Now, just imagine that within, I should say eight to nine months from today, that there will be people in at least 25 to 50 cities who will go through this Cape Town, South Africa, class. The way they do it, as a rule, is, whoever conducts that work sends out notices and on Friday night, whoever wishes to come together, will hear two hours of the class; Saturday morning two hours more; Saturday afternoon two hours more; Saturday night two hours more; and finishing it up on Sunday. So from Friday night to Sunday, you go through a whole week of class work, then the tapes still remain if you want to review one, or two, of them at some future time.

Do you see the advantage of that type of study, where you go through any class that’s ever been given? You don’t wait for a teacher to come around once in a year, or two years for a class, you can go through any class every week of your life—a closed class or a practitioner’s class, because they are on tape, because they are not rehearsed, they are the spontaneous tapes just like you are witnessing this being taken down, nothing edited, nothing taken out, nothing added, just whatever took place in your consciousness and mine is recorded on tape for whoever else may hear it.

So we have writings and we have tape recordings and we have a Monthly Letter. And just remember this, that you are welcome to study them, to practice them and to have the help of the local practitioners who are able to help you, and there are some right here in Cape Town about whom you may learn. And at the same time you are free; at the same time remember, nobody is telling you what you must study, when, how much; how little, why or when you must study it, or what day you are set free in God to make your own demonstration, to arrange your own meetings and to do as you wish.

Now, don’t you see that Christian Science has its way of teaching, and the Institute of Religion has its way, and the Path of Truth has its way and all those ways have been given to readers of those movements under prayer, under consecration, under inspiration, and so far those that follow them they too, have their way of imparting their wisdom and those that follow them would do well to follow them rigidly and correctly in order to gain the greatest benefit.

I hope that answers what my attitude is toward other metaphysical systems in books. Love them, respect them every single one of them that has come through consecration, and be grateful for every student that enters the path of any one of them, because in that path they may find all they are looking for, or through it they may be led into further steps; also, the attitude towards other persons having studied different systems.

Well, that’s it…Respect them; love them; bless them; and above all, don’t proselyte. Don’t proselyte! Please let everybody find their own way in God. If you find somebody that you think can benefit by The Infinite Way and you wish to give them a little pamphlet or book, do so, but let your efforts stop at that. After that let them find their own way. Don’t try to take students from one teaching to another teaching, but if students come of their own accord then give them that which you have.

The same way … if students come to me and tell me they are Christian Scientists or they’re Unity students, or they’re New Thought students, but want to know The Infinite Way, I will gladly share with them. I won’t ask them to leave their church. I won’t ask them to leave their movement. I share with them and then leave the choice with them wherever they find it.

I expect the same thing takes place with others. If an Infinite Way student should go over to Mr. Sims or Dr. Brunt, or anyone of these teachers here, or in other cities, I expect that they too, will present whatever their truth is in their way and that is their right. That is their duty. That is their privilege. Don’t you see that? And at the same time, everyone that I know respects The Infinite Way. They don’t all agree that it’s the right way to go, but they respect it because of its integrity. They respect it because of its acknowledgement.

You perhaps read in a recent monthly write-up where I said that one of the fallacies that is going round the world right now is the belief that the time has come for a new teacher, or new teaching, and my answer to that was this: “Don’t you believe that, students. Don’t you believe that. The time has come for us to respect the spiritual nature of all teachings, and to respect those who are following them.” When we learn to do that, God will reveal Itself through every teaching. It is only in the degree that we shut off this flow and say “Oh, no, God is only in The Infinite Way, or God is only in Christian Science, or Truth is only in this teaching,” that we shut ourselves off from truth. Once you acknowledge that God has inspired the leaders and founders of all great religious movements, and therefore, there is God to be found in all of them. The greatest amount of God you will get out of whichever one you are following. That’s my attitude.

Now, on the same line I would like to say this to you. In order to gain the understanding of The Infinite Way, its principle, the letter and its spirit, I would recommend to our students that after this class they start their reading all over again in this fashion: Start with the book, The Letters. Start with that book. Get some of the foundational points that started me on this vision, and they will lead you forward: then Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture. With these two books you will have enough of a foundation to begin on The Infinite Way.

Now, The Infinite Way is the “forever” textbook of The Infinite Way message. But The Infinite Way is a book that requires years and years to understand. Anybody that believes that they have read it ten times and understands it, is missing the point. It isn’t to be understood that simply. It is a book of mysticism. It is a book that has to be understood, not through the mind—through the Spirit. And as you contemplate, or read, that book, The Infinite Way, you will soon learn that it’s almost an impossibility to read a full page at one time. Almost every paragraph or two contains a principle.

As a matter of fact, I can tell you this, that the twenty odd books with over half a million words that I have written and published are based on The Infinite Way with its only 30,000 words. The whole basis of all my writing is in that one book, and sometimes I have taken one sentence out of that book and written a whole new book about it. Sometimes I have taken one idea and another whole book has come forth. That’s the type of book The Infinite Way is. It’s a book full of mystery and it’s a book full of surprises. It’s a book that, once you think you begin to understand it, you read it the next time and find out that you missed a point entirely. It’s the “forever all time” textbook of The Infinite Way and the only additions that ever will go into it … and remember that after ten years no omissions have ever come out of it, no changes have ever been made, not even a sentence, but there is one addition and that is the chapter of “Infinite Way Wisdoms,” and that was a two year revelation that went into that one chapter. If there are ever any additions it will be through revelation and demonstration. If we can’t demonstrate it, it won’t go into the book.

Then as you read Leave Your Nets—here is a book also that defies analysis because, frankly, I think it says nothing, but it says it in such a strange way that it leaves you with some kind of an impression that does something for you that, if you could understand it, it wouldn’t do for you. That doesn’t make sense, but then it wasn’t meant to.

Then from The Infinite Way on, take the books as they are. You have them there on all of the class works and so forth and so on. And you can do as you like from there.

Now, we have the question, “Please define the difference between soul and spirit clearly.”

Well, my dear friend, if I knew the difference between soul and spirit, right now, instead of being in Cape Town I would be right sitting up there, alongside of our dear master. I know nothing about the difference between soul and spirit except this: God is my soul and yours, and that soul is really the whole theme of our existence. It’s the source of our eternality and our immortality. It is the source of our supply.

Everything emanates from our soul, our integrity, our loyalties, our fidelities, our sense of justice, our benevolence, and all of this comes out of our soul. Our intuitional faculties, all of this comes out of the soul. What is the soul? I don’t know. Whatever God is, that’s what the soul is. All I know about it is that it is so close to you and me that if we just close our eyes and listen it will talk to us. It will give us a higher integrity than we ever knew before, it will give us a higher sense of justice, a higher sense of brotherly love. All of this will be imparted to us from within our souls, because that’s where it is. “The kingdom of God,” the Master says “is within you” and it is within you that all of your qualities exist, and your quantities and the part that is within you, which he called “the Father,” we may call the soul: we may call it the soul of man.

Do you see? The soul of man contains his life, and his joy, and his peace and his power and his dominion. The soul of man is all within ourselves, and that’s why I say don’t let anybody beggar you. Everything is within your own soul. Be willing to stand on your own two feet and be self-reliant. Don’t come under the miasma of state socialism. Don’t come under this new deal and believe that you need a great father in Washington, or in Pretoria, or some other place to feed you and clothe you and sustain you, because you haven’t got enough sense of your own. Don’t believe it. Don’t come under this twentieth century socialistic ideal.