Supposing, just for a moment, that you have gathered the impression during this study and class work that The Infinite Way is really something good in the world—something good for you. Do you not have to agree then that it must be very good for the rest of the world? Then you not only are under an obligation to pay for what you get, but to help support it for the rest of the world that doesn’t yet know its value. And the same is true with any of these other teachings. If you think enough of them to follow them, then think enough of them not only to adequately support your local institution, but also to promote its spread. If you think it’s that good, it’s worthy of being spread. Then you will be a disciple; then you will have left the world for Christ. Then you will be spending your good, not only for food and clothing, but for spiritual things, and spiritual things is where you gain your enrichment.

Now, you see nobody should be permitted ever to convey to you the impression that there is anything on this earth that you can’t afford, and that you can’t have, if so be you fulfill the way of getting them. That is, your conscious union with God. I say to you that there is nothing in all this world that you can’t afford, nothing that’s right for you to have if you make your union with God, and maintain it; but don’t think that you are going to make it and maintain it from a standpoint of lack or limitation.

You are going to make it only from a standpoint of your conscious oneness with God. I don’t say that you are rich—I don’t even say that you have a pound; I merely say that you are the heir of God, joint heir to all the heavenly riches, and that you have the possibility and potentiality of demonstrating that in terms of dollars and pounds. I don’t care what your immediate financial status may be. Heaven knows, I have been broke enough in my days. You may be too. There’s no disgrace about it, those are just transitional experiences that we go through for some purpose. Don’t be ashamed of it if at the moment you are broke. The shame is if you stay that way long, because it’s indicating you are not making a spiritual effort to get out.

Now, spiritual effort doesn’t merely consist in going to a practitioner and saying give me a treatment for supply, or even give me ten treatments for supply. Heavens no! They can do it and they can bring you a temporary supply too. Any practitioner can who has had any degree of experience, but what good is it to you after you’ve got it, unless you also develop the state of consciousness that goes with it to produce it for the future.

We use this illustration in our Kailua series because, sitting in my chair in my living room, I look out on about 50 coconut trees, and every once in a while the boys come around and strip those trees of coconuts. It keeps the trees clean and it paves the way for them to grow still more coconuts and it pays them a penny apiece profit besides. So it blesses everybody all around.

And so, I was looking at a few of those trees that particular day that were bare, and at some others that had as many as 50 coconuts on them, and in speaking of supply I said to the students, “Supposing one of these barren trees should look around and see the neighbor tree with 50 coconuts and say, ‘Oh, lend me some of your coconuts,’ and so we go and pick some off of one tree and hang them on another. Now you wouldn’t say that the coconut tree had demonstrated supply, would you?” No, and if you can go out and borrow some money, or get something for nothing, you haven’t demonstrated supply. The only supply that you ever demonstrate is that which unfolds from within your own consciousness. That’s yours. The only supply that a coconut tree ever can demonstrate is the coconuts that grow up from within itself and get poured out on the branches, or with those flowers. You can’t hang roses on a rosebush and demonstrate roses from within its own self.

Now, this is the secret of supply: supply can’t be added to you from anybody—money can be, yes. You can inherit it, borrow it, steal it, earn it, but supply cannot be demonstrated that way. Supply has to be demonstrated from within your own consciousness, and in order to do it you have to follow a principle just as if you wanted coconuts or roses. You can’t grow coconuts unless you follow the principle of planting coconuts in the right soil, under the right conditions. You can’t grow roses unless you plant them in the right soil and keep them adequately under the right conditions, and you can’t demonstrate supply unless you follow a spiritual principle, and you have to keep fertilizing, and you have to keep watering, and you have to keep nurturing until your demonstration of supply comes out into the open.

Now, the seed you plant is truth, not just any truth, oh, no, no. Specific truth…I and the Father are one and all that the Father hath is mine. Son, thou art ever with me, all that I have is thine. I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. I am the bread of life and the wine and the water. I have meat the world knows not of. All of these specific truths that show the infinite nature of your own being; those are the truths that you have to plant in your consciousness and you have to let these truths follow through.

You remember, I said last night that you don’t have to be afraid of wrong thoughts, and if you know enough you can then nullify the effects of universal wrong thought, but remember, I said that you must nullify it in your consciousness. You can’t sit back and be a mental vacuum and have good come to you.

Let me illustrate what I mean. Perhaps you feel that this moment there is a sense of peace in this room. Well, you are all wrong. There isn’t peace in this room, and there isn’t war in this room. The sense of peace is within you and if you didn’t have a sense of peace within you, you wouldn’t be feeling it in this room because this room has nothing of itself. Now, there is no prosperity in this room and there is no morality in this room, and there is no immorality this room, no poverty and no wealth, but whatever there is, is in your consciousness.

Now, you determine what’s in your consciousness either by neglect, or by conscious spiritual activity. You can either walk around like a vacuum letting anything happen to you that wants, and some days good will happen to you, and some days bad, or you can take hold of yourself and consciously identify yourself with God. Consciously identify your Self with good, consciously declare your spiritual sonship, consciously declare that all the Father has is yours, and then count up the spiritual things that are God’s—integrity, loyalty, fidelity, benevolence, joy, peace, dominion, graciousness, grace, gratitude, love. Those are qualities of God, but they are qualities of yours, because I and the Father are one, but you can’t demonstrate them by sitting around being a vacuum. You can only demonstrate them by declaring them, affirming them, repeating them.

Now, perhaps you have read in my writings sometimes that you mustn’t use affirmations. Please don’t misunderstand me. I only mean you mustn’t make affirmations to make it happen. In other words, don’t think walking around saying, “I am honest” is going to make you so—it isn’t. Don’t think walking around saying, “I am rich” is going to make you so. Don’t think walking around saying, “I am healthy” is going to make you so. No, no, no. I didn’t mean that.

Declare the qualities of God in your own spontaneous language, not in formulas, not in made up affirmations, or statements, but turn to God and declare what you know to be the truth about God, and then declare that the truth about God is the truth about me, for I and the Father are one. Do you see that?