You can be a good thinker in this work, but it isn’t going to do you any good to be a pol-parrot, because you will never demonstrate beyond the pol-parrot stage. But if you will always start your day’s work with the word God, and begin to know all the truth you can know about God, everything you’ve ever read in scripture and metaphysics…Give God the treatment; don’t give man the treatment; give God the treatment.

In other words know the truth about God, and then when you are through, realize, “Why, everything I’ve said about God is the truth about me,” because I and the Father are one, and all that the Father hath is mine. Do you see that? And that’s how you hook up the spiritual good of God with individual being. Never declare that you are rich; never declare that you are spiritual; never declare that you are wealthy; or have infinite abundance. Declare that about God, and then realize that whatever is true about God is true about you. For I and the Father are one, and you will be following Jesus Christ’s teaching: I of my own self am nothing. If I declare anything about myself I bear witness to a lie, but everything I declare about God is the truth about me. Therefore, I have everything in God; having God I have everything, and I do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Do you see that? I am rich in Christ, in Christhood, in spiritual sonship. And so it is.

You must remember this; the world has become lazy. It has become so lazy it won’t even read, and so it’s got to look at a photograph of the news. It won’t read books, its got to look at photographs of books. We can’t do that in our work. We have got to be doers of the word, and not hearers only. We have got to be consciously aware of the truth that we know, not just lackadaisical and let it simmer in and out of our thoughts, or sit and listen to a teacher half asleep, or dreaming about what’s coming for lunch or dinner. We have got to be almost sitting on the edge of our seat listening for every word; imbibing it and then going out and repeating it.

I used to know a Christian Science practitioner who, after every lecture … I mean lecturer, who after every lecture, had a sick stomach and he’d say, “You know what gives it to me? The hundreds of people who come up after a lecture and tell me how they enjoyed it, and how they’d loved it, and then I’d say, “What point did you get in particular? Oh, well, you know, in general it was beautiful.” They didn’t hear a word the lecturer was saying. They were daydreaming “it’s beautiful.”

Now, no lecturer wants to hear that his lecture is beautiful; no teacher wants to hear that his lesson is beautiful. What they would like to hear is if you heard one sentence, if you heard one sentence, if you heard one idea and said, “Say, wasn’t that a powerful idea you put across with me. I’ll be living on that for the next week. That truth will be my bread and my wine and my water. It will form a new body for me.” Now you thrill the teacher, but don’t tell him that sixty minutes of talk was wonderful. Chances are they know it anyhow, but the point is that they know that you don’t know it unless you’ve caught a point or two or three.

Now, health is not going to be difficult to demonstrate, and supply is not going to be difficult to demonstrate, if you will acknowledge that the only health you can have is God, and if you will acknowledge the only supply is God then you can have an infinity of both. But, Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. It’s “ye” that must know the truth; “ye” that’s got to be reading these truths and practicing them. There’s no virtue in reading a whole book, and I don’t care who the author is, the virtue is in catching … reading enough to catch one idea and snapping the book closed and saying, “Ah, ha, that’s going to be my bread, wine and water for today.”

Nobody has to read all of these hundreds of books that are written, not even mine; they don’t have to read them. Catch some point, catch some principle and live with it; eat it up; drink it up; imbibe it in your consciousness until this truth is blood of your blood, bone of your bone, flesh of your flesh and then you’ll find that half a dozen truths out of a teaching will really remake your life.

Now, I have a question here that’s inline with our work tonight: “What attitude should The Infinite Way student take towards other metaphysical systems in books?”

Well now, let me tell you the attitude. First place, in order to find which teaching you should follow, you should pray to God, not ask your neighbor, nor follow the most popular one of the moment, but to have a teaching which best suits you at this moment, and there’s only one that can tell you which teaching that is, and that’s God. And you’ve got to go within yourself and say, “God, show me the path to follow. It may not be my ultimate path, but show me the path to take today. I’ve got to start somewhere.” Now, in some way God will lead you to the particular path that best suits your present mental and spiritual development. We won’t take the same path; we won’t all start with the same path. We won’t all end with the same path, but we will, if we trust God to lead us to the one that’s nearest to us, and if we turn to God, it will be one of the legitimate ones.

Now, I’ll tell you my attitude about other metaphysical systems and books. There are some of them that are legitimate that have been founded by men and women of the highest integrity—Men and women who have dedicated their lives to metaphysical truths, to the teaching of it, to the living of it, to the promotion of it, and there are other metaphysical teachings that are one hundred percent phony. Books that have been written by men who have never healed a case in all their lives; men who came into metaphysics on Saturday and set-up as teachers on Monday. The bookshelves are filled with books by these people. There isn’t enough good in any one of them to pay for the paper they’re written on, but if you turn to God, you won’t be led to those. They are the products of our American democracy. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that if you take out a license as a religious institute, or religious organization, that no matter how dishonest it is, you can’t be illegal, because no religion has proved it’s true; therefore nobody can prove that the other fellow’s is untrue.

So if you decide to go to the states and go to an attorney and pay $200 for incorporation as a religious organization, you can immediately write a book and you can immediately tell how to heal, and how to live spiritually and how to demonstrate supply. The fact that you never knew anything about it until yesterday won’t change it. Under the law you’re legitimate.

Now, if you pray you will never be led to people like that. You’ll be led to people and I tell you frankly, we have some very fine men and women in the states who are consecrated and devoted to spiritual and metaphysical truth, some on the spiritual level, some on the mental, but the integrity is equally high whether it’s mental or whether it’s spiritual among those, and heaven help you if you get in the hands of the others.

Not that ultimately it will harm you, because there is a divine grace that sooner or later will wake you up and make you throw it out. But I say to you that you don’t have to go through that period of torture. Pray, pray to God to reveal your teaching and pretty soon a book will come into your hands, or a teacher will be recommended, or one of the local movements will be recommended, and you’ll find your starting place.

Now, your starting place may also be your ending place, or you may go forward and progress a step, as I believe I have. I had only one metaphysical background, and that Christian Science, and no other. I have no experience except having read the published writings, but I’ve had no experience with any of the other metaphysical movements of the world, only Christian Science, and I found satisfaction in Christian Science and I found healing and I found a good activity for myself, and outlet for my works and experience. And I must say this, that I never had an unhappy minute in my Christian Science life, and I haven’t got a complaint about the Christian Science Church, or its organization, or its board of directors, because all I have seen is the dedication that most of those men and women have put into their lives.