Spiritual Preparation for Peace 1/4

1963-64 Christmas – New Year’s Message
Joel S. Goldsmith
536A – Spiritual Preparation for Peace

Good morning.

This is our annual Christmas message, and in the current, the December Monthly Letter, you will find the Christmas message given at the Study Center last year, and if it touches you as it has me, you will wonder why there is need for another Christmas message. The answer is a very important one.

Many students, even after they are on a spiritual path, are seeking something in the nature of a truth or a message that will change the nature of their lives, improve it, but they think actually that there is some truth, some message that you can find in a book, or a Bible that is going to do this, and usually do it quickly.

There is no such thing as a message or a teaching that can have that power. There is a truth, a startling truth revealed by the great spiritual mystics of all ages, but it cannot be received by us. It cannot be accepted by us because it cannot be understood through the mind.

The natural man receiveth not the things of God, and therefore, the natural man, with his reasoning, thinking mind never can grasp truth, and even if the miracle of the truth were given, it would benefit no one.

There is a wonderful story that has been in existence for over four thousand, probably five thousand years, illustrating this of a time when truth was known—“the” truth, and the ultimate of truth, and some men wanted to know this truth, and they determined to find it out.

It has always been believed that it would take an individual anywhere from six to nine years to be able to grasp truth, even though, when the truth was given to him, it would be given to him in one sentence, yet it has always been considered, even back there four thousand, five thousand years ago, that there must be a time of six to nine years before an individual’s consciousness could be prepared to receive the truth. But these men determined to have it sooner than that, and whether or not they received it, it did them no good. So it has been ever since, that men have tried to give truth in a capsule. Men have even tried to give truth in a book, but it doesn’t work; just isn’t possible.

The natural man, the mind of man, the mind with which, or into which he is born, cannot accept truth, and therefore, there must be a period between the time that his interest in truth is aroused, to that time when his consciousness is prepared to accept it; in other words, to that point of spiritual discernment.

Paul makes all of this clear in his teachings, and we should all know this that even though that final sentence were given to us, it would be meaningless, and so it has been with the Christmas message.

For many years we have had a Christmas message every year. If you read each one of these messages, and they are all preserved in our books of the Letters that are published each year, you will find that whereas the principles do not vary, there is always enough difference in the message so that a different idea is brought to light.

If you were to read each one of these Christmas messages you would discover that perhaps at the end of the reading you would have a fuller grasp of the nature of the Christmas than just by reading one at a time.

In other words, a little something or other would come back from each one of these past messages and form a greater whole, but actually what you would discover is this—that your own consciousness had developed over the years so that that which you had read only with the mind, now you are beginning to discern through the soul faculties, through the power of spiritual discernment, and so, you were getting closer and closer to the point of realization.

Now, so as to make this completely clear to you, I would like to…well, use this for an illustration—in our metaphysical lives, and it makes no difference what your metaphysical background may be, or may have been, you will remember that over and over and over you have heard it said that error isn’t power, or evil isn’t power, or disease isn’t power, sometimes even sin isn’t power, and of course, everyone would like to believe this. It’s a very satisfying philosophy.

In fact, I don’t know of anything that could be nicer than to believe or to be able to believe that disease isn’t power, or that sin isn’t power, or that lack and limitation, poverty isn’t power, but we are faced with a world in which not only evil is power, it seems to be a great deal more powerful than good.

First of all, there never should have been a metaphysical teaching to the extent, or in essence stating that evil is not power, because there never has been a time when this was true, nor have any of the religious mystics taught such a thing.

What Christ Jesus taught and demonstrated was that in the presence of spiritual consciousness, the fourth dimensional consciousness, that the evils of this world were not power. He not only taught this, he demonstrated it with his healing power—healing of sin, healing of disease, healing of lack.

He demonstrated; he proved conclusively that wherever he walked, the nothingness, the non-power of human evil was demonstrated, and proved. He likewise proved that, in some degree, wherever his disciples walked evil had less power—not to the extent that it was nullified in his presence, because as he indicated they had not yet attained a sufficient fullness of spiritual consciousness, or fourth dimensional consciousness.

Therefore, what metaphysics has really been saying, or wanting to say, is that in the presence of either a natural or a cultivated spiritual consciousness evil would lose its reality, would lose its power, and the spiritual power of good would be revealed.

Now, this too has been proven for the past century, that wherever there is an individual who either naturally has developed, or come into this world with a fourth dimensional or spiritual consciousness, or wherever through study, application, devotion this consciousness has been developed, evil loses its reality and its power.

Now, there is no longer any question that this is true. There was a grave question when this was originally brought to the attention of the world, and this teaching was bitterly fought by the church, by materia medica, and through these by the law.

Today, regardless of where you travel in the world, not only this is not fought, but as a matter of fact, such teachings are encouraged. It was quite a concession made two weeks ago by a newspaper just outside of Washington, D.C., in an editorial, in which it made the acknowledgement that, “I guess we have to acknowledge that spiritual healing is here to stay. It has been proven,” and the editor was shocked, because until recently he hadn’t heard about it.

Now, when you hear, as you are going to hear, increasingly, that more and more churches are encouraging the study and practice of spiritual healing, and when you learn, as you soon are going to learn, that in some very important places in the medical world that they too are investigating, officially, this subject.

What you will have to keep in mind as a pioneer is this—the only contribution you can make is in the degree that you yourself know that there is nothing of a miraculous nature about spiritual healing, that there is nothing of a miracle involved, nor is it the bringing of God into the picture in order to get God to do what the doctor can’t do, or what the minister can’t do.

I believe that this has been a deterrent to the understanding, the general understanding of spiritual healing, in that too many people have believed that God is doing for them what heretofore they expected their minister or their doctor to do for them, and this really has held back the understanding of the entire subject.

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