IW 101

Now directly available, audio’s of the Infinite Way 101.

“A new beginning where we join and share what is given, and establish “on earth” what is already accomplished in Heaven”.

wim2In Oneness we are present together as one. Wim is “opening his mouth” to share.

Thank you for joining.


  • INTRODUCTION to the Infinite Way 101


  1. It is a precious gift to hear your voice, Wim, and to feel your joy and radiant Spirit. In blessed Oneness we share freely and with such love. An abundance of appreciation for you, Wim, for ALL you do for all of us all over the world–in Oneness. Let us keep on keeping on sharing,

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  2. Thank you Wim, I have gain a new insight from your talk, looking forward to your next one. I like the music you played before and after , it sounds heavenly. Where can I find the full version of the music? Marietta


    1. Thanks Marietta. The music is “Smile” from Josh Groban but I slowed it 100%. The original track is beautiful but faster.
      Thank you


  3. Dear Wim thank you for this gift of love you bring to me, to yourself and to all that are willing to receive it. With love and in love we are One . I like that which you have spoken “estblishing that which already is ”
    With much love


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  4. What a Beautiful Website with the Treasures Joel brought forth and NOW you have Graciously made Available….so very happy to hear the Love and Joy of your messages here.
    Divine & Holy Blessings,


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