The truth is within your consciousness. The reading of these books, the study of them, the practice of principles will lead you to that truth within yourself, develop it, and in the end bring about the Christ birth. The books will not do it of themselves. Your dedication is what does it.

Where does money enter in? Well, books cost money. Teachers must live. Centers must be provided or paid for. It isn’t that the money in and of itself will buy it for anyone, no use of anyone believing that they can write out a check for a thousand or ten thousand dollars and have it. No, no, no!  It isn’t money in that sense. You cannot buy it with money, but there is a certain amount of money involved in the incidentals.

Be assured of this…yes, I’m going to use this illustration for this. I think this fascinates me. There is a book available this Christmas for children, a tiny little bit of a one, by a cartoonist, and the subject of it is security. How security is attained.

Some of you have undoubtedly have seen it, probably bought it for children, very entertaining. It shows a dog and his dog house, and it says, “Security is when you own your own home,” and it shows a school boy coming home from school, and it says, “Security is when you find your mother is home in the kitchen when you get there.”  Security is having someone to lean on.

Oh, it’s a whole little book of cartoons showing the different way that security is made evident to children and animals. One of our students made a book based on that showing what security is from The Infinite Way standpoint, and security lies in meditation, and security lies in grace, security lies in withinness, security lies in understanding the nature of God as individual consciousness, and there you have it.

The moment that a spiritual student believes that truth is in a book, or in a teaching, or in a church, or in a teacher, they are making it external; just as external as if they placed their security in their property, or in their employment.

Spiritual truth and wisdom is not in a book. Ye search the scriptures thinking that ye find truth therein. No. Scriptures reveal where truth is to be found—within you. And books of mysticism, of spiritual wisdom, cannot give you truth, they can only reveal where truth is to be found.

They can reveal where health is to be found, where safety is to be found, where security is to be found, and then the individual student must locate it there; must experience it there. So that, like Moses, Isaiah, Jesus, that you actually have the experience of the birth of the birth of the Christ, The birth, the awakening of that transcendental consciousness which reveals to you, “Be not afraid, I am with you.”

And then, and then all of a sudden you realize that’s what Moses said; that’s what Moses said:  “I am that I am”. That’s what Isaiah said, “I, I.” That is what Jesus revealed. I am the bread, the meat, the wine, and the water. Man shall not live by bread alone for I am the substance, the food.

I, this Spirit of God within me, I that existed before Abraham—not Jesus, who was born a year or two BC, but I who am before Abraham, I am the substance of your life, the law of health, of harmony, of purity.

A long, long time ago the psychiatrist Jung discovered that the central theme of healing is God. Now we learn that in the university where the Freudian psychiatry is taught in Vienna, that they now also have accepted that God is the central theme, and must be the central theme of healing.

Of course, this is true, but just as Jung revealed that he was not speaking of the God of the churches, nor of the religion of the churches, but the God and the religion of the original revelators, so must you understand today, as a pioneer on this path, that the God you are turning to is not the God of the churches, the religion you are turning to, is not the religion of the churches as that religion is today, because they are even permitting their bishops to write books and acknowledge that their God isn’t God.

You must learn the nature of God, and of prayer, even if intellectually at first, and abide with it, live with it, practice it until you too have a Christmas morning, a morning of spiritual rebirth, a dawning in your consciousness of the nature of the Christ, because when the Christ is born in you, evil begins to lose its reality.

Don’t expect that it’s all going to disappear in one breaking of a bubble, because it isn’t that way. It isn’t that way in our individual experience; it isn’t that way in the history of our students, or our patients.

It is an abiding with this Christmas experience, making every day of the year a Christmas day, a day of new rebirth, new dedication, and letting this Christ Spirit that dawns on a specific day—let It increase, let It become more and more powerful until eventually It takes over.

That was the day in which Paul said,I live, yet not I; Christ liveth my life.”  In other words, again, it wasn’t the man Jesus, the man Jesus had been crucified. It was the Christ who took over the life of Paul and lived his life, went before him to make the crooked places straight, spoke through his lips, financed the churches when the churches couldn’t finance themselves.

So it is that with the first spiritual awakening you begin to perceive that error lessens in your experience—probably slowly. Sometimes there is a healing of one nature or another that appears to be a miracle, and to our sense is, but do not be fooled by this and believe that all of a sudden you have the miracle of life, the key of life, and that your entire experience is going to be of that nature, because it isn’t so.

Even as Paul was teaching and preaching the Christ he had to take a few bad licks from the human mind. Even the Master, Christ Jesus, who contributed so much to our knowledge of this transcendental consciousness, even he had to pay the price of crucifixion; therefore, do not believe that this really means that with the birth of your first Christ experience, your first Christmas, that you are to live the rest of your days without problems, because it doesn’t work that way. There may be quite a few periods of illness or of lack until you yourself are deeply rooted and find that this Christ completely takes over your experience.

Then, of course, there will be the experience as others come to you for healing, and then for teaching, and you’ll find that vicariously you will be suffering their lives, and their problems, and it will be just as bad an experience for you as if you yourself were undergoing them, and sometimes worse. Many a time you’ll have the feeling, “I’d rather take this problem over from you and suffer it for you than see you suffering it, but you won’t be able to do it, because life is an individual experience.

The birth of the Christ then is your Christmas day and mine. It is that particular moment in which there is something in the nature of an awakening, or in the nature of an awareness in which we do realize that something is now functioning of which we heretofore were not aware.

It may only be in fleeting glimpses. It may be in a few individual experiences, but for all of us the experience is the same—Paul had to wait nine years for the fulfillment of the Christ in him before he could even go out into the ministry.

I was thrown into the healing ministry within two years after my first experience, but I wasn’t given the teaching ministry for sixteen more years. It’s very slow developing, very slow maturing, and the reason is…well, probably in the understanding of the meaning of the word maturity.