This is God’s Day

From – Practicing The Presence

by Joel Goldsmith

This Is God’s Day

Father, this is Your day, the day which You have made.  You made the sun to rise; You have given light and warmth to the earth; You have given us the rains and the snows; the seasons of the year are Yours, “seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night.”  This is Your day.


You created me; I am Yours.  You created me in the womb from the beginning.  Use me this day, for as the heavens declare the glory of God and the earth showeth forth Your handiwork, so must I show forth the glory of God.  This day let me glorify God.  This day, let God’s will be made manifest in me.  This day, let God’s grace flow from me and through me to all those whom I meet.


Father, it is Thy intelligence that I need today – not my limited wisdom, but Thy infinite wisdom.  This day, I need all the love with which Thou canst fill me.  Give me Thy wisdom and Thy love in full measure.


Father, I have great tasks today that are beyond my understanding and beyond my strength, and so I must rely on You to perform that which is given me to do.  You have said that You are ever with me and all that You have is mine.  Grant me the assurance today that Your love is with me, that Your wisdom guides me, and that Your presence upholds me.


Your grace is my sufficiency in all things.  Your grace!  I am satisfied, Father, to know that Your grace is with me.  That is all I ask because that grace will be made tangible as manna falling from the sky, as a cruse of oil that never runs dry, or as loaves and fishes that keep ever multiplying.  Whatever my need, Your grace provides for it this day.


Just that much is enough to start us on our day, not as the son of man, but as the Son of God.

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