1956 Cape Town, South Africa Closed Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
656B -Truth Is One

Good evening. And on this our final evening of this class I would like to start, of course, with my “thank you’s.” Not that “thank you’s” are a matter of course, but that “thank you’s” must be in their proper order.

First of all, my very deep thanks for your generosity, because what you have financially contributed is a very substantial sum, and from any standpoint is generous. And while on the subject of gratitude, may I say this from the standpoint of the Infinite Way—let nobody ever feel bashful or backward in talking about money. Sometimes in the metaphysical world money is a taboo subject. Sometimes the impression is that money and spiritual things don’t go together, and that’s nonsense—utter nonsense. As long as we are engaged in a human activity under our present system of finances, money is an important factor.

Someone said recently, “Truth ought to be free.” That’s more nonsense too. As a matter of fact the most expensive pursuit in the world is the pursuit of truth. The master recognized that when he said, “Sell all that thou hast,” if you find the pearl. Leave mother, brother, sister, father for my sake. Give up all for my sake. There’s nothing cheap about truth. There’s nothing inexpensive about truth. The price of it is so high that there are very few people in all the world that can pay the price. The price isn’t only in money; it’s in many other ways, but believe me, money is one of them.

Now, it must be evident to everybody that regardless how spiritual a teaching is, that it must be conducted on a human level in order to benefit you or me. In other words, you either have to come to Hawaii if you want spiritual instruction in The Infinite Way, or you have to bring Hawaii to South Africa. One or the other, and that involves money, and the lecturer has to eat, which some people sometimes deny. They don’t see a good reason for it, and maybe they know more about it too. Probably metaphysical teachers should learn not to eat.

Now, everything connected with the metaphysical work, and it makes no difference now whether it’s Infinite Way, Unity, Christian Science, New Thought, Mind Science, everything connected with that activity, except the impartation of truth itself, is a human activity, requiring rents, books, papers, printing, labor, transportation and so in the last analysis, somebody has to pay money for truth. Even in such a spiritual undertaking as spiritual healing, spiritual healers have not only to live, but should be maintained in quite a degree of comfort, so that the lacks and limitations of the world do not become a burden to them, and their minds can be free for their spiritual ministry.

So you will find that no matter how spiritual your teachers or practitioners are, unless they have risen above eating and sleeping, money is involved in the activity and the question then arises as to who is to pay for it.

Now, in some of the metaphysical activities a great deal of work is supposedly free. I say supposedly free, because none of it is free. Somebody’s paying for all of it, but where it’s supposedly free there are some who do not pay and some who do not pay adequately, but that doesn’t mean that it’s free. It just means that somebody else is carrying that share of the expense. Now, from that standpoint of The Infinite Way, I would like to explain to you that this is an injustice.

Those who provide truth supposedly free are doing an injustice to their very followers, and the reason is this—there is no such thing as free truth, and if you think you are getting truth free, you may not be paying anything, but you are not getting anything, because you are not getting anything you are not paying for.

There is a law of compensation, which says nobody on the face of the globe can get anything they don’t pay for in one way or another. And so it is that, and I ask you to watch this now because I am going to give you one of the deep principles of The Infinite Way, more especially, one of the deep principles of supply.

If I say to you, you are a beggar and so I don’t expect you to pay for anything, I am, so far as my mind is concerned, making you a beggar, and if you accept my evaluation of you and say, “Oh, yes, I am a poor thing. I have too much expense in other ways, I can’t pay you” you are perpetuating yourself as a beggar because, here is the spiritual principle of supply (now mark this well), if you remember this your demonstration of supply will be quick and abundant, To him that hath shall be given and from him that hath not shall be taken away even the little that he hath.

Sounds cold and cruel, doesn’t it? To him that hath shall be given, from him that hath not shall be taken away even the little that he hath. Now here is a spiritual principle. The moment you say, “I have not,” you’ve said it, and you’ve got it, and you’re stuck with it. From the moment you acknowledge your lack you have acknowledged the only lack you can ever be made to suffer—that which you acknowledge.

Now, on the basis of this principle, if I say to you as a spiritual teacher … please accept this: “Son, thou art ever with me and all that I have is thine.” Now, if you will accept that as a principle, then we will take the next step. We will close our eyes for a moment and we will say, “I.” All the integrity of the Father is my personal integrity. All of God’s grace is mine; all of God’s love for his children is mine. All of God’s care for his own is mine. The life of God is mine; the soul of God is mine; the Spirit of God is mine; the infinite storehouse of supply of God is mine. All that the father hath is mine.

Now, dare you in the next breath say, “I am a poor beggar, send me a magazine for nothing, or send me a treatment for nothing, or send me a class for nothing”? No, you dare not. What you must say is, “I recognize that God’s gifts are mine; God’s grace is mine that God has blessed me with himself, and so I begin with what I have.” If I am the widow, of the Old Testament, and I have only a cruse of oil with a few drops in it, then I begin to pour those few drops. If I am the master sitting up in the mountain with a multitude to feed, and I have only a few loaves and fishes, then I break those few loaves and fishes and I begin to share what I have and the principle multiplies them, just as the principle keeps the cruse of oil from ever running dry. From the moment that you acknowledge that all the Father hath is yours, and begin to live as if it were so—I don’t mean going into debt, I don’t mean being foolish and spending what you haven’t got, and then depending on God to demonstrate it for you next month—I don’t mean anything stupid like that. I mean that if you have one shilling, then take one pence and begin to dispense it for benevolence, for spiritual purposes, or some other thing not connected with your own personal good, or your family, and do it secretly as the master taught. Don’t do your alms before men where you can get men’s praises. Do it secretly where nobody knows it but God.

In your relationship with your spiritual teaching, whether it is The Infinite Way—whether you are following the path of Truth, Science of Mind, Institute of Religious Science, it makes no difference which, remember this, you can’t get from it anything more than you put in. If you won’t put in study, I don’t care which of the principles you are following, you won’t get much out. If you do not recognize your obligation to it, the same follows.