that is being practiced on any wide scale in the world today.  They try to unite two people, and ultimately the third, fourth, or fifth; peoples of different homes, different education, different beliefs, and then try to have them live together for thirty, or forty, or fifty years in happiness.  Impossible!  It just cannot be done.

There is a principle that would insure it.  But this principle will not only insure the happiness of the individual home, but the happiness of the individual community, and eventually, the state, the nation, and the worldthe nations of the world.

In The World is New you have the principle that, “My conscious oneness with God constitutes my oneness with all spiritual being and idea.”  Do you know that the only reason you are united with me, you from so many lands, from so many states, so many cities, so many different cultural backgrounds; do you know why you are related to me and united with me, and have been for many years?  My oneness with God, constitutes my oneness with you.  Whatever it is that you feel in me has nothing to do with me as a man.  Probably had you met me when I had nothing to offer but whatever it was I had as a human, you would have had no interest in me whatever. I know that this is true.  It isn’t guesswork, and it isn’t false modesty. I know that you could have had no interest in me whatsoever. I could never have been a part of your life.

The only thing that unites me with you is my union with God.   You feel that.  You desire thatthat same union. And in many cases you have already attained some measure of it.  But that is the bond between us.  If I ever lost my oneness with God, you would lose your interest in me.  Think it over and you will know that it is truethat that is the only part of me that is of interest, real interest, to you.  The rest is just a little dressing. But the real interest is what you feel of my relationship to God.

What is it that I feel in you?  Those of you who have attained some measure of that oneness with God; I feel that in you.  And those of you who haven’t, I can feel the integrity of your desire for it.  I can feel your longing for it.  I can witness the efforts you make in study, in meditation, to attain it.  And that creates a bond between us.  Those of you who have attained that oneness, I want to be in communion with, the same as you want to be in communion with me. And those of you who have not yet attained it and show such a desire for it, I want to be of whatever measure of help to you that I can be because the moment you have a desire to know God aright, you are of my household, and I am of yours.  We are of the same household, the household of God, even if we haven’t completely entered into it. The mere fact that we are on the same path leading up to it makes us fellow journeyers, fellow travelers.  And on the way, that household of God we stop at the same hotels, eat at the same table, enjoy the same pleasures because our interests are one.

Now, the moment an individual carries into his business life or professional life this relationship of oneness with God, they draw unto themselves in their business world, or art world, or professional worldthey draw to themselves those who are seeking that same way.  And the first thing you know, businessmen and women have a happy business experience. Why?  Because they too are communing with people in their business world, or art, or professional world of this same household of God, or on this same journey Godward.

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