Now, remember I have also seen some of the others on the sidelines, but that’s their demonstration. The serious ones, the consecrated ones have done enough that I and many others have derived tremendous good from Christian Science and I feel that I would still be in it except that, the message that has evolved in me has carried me where I believe to be a step further, and is carrying our students a step further in demonstration. And if nothing else is setting them free from any dependence on masses or groups of leaders and giving each one the opportunity to find their conscious oneness with God, you can do it inside the Christian Science movement as I did, but evidently most of the world doesn’t.

Now, what I have witnessed is this: there is enough truth in Divine Science; there is enough truth in Unity; there is enough truth in some of the New Thought teachings, so that anybody in the world can pick out those truths and advance their lives a thousand percent from wherever they are today. Which teaching will be the ultimate one; which teaching will ultimately prove to be the most satisfactory to the most people; that’s not your business or mine. We’re dealing only today with what will meet our need at this level, and I say to you that any of the teachings … now mark this well and you can hold it against me forever, I say to you that any of the teachings or writings that were founded by men and women of integrity, who have devoted their lives consecrated to truth, either on the mental or spiritual level, that there is good in all of them and enough good to lift us out of wherever we are. Then should you progress from one teaching to another, or one teacher to another that will be your individual demonstration. But don’t make the mistake after you’ve left one teacher, or teaching, to try to burn it down. Remember you left school, but you didn’t burn your school down. Leave it for the next generation.

And so if you leave one teaching for another; don’t knock it, don’t destroy it, and you can always trust scripture to give you a principle to go by. And in that connection I offer you this: if this teaching, or that teaching is of God, don’t fight against it for it will destroy you. If it’s of man, don’t fight it; it will destroy itself. So don’t engage in any rampages; don’t engage in any campaigns; don’t engage in any gossip or rumor about any of the metaphysical or spiritual movements or teachings. Let them be. The good ones have survived for many years and will continue to survive as long as they are based on God. The bad ones come and go, and they do very little harm except of a transitory nature—a temporary nature.

In a way, they all have ways of exposing themselves sooner or later. All I say to our students, and believe me I say to them in every city of the United States and Canada and all over Europe where I travel, I have only this to say and believe about all teachers and teachings, that those who are consecrated are of God and are good, and let the others destroy themselves.

Now, should one of your friends or relatives be following a teaching of which you do not approve, let that be their demonstration, and even if it’s one of those you know to be a pretty wicked one, still let that be their demonstration. Let them wake up in their own way, let them find their own way. Let them find their own way out, and I can promise you they will. I have witnessed this work for twenty-seven years and I have seen people get involved in some pretty wicked teachings, but I have noticed that as they go on they have a way of finding themselves and leaving them and going out and finding the next higher step. So that’s the way for us.

Please let us agree on this: Every man and woman who has come into the spiritual field through a dedication to God and his fellowmen is offering something worthwhile to the world, and in that degree is showing forth fruitage, and in that degree it’s suitable for somebody. Whether or not it’s for you, that’s for you to determine by your prayers to God.

I am equally frank in every class in saying that The Infinite Way is not for everybody. The Infinite Way is a mystical teaching, it takes intuition to understand it, it takes intuition to be able to grasp and demonstrate it. If you could recite all of The Infinite Way books by heart you may not be able to heal a headache because what you intellectually grasp of this teaching will not enhance your progress—it is what you intuitionally receive and respond to. It is what makes a response in that inner ear and inner eye that determines your demonstration.

Now, all the people of this world are not mystics and they are not all ready to be mystical, nor can they understand mystical teachings and for those there must be others.

Another thing, The Infinite Way has no membership therefore, the only tie that holds us is love. Everyone is free to find their way in some other teaching if they find one that suits them better. There are no ties on anyone here. There are no obligations beyond the obligations of this moment. Each one is left free in Christ.

Now, there are aids left behind, as you will see. There are books, there is The Monthly Letter, and if you are not receiving a copy of The Monthly Letter and are studying The Infinite Way writings you should be receiving a copy of it. They’re available to you, and they are the aids. They take the place in our work of a correspondence course, because as I travel, for instance, if I have some point come up in this class which hasn’t heretofore been stressed, I can just as well write an article on it, send it in to my editor and have it appear in a monthly letter, as then students all over the world will get the benefit that took place in this class, or the last class, or the next class.

And so, my Monthly Letter is a point of contact between me and the students who are studying The Infinite Way writings, and that monthly letter contains teachings, things to be put into practice, things to be read in connection with things that are in the writings.

In addition to that, we have tape recordings in city after city. These tape recording meetings are growing, not in size, because we don’t encourage large meetings, but in numbers of tape recorders in the city and numbers of groups that are listening and in numbers of days of week that they’re listening to it. The reason, well now, just imagine you have been through a class this week, you know that by means of this tape recorder that students all over the world can go through this same class. In other words, you may be getting soon … well, I know you are receiving the Kailua series of tapes, which is a series of tapes of forty hours of a class that I gave to twenty-five advanced students, who came from all over the United States and Canada to Hawaii for this particular period of study in my home.

Well now, you can’t imagine the value of that because, when you hear those tapes, you are sitting in my living room in Kailua, in a group of twenty-five advanced students listening to a message that came out of me after hours and hours of meditation every day, and you are in that particular class.

Now, in my New York class in March, not only I feel, but the students felt then, and my letters since indicate that they still feel that way, that we attained a height of teaching in the last New York class such as never has heretofore been voiced.

Well now, just imagine that you can go through that class right here in Cape Town. You can be part of that class and in that class were my thirty-three teachers, my sixteen practitioners as well as the local students of New York. So you can imagine the atmosphere that was in that class, and imagine what you hear when you hear that tape. You can’t help but benefit.

Well now, so it is, if there’s been anything worthwhile in this Cape Town class—and I might tell you this, that last year, we had two days of the Cape Town class that was so different from anything else that ever took place in The Infinite Way experience, that they have been going all over the United States and Canada and over to England. Two days of our last year’s Cape Town class, the whole class was going but with special stress on those two days. They were so unusual.