Maturity is the ability to think objectively—not through the conditioned mind. A person may be forty, fifty, or sixty, or seventy years of age and be immature. A person may have PhD’s in several languages and be immature, because maturity has nothing to do with age or education. Maturity has only to do with the ability to think objectively, to see understandingly, to throw off the conditioning that we have been given through birth, race, education, whatnot.

When the Freudian school can throw off its atheism and say, “God is the central theme of healing,” they have reached maturity, because they have thrown off the conditioned mind, and they now can think through an unconditioned state of awareness.

Every time that a person who has been brought up in some orthodox religion can throw off the restriction of a belief in a personalized God, and can realize that God never was a Hebrew, nor a Christian, nor a Buddhist, that God is spirit, they have attained their maturity. Those, regardless of their education or age, who must still personalize God, are immature.

Now this maturity is not given to us except by an inner grace. There is a something within us that prepares us for maturity. When maturity comes, it bring with it spiritually, a spiritual maturity brings with it the dawning of this otherness, this something of which we had not previously been aware, this something that actually goes before us to make the crooked places straight, to prepare mansions for us, where heretofore they were hovels or ghettoes.

You see, and you must know this as pioneers on the spiritual, on the mystical path, you must know this, that the freedom that the Hebrew is to know in a Christian world, the freedom that the Negro, and the African is to know in a white world, the freedom that an Oriental is to know in a Caucasian world, this freedom is not going to be attained by anyone’s armies. This freedom is not going to be attained by marches. This freedom is going to be attained first through education, culture, and then spiritual development. These are the three steps necessary for the attainment of individual and collective freedom.

You must never forget that in this land of the stars and stripes we have witnessed the lack of freedom in many minorities. In New England, both the Jews and the Roman Catholics experienced it, in the South the Negro and the Jew has experienced it, and the Catholic. In most parts of our nation the Oriental has experienced it, but to each of these the answer is the same. You have to earn your freedom, not with guns—with education, with culture, with spiritual development until you are recognized by your fellow man as an equal, until we are recognized by each other as equals, not because there is an army in back of me saying so, but because the way in which I have lived my life, or the way in which you have lived your life testifies to equality.

This subject plays an important part in our spiritual development, because there is going to be another period in 1964 in which this country is going to be faced with more armies trying to enforce freedom, more marches, more taking up of weapons—American against American, and there’s nobody out there in that world that has any solution for it.

The only solution will be if we as pioneers on the mystical path can receive the Christ, and loose the Christ so that evil loses its power—the evil in human consciousness, the error in human consciousness, loses its power in the presence of the Christ that those on the spiritual path can loose.

Now, it lies within your power to accept this truth that there is in the consciousness of every individual who was ever born, the Christ, the Son of God, the Spirit of God, that about which we have been speaking here this entire period.

This presence exists in the consciousness of every individual on the face of the globe, and the spiritually illumined can awaken it in those still unillumined by their recognition of it.

Now this is the modus operandi…supposing we use this as an illustration—you are my students and I am your teacher. What is my method of awakening you to spiritual awareness?  And the answer is this: first, I meditate. I meditate in order to bring myself to the realization that within me, closer to me than breathing, within me is this kingdom of God or the Christ, the Spirit of God, the Son of God. The presence and power of God is within me, since I and my Father are one.

If this is true of me, I would have to be a horrible egotist not to realize that this is by divine decree. In other words, it is the decree of God that this Son of God be established in me; therefore I must realize God can have no special children; therefore, this same presence is within you. God in the midst of you is mighty—the Spirit of God within you.

And so as I meditate on this, and I realize in each and every one of you, Christ sits enthroned, the very Spirit of God, which is your bread, the source of your wisdom, because God is the mind of you, the source of your wisdom, and you cannot love yourself. Love is of God; therefore, the love in your heart is really the love of God enthroned there.

So the wisdom of God is enthroned in your mind, and the love of God is enthroned in your heart, the Spirit of God is enthroned in you closer than breathing, and with that recognition I just get still, no more thoughts, no more words. I let the peace of God descend upon me. I let His Spirit bear witness with my Spirit that this is truth.

I remain for as long as I can in inner stillness, inner quietness, no thoughts, no words that the Spirit of God Itself may bear witness with my Spirit and yours…

And sooner or later, whether it happens the first time or the hundred and first time, I feel an answering click within me, a response, a weight dropping off my shoulder, an inner peace, and then I know that His Spirit has registered.

Now it may not register in every one of you on every occasion, but I’m sure that one of you, or two of you, or three of you will have responded, and felt this presence touch you.

And so it is that in time it reaches every one of you, to some extent, and then you yourself must carry on from there to bring it into its fullness.

Now each time that you meditate, every day of the week that you meditate for this purpose, someone out in the world is being awakened, and it can be a president, it can be a senator, it can be a congressman, it can be a prime minister, it can be someone somewhere, it can be a minister, a priest, a rabbi, we don’t know, and we don’t care. We’re not here to get credit. We’re not here to be praised.

We’re here for only one reason—we do know that everyone who receives some measure of spiritual illumination can awaken in some measure those who still sleep, and therefore, this is our function, and this is our contribution to the peace of the nation, and to the peace of the world.

Realize within yourself the Christ, the Christmas day, let every day be a Christmas day of realization, and then loose that Christ into the world, and let It touch those who are prepared.

And thank you, thank you, a very marvelous Christmas season to you and we’ll meet before New Years.