Now, I’m trying to bring out to you that God’s grace is not dependent on anything. It is not dependent on your virtues. It is not dependent on overcoming your vices. God’s grace has no strings attached to it. There is no price to pay for the grace of God. Come without money, without price, and receive God’s grace by forgetting your virtues and forgetting your sins. Just humbly, gratefully open your consciousness to the Omnipresence of God. Remember the statement of the Master, “It is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom,” and this you is you.

We do not know what form this Grace will take. A moment from now or tomorrow, we do not know how to pray or what to pray for. We do not know what is good for us. We do not know what form God’s grace takes. No one knows this. No one. The Master could never go further than saying, “My peace give I unto thee but not as the world giveth,” because even he could not have known what form My peace would take in your experience. My peace give I unto you. And to receive God’s grace, you open your consciousness to receive it, and you remember these words. And it is as if the Master were just sitting above your head and pouring these words down into you:  “My peace give I unto thee. I am ordained to heal the sick. My peace give I unto thee. God’s grace is thy sufficiency. My peace. I will never leave thee.” You see that’s not dependent on anything. Do you see he inserted no “ifs,” no “buts,” just, “I will never leave thee. I will never forsake thee. I will be with thee until the end of the world.”

Open your consciousness and receive this now. This Grace is not dependent on what you think. It’s not dependent on what you thought five minutes ago. Even the errors of five minutes ago cannot act as a barrier, because God’s grace is not dependent on what you think. God’s grace is not dependent on what you do. God’s grace is dependent on God, and God is infinite all power and nothing can separate me from the love of God, not even death. Not even life or death. Not sin nor purity, not sickness or health can separate me from the love of God, for God’s love is mine by grace, by inheritance. “Son, thou art ever with me.”

Just think of the Master sitting right up over your head talking down into your head:  “Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine. Not when you do something and not when you think something. Not after you reform, not after you get a treatment, not after you’ve been prayed for, but in this instant of recognition. Son, thou art ever with me, and all that I have is thine. My grace is thy sufficiency in all things.” Grace is a gift, a gift not dependent on something. It is a free gift of the Father, and it is yours by inheritance. In this moment that you open your consciousness, you are the Son of God, heir of God, joint heir to all the heavenly riches, and this is dependent on nothing in the outer realm. Though my sins have been scarlet, in this moment of opening my consciousness to the Christ, I am made white as snow.

Do not accept the theological belief that you must first get good in order to get God. I tell you the reverse is true. Get God, and you will be good. Do not accept the belief that you must first get money for something before you can get well, even for a treatment or a lesson. Don’t put money between you and God. Do not wait until you have time for God. That time will never come, because the future never comes, and anything you put off to the future will never be done. The only things that get accomplished are the things that you do now. So, therefore, do not accept the belief that you have to read so many books or so many pages before you receive God, or that you have to receive so many treatments before you receive God, or that you must go through so many classes before you can receive God. Away with that and understand that the mystics of the world have revealed now is the accepted time.

In the moment of now, when you are willing to open your consciousness, forget your virtues, forget your vices, and remember that God’s grace is a gift. And it’s a gift at any moment that you open it for yourself. The woman taken in adultery opens her consciousness now, looks up at the Master, and without saying a word, he can read her thoughts—“I’m weary of this.” And he says, “Thy sins be forgiven thee.” The thief on the cross looks at the Master—“I’m weary of this.” He doesn’t say it. The look stares out of his eyes, and the Master reads it and says, “This night I will take you with me into paradise.”

You don’t have to say words to God. You don’t have to think thoughts to God. There is a look in your eye, just as there is a feeling in your heart, and it is this that God reads. God does not hear the words on your lips. God does not know the thoughts in your mind. God searches through to the intents of the heart, the motives of the heart, and the moment that your eyes just roll upward in the attitude of—this is it, Father—without saying it and before you can say it or think it twice, the Father is there, and His grace is your sufficiency. His peace descends upon you now—the peace that passeth understanding.

Try to understand this mystical side of The Infinite Way in which we rise above words and thoughts, in which we just turn our eyes to God. It makes no difference whether we point them up to Heaven or whether we turn to the kingdom of God within us, for God is within, and God is without. God is up, and God is down. The point is:  in what spirit are we praying? In what spirit, in what consciousness are we praying? Are we praying in the consciousness:  “I’m not asking a reward for my goodness. I’m not asking punishment for my vices. I’m just standing here spiritually naked in thy presence. Thy grace is my sufficiency. Thy will be done in me. Thy will be done in me.” You don’t have to say it. You don’t have to think it. It has to be an attitude. It has to be a motive.